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Review Hahnemuhle baryta satin and photo pearl

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Short Review – Two Hahnemuhle papers

Photo Pearl 310 and Baryta Satin 300

During our recent review of the Canon PRO-1000 printer, Keith had the opportunity to try out two good quality papers from Hahnemuhle.

This short review includes some additional information about the papers and how you’d use them.

two hahnemuhle papers

About the papers

The Baryta Satin is a warmer and more solid feeling paper (100% alpha cellulose) without brightening agents.

The Photo pearl is a brighter white paper, more like a traditional pearl finish photo paper it has some OBA.

In terms of longevity, the Baryta satin should outlast the Pearl by a fair margin. That said I only give a lifetime warranty on my prints, and that’s a day shorter tomorrow…

Review - Two Hahnemuhle papers Photo Pearl 310 and Baryta Satin 300

Key features (from Hahnemuhle)

Baryta Satin 300

“FineArt Baryta Satin is a barite paper with a white and satin-gloss surface. The amount of barium sulphate in the coating in conjunction with a micro porous ink receiver layer provides exceptional image results with large colour space and intensive colouring. FineArt Baryta Satin enables extremely deep blacks (Dmax), excellent image sharpness and is perfect for black-and-white photography.
High colour density and brilliance ensure an outstanding sharpness of details to achieve high-resolution and vivid images for photography and reproductions. The 100% α-Cellulose paper is acid free and meets the requirements for longevity according to ISO 9706.”

More info

baryta satin 300 specs

Photo Pearl 310

“Photo Pearl 310 is a finely structured PE paper with a pearlescent surface. Its high-quality ink absorbing layer enables exceptional image quality with enormously detailed sharpness, maximum black values and a very broad colour space. The vivid and highly detailed colour rendering guarantees photo-realistic prints of impressive quality.

The quick-drying, water-resistant surface is characterized by a high degree of resistance to scratches and fingerprints.

More info

Photo pearl 310 paper specs

The surface finish of the 300 is exacerbated in this slightly underexposed shot, part of my profiling for the papers.

ICC profiles and media settings

The papers were profiled using i1Profiler for the PRO-1000For use with the Black and White print mode of the PRO-1000 I also measured the linearity in order to produce QTR linearising profiles (if needed). As a by-product of this I get this chart of measurements, showing how the Baryta satin paper managed a D-max of ~2.35 in this test.

My own opinion is that too many numbers and mentions of D-max in a discussion about papers is misplaced, so take this bit of data as all you’re getting here ;-) I’d be foolish to say I don’t care about the numbers, but profiling and making a few prints to handle and look at, trumps any discussions of gamut volume, D-max and the like… (YMMV ;-) )

A set of measurements for the Pearl 310 – note the slightly higher D-max

Note too the way the ‘b’ line shoots off to the left at the top – this is a bright paper.

Print Quality

Both papers make for good looking prints. During my testing of the Canon PRO-1000 I took the opportunity to print a large number of my own commercial portfolio prints using the two papers

Here are a few of the prints.

In general I chose the brighter paper for the architectural shots where I wanted a bit more punch to the images.

The warmer paper fits some interiors and many of the B&W prints, but paper choice is always a personal choice you will have to decide on.

The Baryta is definitely the better quality paper, and one I’d choose for exhibition work and print sales.

The Pearl however looks a lot brighter, and when I’m showing prints to a client could well look better – YMMV as they say.


Two very good quality papers that gave excellent results in the PRO-1000 printer.

One good for general display and the other great for exhibition and print sales

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