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Out taking pictures… caught on Streetview

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The Google camera car photographs us

Out taking photos and caught in Streetview

Captured by the Google camera car…

Last summer – a pleasant day in early June, I went out for a drive in the Leicestershire countryside.

I stopped off in a country lane overlooking the John O’ Gaunt viaduct.  Brilliant clear blue skies are not often welcome in my landscape photography – particularly for black and white.

Hopping over a gate, I looked across a sea of yellow rape flowers (aka canola) towards the bridge.

Blue and yellow…

John o' Gaunt viaduct acros fields of yellow

John o’ Gaunt viaduct across fields of yellow

A bit different from my last visit

viaduct at John o' Gaunt, Leicestershire

Viaduct at John o’ Gaunt, Leicestershire

But why mention this now?

Google has just updated ‘streetview’ coverage of the UK and this was the day we saw the Google camera car…

Here’s the location, with me in the field and Karen standing on the car to see over the hedge :-)

Twyford road - looking over yellow fields

Keith and Karen out in the country ©Google

From a bit further on.

Photographer at work

Photographer at work

The combination of streetview, satellite views and terrain maps is an excellent tool for exploring what’s down that country lane you drive by every so often…  I’ll be adding more location links to pictures on the site over time.

The view of the main Northlight office shows the piano in the front window, but unfortunately I was not playing when the Google camera car went past :-(

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  • Keith | Mar 15, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    I do believe that if you go further up the road, you can also see me holding a camera :-)

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