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New profiling software -Profilemaker update

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New profiling software – Profilemaker is updated

X-Rite have announced an update for their ProfileMaker software.  It’s not been updated since they took over GretagMacbeth and I know that quite a few users have been wondering where it would be going. There is also an update for Monaco Profiler

We’ve reviewed quite a bit of X-Rite software and hardware in our reviews, but have not covered this high end software to date.

ProfileMaker 5 Platinum: Allows users to build high-quality, reliable and custom ICC profiles tailored to their requirements. The new ProfileMaker5 Platinum combines all the key features and flexibility of previous editions of ProfileMaker 5 Photostudio and ProfileMaker 5 Publish, and now also includes the Multicolor plug-in for Adobe Photoshop to simplify colour separations and proofing.

ProfileMaker 5 Packaging: which also includes the aNy-Color module, allows for unprecedented consistency in N-color profiling up to 10 colors, giving the customer the option to work with RGB, CMYK, CMYK+X or true N-color without CMYK as part of a packaging workflow. ProfileMaker 5 Packaging also features X-Rite’s Generic Output Profile (GoP) technology to allow users to easily swap colors from an existing press profile without having to run new test charts.

MonacoPROFILER Platinum: offering customers expert profiling, diagnostics and editing tools for all of their input and output devices. Delivering precise color output for any technology, MonacoPROFILER supports up to 8 inks and 8 discrete colors, providing the flexibility to color-manage wide-gamut, extended color printers.

We’re hoping to include some more information about some of this high end software in association with some of our upcoming reviews.

We've reviews of many X-Rite products. See the X-Rite Category in the dropdown menu at the top of the right column.

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