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New printer review on its way… iPF5100

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New printer review on its way… iPF5100

Testing the Canon 17″ 5100

Looking at the Canon iPF5100

Canon UK have kindly lent us an iPF5100 printer.

It’s a 17″ (A2) 12 ink printer with roll media support and a paper cassette for sheet media.

I’l be testing this printer out over the next few weeks, for a review.

I’m told that the printer will be seeing quite hefty reductions in price (to under £1000). So, with 130ml ink carts, what’s it like?

Here’s one of my initial test prints made on Canon HW glossy roll paper, printed via the CS5 photoshop plugin

Canon iPF5100 printer with roll paper

16 x 36 inch test print on iPF5100

If you’ve any specific questions, do mail me, or there is a Google+ thread I’ve started, where I’ll answer what I can.

UPDATE – Full iPF5100 review

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  • Me | Nov 8, 2011 at 3:00 am

    I’d like to see a comparison of its gamut vs Canon’s photo dye printers, as this is a likely candidate for upgrade for those of us with a 13″ dye printer already. Gamut comparisons between pigment inks are pretty common, but haven’t seen a recent one with dye vs pigment inks.

    • Keith | Nov 8, 2011 at 9:10 am

      Not something I can meaningfully do I’m afraid.

      The ink set is the older Lucia inks, which has a slightly smaller gamut than the newer versions (such as the iPF8300)

      Gamut comparisons don’t amount for much in the real world – the differences are more about how prints look (such as surface finish), and in my own area, how long they last.

      Another reason it isn’t going to happen is that I’m afraid I don’t have any dye ink printers to compare :-)

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