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New firmware for Canon PRO-2000

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Canon updates PRO-2000 firmware

Firmware update for all large format Canon PRO printers (PRO-2000/4000/6000)

If you have enabled firmware updates for you Canon PRO large format printers they should pick up new firmware and offer you the chance to upload it.

This applies to the 44″ and 60″ models as well as the PRO-2000 shown here.

If not, you can use the Canon firmware update tool to carry out the job. There is more about using the PRO-2000 in Keith’s lengthy PRO-2000 printer review

Canon pro-2000 printer producing 24 inch width print

Firmware – Keeping up to date

With large format printers it’s important to check every so often for printer firmware updates – the printers can do this themselves, but you may wish to limit your printer’s access to the internet for security purposes.

Canon firmware update tool

The latest firmware for the PRO-2000 goes from the original V1.10 to V1.14. Running the Firmware update tool from the Canon Utilities software makes the update process pretty easy.

Changes are listed by Canon as:

Modifications from Ver.1.10 to Ver.1.14
1. Correction of the failure that occurs in direct printing in rare cases.
2. Correction of panel message that is displayed at paper feeding.
3. Correction of error lighting after installation in rare cases.
4. Correction of warning lighting error in printing in rare cases.
5. Correction of time difference in automatic registration adjustment by paper size.
6. Correction of inappropriate detection of remaining ink level at the start of the printing.
7. The control of waste ink has been improved.

The firmware tool will find what printers are on your network and show what can be updated, along with the printer model’s firmware update history.

You can also download firmware directly from canon’s support sites for your region.

You’ll get a chance to see what the software does before running the update, which can take a few minutes to send the firmware, update the printer and restart it.

firmware for canon PRO

Anyway, that’s it – a pretty simple and foolproof operation.

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