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New Canon stuff day…

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New lens and a printer turn up from Canon

One of those good days…

First (thanks to Canon UK) a new printer turns up for us to test.

The iPF6100 24 inch wide format printer

The iPF6100 24 inch wide format printer

We’ve got the iPF6100 here for a while to do some testing, and hope to have a full review up on the site by mid August.

I was just getting a quick demo of its capabilities. The print you can see, is a full borderless print on a Canon Satin paper.

The print was printed using the Canon Photoshop plugin from my new Mac Pro. I’ve just moved to OSX 10.5 and will be testing the printer for colour and black and white performance.

I’ll be concentrating on print quality and will be looking at profiling, with a number of profiling solutions.

If anyone has any queries about the 6100, please feel free to ask, and I’ll see what I can find out.

I was being shown the printer when the doorbell announced another Canon arrival, the TS-E 24 tilt/shift lens (right). It’s from Park Cameras in the UK

TS-E 17, 24 Mk1 and 24 Mk2

TS-E 17, 24 Mk1 and 24 Mk2

It’s been raining most of today, but I hope to get some comparative tests done over the next few days between the two 24mm lenses. [TS-E 24mm info page]

The 24mm has been one of my favourite lenses for interior and architectural work over the last few years, and the new 24 is supposed to be a very fine lens.

Both new TS-E lenses are very solidly built, but neither feel quite as smooth when focusing as the old one.  You can see though how a lot more care has been taken with the control of stray light in the new one in this top view.

top view of 3 Canon TS-E lenses

top view of 3 Canon TS-E lenses

I see it’s still raining, so time to get back the printer :-)

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  • mike byford | Jul 17, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    Impressive piece of kit – look forward to your forthcoming review


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