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More TS-E 17mm photos of Leicester

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A few TS-E17mm photos of Leicester

Some initial hand held use of a wide shift lens

2017 update – many of the photos in our Leicester photos collection were taken with this lens.

UPDATE 2018: We have a detailed TS-E17 review to go alongside our reviews of Canon three new (2017) TS-E lenses.

Trying out the TS-E17mm lens on some local buildings

Still no sign of the 24mm T/S lens (in the UK) from Canon…

I was invited to the launch of Design Leicestershire yesterday, and received a rather nice book extolling the virtues of design, and the rather large number of design related businesses we have in this county.

Walking into Leicester, I grabbed shots of two buildings that capture some of the essence of Leicester in the 20th century, where during the 1930’s it was one of the wealthiest cities in Europe.

This is Fenwick’s department store (the ‘w’ is silent btw)


Fenwicks department store Leicester

Fenwicks department store Leicester

Not far behind me are the 1970’s Leicester City council buildings. Named ‘A’ and ‘B’ they typify the 1970’s approach to ‘cleaning up’ Leicester.


Leicester City Council offices

Leicester City Council offices

I’m told (by a Leicester born person) that I should give a framed print to the Council, just to show that the buildings are not ghastly from all angles :-)

Both images have been sharpened a bit for display as JPEGs here, but this is a 100% sample (1Ds3, 1/250 @f/8, 200 ISO) of the top corner with ~10mm shift


100% crop of top LH corner of building

The quality of this lens for architectural work is excellent – I’ve already used it on one industrial photography job, where it just fitted the needs of a few shots so well.

Anyway, back to the reason for going into town…

One of the advantages of getting involved in the running of local business groups, is getting invitations to various ‘events’ such as the book launch.

Very useful for general business networking – remember, you’ll have to meet and chat with people quite often, before they are likely to remember you (7 different ‘contacts’ is often given as a guide).

Photography is a business like any other, and it doesn’t hurt to get to know lots of potential clients. You might not be able to directly take work from other photographers, but when they slip up, you want your business to be the one that springs to mind in your potential new client.

I’ll finish with what I regard as a far more optimistic view of the City’s future.


Athena and Curve - Leicester 'cultural quarter'

Athena and Curve – Leicester ‘cultural quarter’

Curve was just completed last year, the Athena conference centre (a 1930’s Art Deco cinema), with examples of Leicester in the 1890’s and 1970’s in the distance.

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  • Gareth Gardner | Jun 25, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Lovely images of Leicester! Do you think – from a business perspective – that the lens is good value? I’ve always craved for a 20mm shift, and wonder if 17mm is a bit too wide?

    Keep up the good work with the website!

    • Keith | Jun 25, 2009 at 2:12 pm

      Thanks – it is a bit wide, but with the quality and ability to crop high MP camera images that’s not such a problem. At 17mm it’s excellent in the narrower streets where I might prefer a longer lens, but just couldn’t get far enough back to get the image in.

      Once I’ve used it and the 24mm on a few jobs, I’ll revisit this issue, since it’s a bit too much of a ‘new toy’ at the moment to be entirely objective ;-)

      • kacoooper | Aug 10, 2014 at 12:40 pm

        2014 and I can say that the 17mm gets used perhaps 5:1 to the 24mm for my architectural work

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