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Macphun becomes Skylum

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Skylum – the new name for Macphun

Change of name signifies an expansion of photo software

We’ve reviewed and used Macphun image editing plugins and software since their first products.

Recently the company has started offering its products for the Windows platform as well as the Mac.

Time for a little less ‘Mac-centric’ name.

The move also reflects their renewed desire to offer a good alternative to the Adobe standards of Lightroom and Photoshop, for photographers.

We've reviews of many MacPhun/Skylum apps. See the Macphun or Skylum Category in the dropdown menu at the top of the right column.

skylum software

Skylum Software

Macphun announced the changes:

We have a vision of bringing photographers a truly worthy Adobe alternative. We feel we are among the few companies who can achieve this goal. We also know that you – photographers – have high expectations and demands. And we will do the best we can to make you happy with your new software.

To reflect a lot of upcoming changes, our growth and big plans we are changing the name to SKYLUM. We think that this name is a better fit and is closer to where we want to go in the near future.

There’s more information on the Macphun blog

I’ll be reviewing their software as it progresses, looking both its use to support my editing in Photoshop (I still use CS6 BTW) and to see what aspects work well stand-alone.  My own personal hope is that in an attempt to appeal to phone users and Lightroom fans they don’t lock it into some form of media library application (aka DAM) – I’ve been involved in beta testing for Lightroom in the past, and just never liked it (in fact the more I tested it, the less I liked it and the more hemmed in I felt – it’s great for printing snaps, but for the very large prints I make it feels like sending my pics off to Costco for printing). YMMV though… ;-)

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