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MacPhun Aurora HDR offers

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MacPhun Aurora HDR offer


Aurora HDR 2017 + Trey Ratcliff’s Complete HDR Tutorial 3.0 for only $89. Total value $189 Savings over 50%
Upgrade pricing starts at $49 for users of Aurora HDR, and is $69 for Aurora HDR Pro users

hdr packAlthough ‘over the top’ tone mapping and the whole ‘HDR Look’ is something I seriously dislike, tools such as MacPhun’s Aurora make it easy to use HDR techniques in subtle ways where the image come to the foremost, above the techniques used.

I’ve a detailed review of Aurora where I look at just what it does and how I use it (hopefully without anyone ever noticing that it was used).

The special offer includes lots of training materials.

Even if you dislike the whole ‘Trey Ratcliff’ look, you can still learn a lot – look at the techniques, turn them down from 11 back to 2-3 in intensity and you’ll see some great images, no longer spoilt by massive over processing.

Remember, you are allowed taste and refinement when using HDR ;-)

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Macphun Aurora offer – to 1st April


“Aurora HDR 2017 celebrates 1,500,000 downloads worldwide
The world’s most advanced HDR photo editor for Mac quickly becomes the most popular one. Why? There is no secret here. Just powerful tools, a user-friendly interface and our desire to help people make better photos.”

What you get at 55% off:

  • Aurora HDR
    The most awarded HDR software for Mac in the world. Over 100 essential tools to make stunning HDR photos from either a single image or multiple brackets. Can be used as a plug-in with Lightroom & Photoshop.
  • Trey Ratcliff’s Complete HDR Tutorial 3.0
    10+ hours of instruction, Trey’s RAW image files and 5 bonus videos.
    This tutorial will take you to Venice, where Trey and Lisa Bettany discuss ‘artistic inspirations’, challenges and show their latest post-processing techniques

Aurora HDR Complete HDR Pack at MacPhun $89 (Reg $198)

For current users, there are deals on upgrades starting at $49.

One of my slightly more subtle uses of HDR for night time HDR – Remember not all ‘HDR’ has to look tawdry… ;-)

Leicester Guildhall

We've reviews of many MacPhun apps. See the MacPhun Category in the dropdown menu at the top of the right column.