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Large prints – The Photography Show 2017

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When you move to making larger prints

Followup articles related to Keith Cooper’s presentations at ‘The Photography Show’

The Photography Show 2017Keith Cooper gave a series of presentations at ‘The Photography Show’ at the NEC in Birmingham this year (18-21 March 2017)

Talks covered all the things you need to consider when looking at larger printers for making prints of your photographs. How much does it depend on the right camera and lens, and what changes do you have to make to your editing workflow.

Whilst you can show large prints and discuss different aspects of print making in a short presentation, it’s not the place for long detailed tutorials and examples. This article links to articles that explore and expand on aspects of printmaking, discussed in Keith’s talks, in a lot more detail.

If you’ve questions, please do use the comments for the articles, or email Keith at Northlight.

There is a video of one of Keith’s talks made by Innova – the sound is not great, but it’s 25 minutes long. All of the prints and articles discussed in the video are covered in the links below.

Some of Keith’s prints at the show.

keiths TPS prints

The two papers Keith was using were:

Articles related to Keith’s talks at the show

prints at a galleryAll Keith’s articles (many hundreds of them…) are listed by category in the drop down list at the right.

Photo workflows

Large prints


measuring a B&W test target with the i1iOTest images


Pixels and Print size

Detailed printer reviews

The business side of photography

Important questions for the large format printer buyer

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