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Laowa Magic Shift Converter for Sony FE mount cameras

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Venus Optics Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) for Sony FE mount cameras

Adapter turns wide angle lens into shift lens

Venus Lens have  announced their new shift adapter for using wide lenses as shift lenses.

This version (initially Canon EF mount to Sony E) acts as a teleconverter which increases focal length, but expands image circle. Making the lens movable gives a shift capability.

If you’re unsure about shift lenses, Keith has lots of articles about why they are such a key part of his professional work – check the tilt and shift category of articles in the drop down list at the right.

We also have Keith’s detailed review of the Laowa 12mm f2.8 ‘Zero-D’ lens

Check worldwide availability/pricing from Venus Optics

shift adapter

Press info from Venus Lens

Anhui China, Jul 10, 2017 – Venus Optics, the camera lenses manufacturer who had previously launched a number of unique Laowa camera lenses, unveil the Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) for Sony Full Frame E-mount cameras. It can convert your ultra-wide angle lens into a Shift lens and with no vignetting observed.

Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) is a lens adapter built with a patented optics system, which expands the image circle of the ultra-wide angle lenses. The shift mechanism on the adapter takes advantage of the enlarged image circle and shift the camera sensor along the axis. The MSC is specially designed for the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens and it will convert the lens into a 17mm f/4 Zero-D lens with +/- 10mm shift capability. There is no vignetting observed even at the maximum shift and we have successfully controlled the image performance impact to the minimal. The close-to-zero distortion feature of this lens can also be retained. Additionally, the MSC comes with a 360° rotation structure which allows photographers to shoot in both horizontal and portrait orientation.

Shift converter details

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Shift lens is extremely beneficial for architecture photographers to capture the skyscrapers and real estate photos because the converged lines arisen from perspective distortion can be easily eliminated. When using a standard lens angled upwards to shoot a building, the bottom of the building will appear wider and bigger than the top. Shift can be used to keep the image plane parallel to the subject so that the sides of the tall building can stay parallel.

[For more see Keith’s article – Why I use shift]



MSC optical structure

msc specifications


The Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) Canon variant is currently available to pre-order in the official website of Venus Optics ( and their authorised resellers. Shipping is expected to start in late July/early Aug. For Nikon variant, please reserve around 2 months more for shipment.

shift adapter
Magic Converters Line-up

The MSC is the first member of the Laowa Magic Converters line-up. Venus Optics has previously announced the Laowa Magic Format Converter (MFC) which adopts the same patented optics system and it can fit a full frame lens into a GFX medium format body without vignetting. The MFC is due to ship later this year.

Official page of the Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) incl. pricing/availability

Features and Demonstration of the Laowa Magic Shift Converter

Sample Image Gallery of MSC

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