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Laowa lens products at the CP Plus show

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New Laowa (Venus lens) products at the CP+ show

New specialist lenses from Laowa

The CP+ show is running in Japan, and amongst the products on display are a range of new lenses from Laowa (Venus lens).

As ever, having a lens on show at a trade show does not mean it’s in production, and Laowa are asking for feedback as to what people want.

We’ve reviewed several of their lenses and they make some interesting stuff (check the Laowa section in the category list at the right).

Check what products are currently available from Venus Optics


The lenses on show include a 25mm 2.5-5x macro, 15/2.8 Sony FE, 24mm relay lens, tilt and shift converters and a 7.5mm f2 MFT lens.

laowa products on show at cp-plus

New laowa lens products

Please feel free to comment – I’ll pass info on to my contacts at Laowa.

Personally I’d like to test the 25mm Macro and that rather odd looking relay lens…

24mm relay lens

Here some example footage from using the 24mm relay lens, showing the waterproof cover and LED lighting system.

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