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KF Concept Multi-angle tripod centre column

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KF Concept Multi-angle tripod centre column

Mounting flexibility for tripod attachment

Product and macro photography often needs more flexibility in camera placement than is possible with a basic tripod and head.

The K&F Concept KF31.010 extension column is a simple adjustable extension device to expand the range of support options for any normal fit tripod.

Keith has been looking at what could be a simple solution to getting a more useful tripod.

Available via the K&F web site (Currently $34.99)
Also at with [Jan. 19] 15% discount code [UKCT31010]

Extending your tripod reach

One of the things we do at Northlight is teach businesses to do their own product photography. We have quite a range of tripods and camera mounts for my own industrial work, but quite often people have only fairly basic tripods and these suffer from only giving a basic up/down positioning.

K&F do a simple multi-angle adapter that lets you move your camera away from the centre axis. It’s rated for 5kg (~11 lbs.) load capacity.

Here’s a basic solid tripod (the Carbon Fibre TC2534) with its centre column extended a few inches and ball head attached.

tripod unit

Here’s the same unit but with the KF31.010 extension fitted where the head was attached (3/8″ fitting).

fit to tripod

The ball head (which simply unscrews from the tripod) is attached to the end of the extender.

Of course, just extending vertically is of occasional use, but tilt the column and lock it in place and you have your camera mount point offset from the tripod centre axis.

side mount

The Canon 5Ds and 24-70 lens is not massive, but a few kilos offset to one side of a light tripod like this can easily be unstable.

There’s a small spring-loaded hook attached at the other end that can take a counterweight – I’ve used one of my camera bags and some nylon cord in the past to give a suitable counterbalance weight. The counterweight can also shorten the time for any movement to die down.

Remember that an unstable tripod will get knocked over – it’s just a matter of time…

The clamp and slide lock for the extender is very solidly built from magnesium alloy.

Note that there is a bubble level on the clamp – this is only if you need to make sure the column is truly vertical.

At the head end, the 3/8″ screw is reversible, to give a 1/4″ screw.

screw sizes

This is useful for direct fitting to a camera or a mount for some lighting, such as this flash.

flash mount

If your centre column is reversible, then you can use the side bar for low level work. This setup, with its lower centre of gravity can be very stable.

low level use

The options are set partly by the flexibility of the tripod you’re using. The TC2534 for example, has a low height centre column, which fits the extender just fine.

ground level mount

Extending further

As I noted, the flexibility builds on whatever support you’re using, so could be included with the TM2534T, which has a built in transverse bar for the centre column.

The usefulness of the extender bar I’ve been looking at is from being able to use it with a large number of existing tripods. If you’re doing a lot of studio work for example, then a much more solid support may be in order to start with, but the extender is one of those things that can just give a little extra reach when needed.


Available via the K&F web site (Currently $34.99)
Also at with [Jan. 19] 15% discount code [UKCT31010]

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