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K&F camera rucksack and travel bag

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K&F camera rucksack and travel bag

A light waterproof camera rucksack

The K&F camera rucksack and travel bag (KF13.066) is a lightweight bag that takes a good quantity of gear.

Keith has had a look at what goes into it.

Available from:

  • Amazon UK (10% off code: C2ATQXOC Until 30/12/2019)
  • K&F web site (K&F Concept all site discount: 10% OFF Code: KF10UK until 30/12/2019)

Camera rucksack

I’m almost tempted to say that you can’t have too many camera bags, but I have to temper that with adding on “if you go out with different collections of equipment”.  Over the years I’ve collected a few different bags that I decide upon for different photo work. They range in size and capacity, but I’d not got anything in the mid-large category.

The K&F bag only weighs 1.21kg and can make a useful travel bag as well as just moving camera gear.

At 10.8″ x 6.7″ x 17.3″ it’s compact enough to be quite comfortable to carry.


The rear straps are well padded and have a good range of adjustment.

There is a chest strap as well, although that might fit smaller people than myself more comfortably.

The back is well padded, so you won’t get a hard bit of lens poking into your back.


Under the top cover (via a zip at the back) there is an elasticated rain cover for the bag.


It quickly clips over the whole bag.


I’ve not tried this bag in really heavy rain – but then again I’m not someone who ever spends much time getting wet if I can avoid it…

The top section of the bag is completely separated from the lower area.  It took this EF70-200 F2.8L and a Canon Flash with ease.


There are various internal/external pockets all over the bag for cards/batteries and the like. There are also side straps that will fit a modest tripod if needed.

The main camera/gear area is in the lower section, and primarily accessed with the bag off your back.

It’s a bit tight for a large DSLR and big lenses, but ideal for a smaller camera like my EOS RP.


Or… there’s a side access panel giving quick access without taking off the bag.


You can see the moveable padded dividers and collection of gear that easily fitted in the lower space.

EOS RP | Laowa 15mm f/2 | EF 50/1.4 | EF-RF adapter | TS-E 24mm II F3.5L | Zeiss 135/3.5 | USB battery pack


Add to this the top bag contents and you can see there’s plenty of space.


Using camera bags

Just a couple of tips if you use lots of bags.

  • Empty the bags when not in use, since you will forget something when packing.
  • Well, almost empty…  I keep an emergency spare 4GB SD card in every bag, along with a coin/key for tightening camera base plates.

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