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Keith’s photo travels

Photo travel blogs and related articles

Keith regularly travels around taking photographs, here are collected photo-diaries / blogs from some trips.

Visits to parts of the UK and USA. Many of the photos in the main Gallery come from such trips.

Keith has also written articles related to some of these trips, such as the two concerning his move from film to digital back in 2004.

Other articles on the site detail the processes in making large prints, and the software involved in printing.

If you should see a photo on the site that you like, that is not in the gallery, then let us know, it might be one that we can supply as a print.

“Hope you enjoy some of the photos…” Keith

far enough - bad weather
Other areas of our site that may be of interest...

All the latest articles and photo news items appear on Keith's Photo blog .

We've a whole section of the site devoted to  Digital Black and White photography and printing. It covers all the specialist articles and reviews written by Keith Cooper.

There is a gallery of landscape photography and fine art prints.


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