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iPF8300 Printer diary updates

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Ongoing testing of the Canon iPF8300

Updates to Keith’s printer diary

Griffon statue in the fountain, town hall square, Leicester

One of the Griffon statues in the fountain, town hall square, Leicester

Our new iPF8300 is earning its keep, after I recently received an order for 6 rather large prints from our collection of ‘Images of Leicester‘, for the new offices of a local company.

The Griffon print was printed at three feet high by two feet wide on a lustre finish paper.

I’ve been keeping a diary covering some of the things I’m learning about using the printer.

Keith’s iPF 8300 usage diary

Most recently I discovered that like many other big printers, it doesn’t take kindly to paper with any amount of edge curl.

Then again that’s my fault for being cheap and trying to use a rather old box of paper for some Christmas card inserts…

The diary also includes some of the work I’ve had to go to, in order to use the full job accounting functionality in the Canon software.

A very nice printer to use – I’ve got a couple of short paper reviews coming up, with some of the papers I’ve been testing with the printer.

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