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Innova FibaPrint Matte 280gsm IFA 39 paper review

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Innova FibaPrint Matte 280gsm IFA 39 paper

Innova IFA-39 paper review

Some time ago Keith looked at the range of FibaPrint papers from Innova.

We’ve often used Innova papers for our print work, and took the chance, during Keith’s recent review of the Canon 6450 24″ wide format printer, to look at the IFA-39 smooth bright white ‘Baryta’ matte paper from the Fibaprint range, which had not been available at the time of the original review.


In this short review Keith looks at Innova FibaPrint Matte 285gsm. Innova papers are available from many other outlets internationally.

About the paper

The paper is a very smooth finish, with a bright whiteness indicative of moderate levels of optical brighteners (OBAs). It’s acid and lignin free, so should be relatively stable once mounted.

Whilst the presence of brighteners potentially takes it out of the true ‘archival’ category, it gives images considerably more depth than many matte papers I’ve looked at, whilst the ink receptor coating takes enough ink to push the intensity (and gamut) of colours well beyond what you’d normally associate with matte papers.

Weight? – I’d note that this paper also appears in some technical info as Innova FibaPrint Matte 285gsm IFA 39 paper

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This from Innova:

  • “Smooth Acid Free Base “High White” FibaPrint White Matte has been modelled on the traditional fibre-based material used in conventional photography. Its ultra-smooth surface and brilliant white colour make it the perfect digital FibaPrint alternative.
  • Designed for high quality fine art & photographic reproduction print applications with inkjet (giclée) technology. FibaPrint White Matte has a very large colour gamut.”

Paper information

High white digital baryta paper
Smooth matte surface
Opti-coat precision coated
Fibre based photo quality
Archival – Acid & lignin free
Instant dry
Pigment & dye ink compatible
Excellent colour gamut for colour photography
Exceptional Dmax up to 2.7
Note: figures are from Innova specification sheets IFA-39
GSM 285
Coating Type Matte
pH 7.5-9.5
Thickness (Microns) 300
Whiteness (CIE) 138
Brightness (D65) 108
Opacity 91
Recyclable Yes

There is more information (including ICC profiles) available on Innova’s web site.

paper sizes for ifa 39

ICC profiles and media settings

The paper was profiled for the iPF6450 after creating a custom media setting, based on a Canon matte photo paper. I’d note that colour images needed printing with black point compensation on the iPF6450, if using the relative colorimetric rendering intent, to avoid loss of shadow detail. This is discussed in more detail in the 6450 review.I mention this here, since it’s sometimes the cause of poor performance, when people try out a matte paper like this.

I also used the paper for looking at aspects of the printer’s black and white print mode, where it performed excellently.

testing black and white printing on IFA39 on an ipf6450 printer

The level of OBAs is relatively low, this certainly isn’t like a cheap copier paper, which lights up with the first bit of UV that hits it.

Print Quality

The B&W test image below, shows some of the tonal gradation you get from a paper like this.

detail of black and white print

Assorted test prints lit with diffuse daylight.

The paper is thick enough to resist some creasing, but larger prints should be handled with care.

assorted test prints using innova ifa-39

The detail shot gives quite a good feel for the intensity of colour that the iPF6450 printer manages on this paper with the aid of good profiling.

detail of colour print


A very smooth bright white paper that manages an impressively deep range of tones.

Archival in nature, but does contain some optical brighteners.

Matte papers like this need to match the images you are using them for, they will never have the punch of a glossy photo print, but then again you don’t always want that effect.

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