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UK Industrial & manufacturing photography

UK wide photographic coverage of industrial machinery, plant, buildings, factories, people and offices.

Northlight Images provides Industrial Photography services for companies and their creative agencies and covers promotional, industrial, advertising and catalogue work for web and print use.

We aim to produce images that are both informative and eye-catching, for product brochures, display stands and web use and are happy to produce work to fit a preexisting manual or training guide.

The studio in your factory

Our industrial photography can help explain how your machines work. Photographs can be lit and processed suitably to enhance different areas and features of equipment.

All our image processing and re-touching experience is available to our clients and photographs come with all our expertise in colour management and high quality reproduction.

Photography in the work environment

For busy or hazardous environments, we can photograph plant and machinery without additional lighting or disrupting your ongoing work.

Our industrial and manufacturing photographic service covers all aspects of your organisation - from documenting manufacturing processes, through to your products and people.

Based in Leicestershire, the UK East Midlands (Northampton, Coventry, Nottingham and Derby) we provide photography throughout the UK, and worldwide for UK based companies.

See the benefits of using a specialist photographer. We've a free guide to using the right professional photographer available.

The benefits for you

• Industry experience - chief photographer Keith Cooper has worked as an electronics engineer, a geophysicist, and written code for process automation systems. That means you have a photographer who understands what your machinery actually does, and how your manufacturing processes run. If you say you want a picture of a particular component, then at least we probably know which way up it goes... Creativity comes from understanding - that and a real enthusiasm for producing images that get your message across.

• Creative images you need - we work with designers and agencies to create images that work for you.

• We only cover commercial photographic work - it's what we do well.

• Minimal interruption - photos taken during normal working or 'out of hours'. We're happy to work in the middle of a busy factory and know how to keep out of the way. Although we can set up specialist lighting, it's often not needed and true photographic skill is what counts.

• Industrial product photography - we can set up specialist studio facilities in your factory, to take photographs of your items when they are available.

• Image retouching - specialist Photoshop image processing is available if needed.

• On demand service - photography timed to suit completion of large or unique products.

• Extremely detailed images - Whether for web or trade show stands. Specialised macro photography service available

• No hidden costs - all our prices are clear and up front.- Prices Guide - Industrial Photography

• Fast service - images usually available next day.

• Easy to use images - supplied in the exact format you want to meet your needs, for web or print.

• Large fine art quality prints - optionally available for offices, meeting rooms and foyers.

When can you work?

We can sometimes fit in work at only a few days notice, especially in the Leicestershire and East Midlands region.

If your factory or location is only available at specific times then we are available for out of hours work, such as more 'artistic' night time views for brochures and reports.

Our aim is to accommodate your requirements and provide commercial photography that fits in with your plans.


wire taping machine process automation plant hire specialist steelmaking cable insulation
pouring molten steel vehicle customisation CNC milling roll of mylar insulation high pressure gas heat exchanger
rotary winding heat exchanger piping inside toolmaker shop laser cutting spark erosion jig
precision laser cutter replacing compressor in aircon unit coil taping resealing HVAC system grain elevator screw
factory, wide view onsite product photography for large items industrial autoclave assembly robot ventilation ducting - location based product photography

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A guide to our commercial photography prices

This guide to our prices and fees (GBP), is for our UK commercial photography services and covers our UK commercial photography rates. Full details, and information about image usage for stock are on our photography prices page.

UK Hourly/Day rates
excl. VAT
Image use
Image use
Image Use
1st hour and setup fee 170 195 320 3*
Additional time
per hour or part
85 115 195 5*
Half-day rate (up to 4 hrs.) 385 490 985 20*
Day rate (up to 7.5 hrs.) 675 790 1540 35*
Project rates: We offer discounted rates for assignments that consist of multiple sites or require repeat visits (min. 1hr.) to the same site to complete the assignment.
Please contact us directly to discuss the project and we'll be happy to provide a quote and demonstrate the potential savings.
*The table above includes the number of high-res images supplied. A full set of proof images will be sent to you within 2 working days - often sooner - so you can choose your final high-res versions from those taken on the day. You can of course order more if you wish.

Your final edited images will be sent to you electronically. A CD/DVD is available - see charges below. Please note, only one set of images will be sent per assignment.

You will receive high resolution, edited and colour corrected images suitable for web and/or print use. Images will not be cropped, as this will allow you to further edit the images to suit your specific needs.

Additional images from the proof set can be ordered at a cost of £12.00 per image.

Enhanced Photoshop work (for example removal of obstructions, signage etc) is available at £85.00 per hour. We do not offer a cut-out service, as we believe you can source this elsewhere at a much more competitive price than we are able to offer.

Please note: a detailed brief will be required before any work is undertaken to ensure we are taking the photos you require to fulfil your needs.

Notes (for individual assignments):
• Outside of Leicestershire we charge for travel (0.90 per mile) and travel time at 30 per hour.
• Hotels (if required) and expenses are charged at cost.

Click here to contact us for a free quote - Email Us or Tel.0116 291 9092 (Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm)

Please contact us directly to discuss quotations for any international work - we are happy to work for multinational companies outside of the UK, via their UK offices.

We also have a guide to our standard terms and conditions for commercial photography services - please just ask if you are unsure of anything, we are happy to help clarify matters in plain English.

Prices on this site are UK prices for our commercial photography and are valid as of April 2015.
-- All commercial photography prices are for guidance only (E&OE) and exclude VAT.


industrial products - pipe valvesUnusual angles

Northlight has a large collection of specialist camera equipment that we use to create unique views, often in quite cramped and difficult to reach spaces.

Macro and close-up photography

Technical and scientific macrophotography for engineering and design. High resolution images allow the frame to be filled by a scene only a few millimetres across. Available both in studio and on location.

Macrophotography - more details

Large creative images for advertising & display

our pictures of your machinery and metalwork don't have to be dull and boring. We can provide you with a large collection of images that will get noticed and can illustrate important parts of your products or business activities.

We can provide exhibition quality prints of images up to A0 size on archival paper for decorative purposes. Images can be supplied - appropriately sized - for display stands or banner printing.

Extra high resolution image captures are available if needed. For some of our architectural clients, individual image sizes have exceeded 4 Gigabytes.

We are also fine art printers and can supply large exhibition quality prints, ideal for lobbies, meeting areas and board rooms.

arc welding

The full range of our commercial photography services
Commercial photography

Photography to get your business message across. Details on our commercial photography page.

Industrial photography

Locations, products, machinery, people. There are full details on the industrial photography page.

Architecture, Construction, Heritage Architecture, High resolution photography and digital imaging

Photography of the built environment. Technical excelence and creativity combined. From site evaluation through to buildings in use, our construction photography covers the full process from site evaluation to finished structures and buildings. Specialist photography for recording and documenting heritage and restoration projects. Detailed images and processing, such as rectification.Extremely high resolution photographs. Capabilities way beyond traditional large format film. Multi gigabyte sized images.

Details on our UK Architectural photography micro-site, along with many high resolution images.

Product photograpy

Studio and location based product photography

Macro photography

Photography of very small objects.

Interior and lifestyle photography

Interior photography for designers, architects and housing developers. Commercial and residential property.

Hotel Photography

Photography to publicise all aspects of your hotel, resort or spa and the services you offer your guests. Hotel photography for print and web use.

Restaurant and location based food photography

Photography of food, where it's made, where it's served or even where it's produced and sold. Food photography beyond the studio.

Corporate Event photography

Our photography services are available for corporate events and hospitality where we supply high quality images for publicity and promotional purposes. Our aim is to capture the atmosphere and convey much more than just a record of who was there.

Venue Photography

Entertainment venue, club and gig photography in Leicester and the UK.

Photography for Annual Reports

Images to capture the essence of your company's activities, locations and people. Detailed creative photography for print and web use. Images available as large fine art prints.

Location stills photography

Stills and publicity photography for video shoots.

Landscape Photography

We provide commercial landscape photography for brochures, events and exhibitions.

Fine Art prints

We also provide large fine-art prints of the natural and man made environment for domestic and corporate clients. There are numerous example of Keith Cooper's photography in the main Landscape photo gallery

Training / education / seminars

You can take better pictures yourself. Many corporate clients want to take their own photographs for internal and web use.

Northlight Images offers training to help you get the most out of the equipment you already have and can help you decide whether it is truly adequate for your needs. At Northlight we are not worried by the prospect of people doing their own photography.

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