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i1Studio update 1.1

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i1Studio software update 1.1

New software includes profile data saving

X-rite updates i1Studio to version 1.1.

It includes the ability to save measurements from multiple charts when creating printer icc profiles (V2 and V4 supported).

See Keith’s full i1Studio review for the complete range of functions supported with i1Studio.

i1studio spectro

New X-rite i1Studio software

V1.1 finally adds the ability to save measurement sets … yay!

This has probably been my main complaint about the i1Studio and the ColorMunki before it. It’s always worked well, but if you wanted to do a whole lot of profiles at the same time, the workflow was awkward.

I was asked to test this update before its release and can confirm that it works well. The ability to save profiles in both V2 and V4 will be welcome as well.

X-rite software

X-Rite release notes

i1Studio software provides the ability to profile monitors, projectors, scanners and printers. Monitor module supports both photo and video workflows. Printer modules include ability to create profiles for both color prints and Black & White prints. Profile Optimization module is designed to optimize a profile using colors extracted from a specific image and/or measured spot colors.

v1.1 update includes:

  • New Data Save Workflow for all modules of printer profiling – enables users to start the printer profiling process, pause it any time and resume automatically where they left off . Ideal for users that would like to print test targets from another application, speed up the process to profile several paper types, allow for extended paper drying time or profile a remote printer not on their network.
  • Ability to save ICC profiles in either Version 4 or Version 2
  • Profile Reminder feature to remind users to re-profile their displays
  • Updated sepia look in Black & White workflow
  • Several usability improvements and minor bug fixes

i1studio and colorchecker card

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  • Andre Yew | Aug 2, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Keith, thanks for the update! It sounds like they haven’t added back the spot reading mode of the old ColorMunki software? if they did, then combined with the ability to save multiple measurement data sets, it would be worth it to upgrade to the latest software. As it is, I’m kind of committing myself to learn how to use Argyll: its display calibration and profiling is already proving more accurate than the previous ColorMunki software.

  • ipdouglas | Aug 2, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Does this software work with the idisplay pro instead of iprofiler? Is there any advantage or drawback to using istudio instead of iprofiler?

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