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i1Profiler is updated to V1.5

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X-rite update i1Profiler to V1.5

Updated profiling software for print and screen

X-Rite have announced the availability of V1.5 of i1 Profiler

i1 Pro 2 used with i1 Profiler

i1 Pro 2 used with i1 Profiler

The updated software incorporates a number of  fixes and improvements

Display: Improves i1 Display Pro support for newer display technologies

Scanner: Support HCT targets

Projector: Improved detection of screen position

Printer: device link profiles (CMYK), M1 support for i1iO (spot mode), Support for the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK v3 LFP for large format printing.

i1Profiler can locate updates, or you can download from X-Rite

Although the  device link profiles are a noticeable advance, I don’t actually do any of this sort of stuff, so I’ll wait a while before updating our i1Profiler review collection

i1 publish pack

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