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Huge site changes coming this year

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Huge site changes…

Coming later this yearkeith and a print

I’m currently working on moving the whole Northlight Images site to being powered by WordPress.

All the existing content will be there

There are over a thousand pages and articles going back over 10 years, that need transferring, with each one being re-formatted to work on the new system, and in many cases, with short updates if needed.

With just me doing the work, and running the business, it just won’t be finished for a good few months yet.

December 2016: The new site is running

New content on the current site

New site articles and reviews are still found on the main Articles page

Camera and printer rumours are still on the main rumours page

One particular advance is that all of our articles now have multiple category designations, so it’s easy to explore via the category drop down list in the right hand column.