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Google calls time on the Nik plugins

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Google calls time on the free Nik plugins

No more updates or features for the Nik editing plugins

I’ve long been a fan of the original Nik plugins, but in 2012 when Google acquired the business, there were a lot of people expecting the plugins to be dropped.

In 2013 they dropped the price and more recently in 2016 decided to give them away for free.

Now it seems that whilst they are still available, Google have stated that they will no longer update or enhance them.

In retrospect they have lasted longer than many expected, and we can keep using them…


Thanks Google…

You’ve just given me yet another reason to stick with Photoshop CS6 on my Mac ;-)

google NIK announcement

The Nik plugins (like Topaz and MacPhun) are essential elements of my image editing choices, but that may have to change in a few years (I’m not planning a new Mac for a while and my current one is stuck at OS X 10.11)

I even use Silver Efex pro for luminosity adjustment for colour images

In the mean time, if your software can run with them, they are still freely available.

We've reviews of all Nik Plugins - (part of the Google Nik Collection). See the Nik Category in the dropdown menu at the top of the right column.

Nik plugins

I’m sure my acquaintances at Topaz and Macphun will be glad to see Google no longer sticking its (UK) size 13 boots into the market ;-)

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