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Landscape photography by Keith Cooper

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Some of our large panoramic prints are now in their own Panoramic Gallery area

Many of the photos in the gallery are available as prints, in a variety of sizes.
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Mountains Trees Snow Lakes Suffolk California
Sea Buildings Sunset Streams Leicestershire Colorado
Water Roads Storms Rapids Rutland New Mexico
Clouds Bridges Rocks Beaches Norfolk Oregon
Colour Travelling Sand Waterfall Scotland Utah
Black and White Breakfast England Washington
Rockies (US) Coffee Canada Wyoming
Ruins USA

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We have a new gallery under construction with photographs of Leicester and Leicestershire

Some of the trips to the USA, where Keith took many of the photos in the gallery, have associated 'Photo travel diaries'


Trade Supplies - Fine art prints for interior design and commercial use

We also supply large decorative prints of our commercial work, in addition to the fine art landscape prints that you can see here (please contact us directly for commercial enquiries and trade quantity prices +44 116 2919092)

Chillis at Seattle farmers market Ruins at Mesa Verde Bubbling mud at Yellowstone Water worn rocks Seagull in the wind
Aspen trees Cruden Bay Highland falls distant snow Storm front
Mt shuksan Road closed Winter solstice sunset Old school house Stagecoach State park, Colorado Latte in Leadville

Keith Cooper genuinely believes that almost anyone can take good photographs and has written numerous articles, reviews and tutorials to help people improve their photographic skills.

For example, we have a two part article about Digital Black and White Photography.
Keith was interviewed about 'digital black and white' for a magazine article and we have a longer version here, covering some of his thoughts, techniques and tips for those interested in black and white photography.

Commercial Photography Services from Northlight Images

Northlight Images is a UK based Commercial Photography studio providing photography for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients (Architectural/Interiors/Hotels/Construction/Corporate Events/PR)