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File download page – photography

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File download page

Files and images related to articles on this site

Items on this page are available from the Northlight Images site.

All items are copyright and may only be used for the purposes given.

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North Great Yarmouth beach

Tutorial files – PS Elements

These are our original PS Elements test files. Whilst they are over 15 years old, the basic steps for editing images are still quite valid.

Please note. The images in the tutorial section are ©2004-10 Keith Cooper, and are for personal non commercial teaching use only. They may not be used in -any- other way without the express written consent of Northlight Images – see our usage and copyright page for more information.


Test Images

Printer test file (Adobe 98 colour space – 600kB)

Datacolor test image (Adobe 98 1.9MB Zipped JPEG)

Fuji sRGB test image

Colour test image

Zipped file 7″x5″ at 300 ppi

Media test image

For checking media types – as discussed in our media settings article

TIFF file

A4 monochrome test image for print evaluation (latest 2014 version) – Explanatory article

black and white printer test image

A4 Black and white printer test images (see article on their use)

black and white printing test image

and strip version (11″x2.5″)

strip version of black and white print test

Graham Preston has produced a test image aimed at showing up more details of non-linearity.

He has kindly allowed Northlight Images to host the file.

radial linearisation targets

Image ©2006 Graham Preston

Greyscale printer test ramp (tiff – 300kB)

From Keith’s article on better black and white printing

©2003, Northlight Images. Free for non-commercial use only.

Article Pictures

Files relating to articles. Provided to allow visitors a more detailed look at pictures. These images are all ©2003,4 Keith Cooper. They are for personal non commercial use only. They may not be used in -any- other way without the express written consent of Northlight Images – see our usage and copyright page for more information.

Black and White conversion pictures (1.6MB)
Examples from the Colour to B/W conversion page

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  • James Aston

    Great pictures to use with my Epson P800, but on the church pictures i’ve started to see colour banding, from the blue sky, would this be down to the colour space being used?

    • Keith Cooper

      it -might- be, but such things can have a wide variety of causes.

      One thing to check is the colour profile for the paper you are using – soft proofing can give an indication of potential problem areas. Try different rendering intents as well

      You could selectively reduce saturation of blues, but that’s not a good fix for what is a test image.

      I had a P800 here for review and this was never a problem for any images I printed (see review for more)