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Digital Photography Articles

Articles about digital photography, processing and printing

We've many photography related articles on the site, and hope you find them of interest. Product reviews are listed on their own page. The menu along the top of the page leads to all the different parts of the site, including our Camera Rumours section for any news and info we find.

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Image processing techniques

1ds3 with mamiya 35mm f3.5 sekor c lens


Some Epson printer notes

Colour Management

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Also have a look at our reviews, which have detailed info on colour managment hardware and software. They are usually written to help give an idea of the principles behind the equipment, not just how it works.

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Photography - Personal views from Keith Cooper

Travel Pictures

Travel diaries/blogs from Keith's travels ... taking photographs.

Note this was originally published on two pages, but has been reorganised in an easier to follow format (Page1 - Page2)

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Images on the web

Using equipment in non-standard ways :-)

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