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Entance to the castle precint, via Rupert's GatewaySt Mary de Castro Spire appeal

Architectural prints

Keith Cooper has produced a number of bespoke architectural prints of the church, which are being made available to purchase.

There are also some interior shots, showing the state of the spire on this page's blog post

  • The prices here include VAT at 20%, and Northlight Images is donating its profits on the print price towards the spire appeal.
  • If you would prefer, you can order the prints directly from the church, since they do not have to charge VAT, which results in a higher contribution towards the spire appeal.
  • The print sizes are approximate.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss custom sizes and delivery. The church web site is at

Northlight images is a specialist architectural and commercial photography company based in central Leicester.

Full 360 degree view of the interior of St Mary de Castro, Leicester

There is a special 'zoomable' VR style view of this image further down this page. Note that this image is of much higher resolution (detail) than the usual 'web tour' type of panoramic images you may find on the web.

The image is created with the same equipment used for the 14m wide print of Leicester City centre at dusk, that was exhibited at the LPPG in May/June 2012
[exhibition information and photos]

The image file for the full resolution photo is too big to fit on a single DVD.

Full 360 degree view of the interior of St Mary de Castro, Leicester

360 interior - print prices (archival paper unmounted)

The high altar

Includes some of the oldest parts of the building.

view towards the high altar, St Mary d Castro church

High Altar - print prices (archival paper unmounted)

Church entrance door at night

Taken just after it had stopped raining

Doorway - print prices (archival paper unmounted)

Night view towards the main entrance

Taken after rain

Night View - print prices (archival paper unmounted)

Early evening - St Mary de Castro from the Castle yard

Castle yard view - print prices (archival paper unmounted)

Please give Keith (or the church) a call if you would like one of the prints.

Contact details :

Northlight Images, 86 Harrow Road
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK. LE3 0JW (Maps)
Telephone (Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm) +44 (0)116 291 9092

Email us via the Contact Form Email Us

Zoomable view of the inside of the church

Click on the image to zoom and pan around the view (such images are part of Nortlight Images' High resolution photography service)

Click on the image to zoom in - move your mouse over the controls to see what they do.

We usually have a collection of latest prints on display at our main office. Please feel free to call if you would like to arrange a visit.