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DxO PhotoLab 2 update

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DxO PhotoLab updated to V2

Image library, and camera profile support

DxO have announced version 2  of their PhotoLab image editing software.

The software adds a new image library function as well as a much improved ‘Clearview’ function for haze removal and local contrast enhancement.

The software now supports DCP camera profiles such as you might use with LightRoom or ACR.

Keith will be taking a deeper look at the changes in due course, continuing his reviews of all eleven versions of DxO Optics pro and PhotoLab V1 – there is a quick test here at the end of the press info though.

All Keith's DxO reviews may be found via the Article Categories listing for DxO in the right column of any page.

dxo photoLab

Press info from DxO 

DxO PhotoLab 2

After incorporating and enhancing U Point local adjustment technology, DxO PhotoLab 2, which follows on from DxO OpticsPro, has improved its exclusive DxO ClearView tool, added a new image management system (DxO PhotoLibrary), and now supports DCP colour profiles.

PARIS — October 24, 2018 — DxO, one of the world’s most innovative consumer imaging companies, has announced the release of DxO PhotoLab 2, a major update of its RAW processing software for Mac and PC, recently awarded the 2018 TIPA Award for Best Imaging Software. DxO PhotoLab 2 introduces ClearView Plus, the latest version of the software’s incredibly effective haze removal and local contrast improvement tool, as well as DxO PhotoLibrary, a brand-new image and data management feature that lets users search, select, sort, and display images. DxO PhotoLab 2 also supports DCP colour profiles, which maintains consistent colour renderings across the industry’s main programs.

U Point technology: The most powerful local adjustment tools on the market

DxO PhotoLab offers a complete RAW and JPEG processing solution based on optical corrections from mathematically established laboratory models, as well as such exclusive features as PRIME noise reduction technology and DxO Smart Lighting intelligent exposure optimisation.

To provide photographers with all the tools they need to make local corrections, DxO purchased and integrated Nik Software’s U Point technology into DxO PhotoLab. This exclusive technology, which millions of photographers enjoy, allows users to make complex selections in just a few clicks and apply local adjustments with Control Points, a unique system of equalisers and multiple correction tools. DxO PhotoLab is the only software to fully integrate U Point technology within a non-destructive RAW workflow.

With this latest version, DxO PhotoLab 2 has become an even more comprehensive image editing solution.

DxO ClearView Plus: Create show-stopping images

DxO PhotoLab’s exclusive DxO ClearView feature is a revolutionary tool that removes haze and enhances local contrast. The improved DxO ClearView Plus feature in DxO PhotoLab 2 lets users make even more dramatic adjustments without creating a halo around transitions between light and dark.

The results are spectacular. In just one click, users can remove haze without creating an unnatural effect around objects, edges, details, or transitions. When combined with PRIME, an exclusive de-noising tool, users can optimise the image’s dynamic range while still controlling noise.

For an even greater degree of flexibility, DxO ClearView Plus can be applied to the entire image or just to specific areas using local adjustment tools.

DxO PhotoLibrary: A comprehensive image production workflow

DxO PhotoLibrary offers new image search, selection, sorting, and display features. A dynamic text field tool makes searching simple. As the search term is being entered, DxO PhotoLab 2 suggests all relevant interpretations and any results that match the user’s personal database.

Users can search for images using a number of criteria, including shooting parameters (aperture, shutter speed, ISO), file name and extension, the date the photo was taken, and the number of stars assigned to the photo. The search results are displayed in a brand-new movable and adjustable vignette grid.

“With its automatic features and correction tools, DxO PhotoLab strives to help photographers express their artistic vision without compromising on image quality,” says Jean-Marc Alexia, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at DxO Labs. “With the addition of DxO PhotoLibrary, DxO PhotoLab 2 has now advanced to the next level, giving users complete control over the image product process—from organising photos to exporting them. By the end of the year, this new tool will incorporate additional search features, including keywords and many other criteria.”

Support for DCP colour profiles: New options for managing colour in RAW images

DxO PhotoLab 2 now supports DCP colour profiles; this means it can deliver colour renderings that are compatible with and close to those of third-party photo editing programs like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW as well as camera colour calibration solutions like X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo and DNG Profile Editor.

Note – see Keith’s ColorChecker passport review for more details

Price & availability

The ESSENTIAL and ELITE editions of DxO PhotoLab 2 for PC and Mac can be downloaded now from the DxO website ( for an introductory price through November 18, 2018:


  • DxO PhotoLab 2 ESSENTIAL Edition:
  • DxO PhotoLab 2 ELITE Edition:


  • DxO PhotoLab 2 ESSENTIAL Edition:
  • DxO PhotoLab 2 ELITE Edition:

$99.99 instead of $129 $149.99 instead of $199
£79.99 instead of £99 £119.99 instead of £159

Users do not need a subscription to use DxO PhotoLab 2. They can install the program on two computers with the DxO PhotoLab 2 ESSENTIAL Edition or on three computers with the
DxO PhotoLab 2 ELITE Edition. Photographers who purchased a license for DxO OpticsPro or
DxO PhotoLab 1 can get a discounted upgrade license for DxO PhotoLab by signing into their customer accounts at A fully-functional, one-month trial version of DxO PhotoLab 2 is available on the DxO website:


A quick test looking at a set of aerial photos taken a few months ago gives a nice feel for the contrast and processing. It was a hot and slightly hazy day. This screen shot [click to enlarge] gives a feel for the basic processing of images that were slightly underexposed to retain highlights and to let me use an even faster shutter speed (IS will help, but photographing through the open door of a helicopter there is a lot of potential for camera shake)

PhotoLab2 test

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