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DxO Optics Pro V6.2 update for Mac and PC

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Quick DxO Optics Pro V6.2 preview

DxO Optics Pro finally makes it to V6,  for the Apple Mac version we use for some of our work.

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I’ve been testing aspects of it for a while and hope to have a longer review before too long. It’s a processing program that I may not use for all my day to day work, but for individual images (often for large prints) it can make a real difference.

Update: More detailed DxO V6.2 review

One area where I’ve really noticed the improvement is in handling of noise.

The photo of Polish jazz singer Anna Maria Jopek was taken in a club in London in 2006 with my old Canon 1Ds set to its maximum ISO of 1250.

I was working on the RAW file again, to make a large print for a Polish friend of mine’s new house.

Anna Maria Jopek - London 2006

Anna Maria Jopek in London April 2006

Shot at 1250 ISO in dim lighting, there is a lot of noise in the file. [Canon 1Ds + 70-200 2.8L IS  1/40th @ f/2.8]

The B/W conversion is made using Nik Silver Efex pro [review], but the raw file was converted using DxO Optics Pro V6.2 on the Mac.

I’ll look into further aspects of the software, for a longer review. However I thought I’d just show a quick example of the improvement in RAW processing.

Up until recently I’ve stuck with Photoshop CS3, so the first version is a 100% crop of the image, as processed normally in Camera Raw for CS3

100% crop - camera raw - CS3

100% crop – camera raw – CS3

The second is processed in DxO 6.2

100% crop - DxO Optics Pro V6.2

100% crop – DxO Optics Pro V6.2

I’ll need to have a more careful look, but from some of my 1Ds and 1Ds3 images i definitely notice a bit more fine detail too.

By the time I can get round to a more thorough review, I should have Photoshop CS5, so the comparisons should be a bit  more up to date.

In the past I’ve always found that DxO Optics pro was just a bit too far from my normal workflow and a bit slow for ‘day to day’ use. It has however been the tool that I’ve used by choice for many of my larger ‘one off’ works.

Previous DxO reviews: DxO Optics Pro V5.3

DxO Press info with V6.2 features

New features of version 6.2 for Mac users Version 6 offers Mac users access to:

  • The latest noise-suppression technologies, resulting in remarkably high-quality photos at normal ISOs, or even pushing the sensitivity above current limits – up to one or two stops above the usual settings, without noticeable loss of image quality;
  • Manual optics correction control for lenses that have not yet been calibrated, and supplementary control of high spatial frequencies for greater preservation of details in an image;
  • A user interface redesigned for easier handling by new users, and optimised work flow for greater productivity for expert and professional photographers;
  • Support for the following cameras: Pentax K-7, Sony Alpha DSLR-A500, Sony Alpha DSLR-A550, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1.

New features of version 6.2 for Mac and Windows users This version brings to Mac and Windows users many improvements in terms of interface and features, including:

  • Simplified and improved user interface that makes the software even more intuitive to use;
  • A new default preset that offers a better sharpening of the smallest details;
  • A new automatic denoising setting that restores even more RAW image details;
  • XMP data conservation to allow better integration with Adobe Lightroom;
  • New and improved shortcuts;
  • Improved stability.

More info and upgrades/offers at

— Note that Keith has been involved with occasional beta testing of the Apple Mac versions of DxO Optics Pro for several years, but has no commercial connections with DxO whatsoever —

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  • Mario | Jan 5, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    one of the most beautifull and true photo about Anna I ever seen, I’m absolutly in love with her music and your image give to me the true essence of her in one shot, I’m italian and I was last mouth in Crakow to see her live in concert but my photos are not so intense as yours, it’s possible to have a copy of the photo to print it for my place where I work on my photos and I play music?

    • Keith | Jan 5, 2012 at 2:33 pm

      Thanks – I’ve mailed you a larger version than in this post

  • Craig Camp | May 10, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    Looks good, but it it something worth splashing out on when it’s predecessor works fine? Like you I only really use it now and then. Look forward to hearing your views when you have it synched with CS5.

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