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DxO Optics Pro updated for the Mac

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DxO Optics Pro V5.3 update

DxO have brought out an update to the Mac version of their RAW converter.

DxO information and trial download (Mac and PC)

V5.3.6 now work under OSX 10.3.6 and includes support for a number of new cameras and lenses – fortunately including the Canon 7D.

  • Canon 7D and G11;
  • Nikon D300s and D3000;
  • Olympus E-3 (Elite edition only), E-30, E-410, E-420, E-450, E-510, E-520 and E-620;
  • Sony A230, A330 and A380.

Several new lenses are covered, including (for the 7D) the EF 70-200 2.8L IS and EF 24-70 2.8L, which I’ve been using whilst testing the camera (The EF 14mm 2.8L II is still not supported for any camera, which is an ongoing minor irritation ;-) You can process images taken with non supported lenses, but some specific/automatic lens correction features are not available.

The Mac and PC versions have parted company for a while, but I’m assured that a Mac version of V6 will be available early next year. When it is, I’ll write up a more comprehensive review, since it has a number of interesting features, but Northlight doesn’t have any windows PCs

Trees - 7D file

Trees – 7D file opened in DxO 5.3.6

The Raw converter for the 7D works fine, although I tend to use DxO as a converter for limited sets of images for my landscape work, rather than everyday use for my commercial work. It’s what I’ve turned to, to produce some of my biggest prints.

7D image opened in DxO 5.3.6

7D image opened in DxO 5.3.6

Noise handling at higher ISO is efficient, and I look forward to trying the new V6 features in this area.

The image itself was from when I went out for a short walk yesterday lunchtime. To get the juxtaposition I set the camera on high speed burst and picked the shot that matched the best, as people walked past :-)

Person walks into glass

Person walks into glass

800 ISO and the images were fine for good sized prints.

If you’re curious, we’ve reviewed every version of DxO since it first came out…

All Keith's DxO reviews may be found via the Article Categories listing for DxO in the right column of any page.

Disclosure Note – I’ve been involved in Beta testing software for DxO for several years, so I always suggest people download the trial version and see how it performs for themselves. There are a lot of subjective features in what can make a good image form a RAW file.

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  • A configuration problem I suspect Craig. I’ll take up that tea offer – meanwhile I’d suggest checking for updates (prog and lens modules) again. Should be OK – I only ever use it on RAW files

  • Keith, DXO doesn’t convert the raw files, only the jpgs and even then it doesn’t have all the boxes ticked such as the lens one :(

    If you’d like you’re more than welcome to come round and see for yourself and grab some screen shots. And the odd cup’o’tea of course