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Photo training courses for estate agents & property developers

Photography skills training for property professionals

Are you happy with the quality of your house interior and exterior property photography?

Northlight Images’ bespoke real estate / estate agent training courses and professional development seminars for estate agents and developers are held at your own preferred location, whether at your offices or in example properties. Our training will help you improve your building and house photography and is always tailored to fit your particular organisational needs.

We can help you take better photographs of residential and commercial properties. We train individuals and groups in Leicestershire, the UK East Midlands (Northampton, Nottingham and Derby) and have run courses all over the UK.

Learn how to get the best from your photographs and remember, training works – it helps you maximise the usefulness of your property photography. Training also contributes to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

Why better pictures work for you

How do great photos make a difference?

  • Reduce the time from listing to sale
  • Give a more professional look to your service
  • Good pictures catch the eye of future sellers

Good photography is an investment in all your business.

Do your own photography
– save on outsourcing costs

Northlight Images provide high quality architectural, industrial, commercial and residential photography for estate agents and property management agencies and our training will give you and your colleagues the opportunity to learn real estate photography from a professional  interior and architectural photographer.

We also provide bespoke digital photography courses, which cover composition and lighting techniques in property photography, the technical aspects of photography (exposure, depth of field etc.) and what to do with the images once you have transferred them out of the camera (image processing in Photoshop, using images for both web and print).

Find out how to make your images look that little bit better on the web or stand out in the local paper and with our extensive experience of colour management issues, we can also help you address more fundamental problems with colour images in printed brochures and newspapers.

Photography training prices

The prices below apply to single sessions, however multiple sessions and locations booked at the same time can attract significant discounts.

Note – we don’t sell cameras or software, but we are happy to suggest different options that fit your business needs and budget.

Precise course/seminar costs are based on duration, location and number of people attending the course. A half day is ~3.5 hrs of training time, a full day ~7 hrs.

All prices are for single sessions, and exclude VAT, please also see our Terms and Conditions for training services.

Half Day Training

  • £299 one to one training
  • £349 for the first 3 trainees
  • £49 for every additional trainee

Full Day Training

  • £599 one to one training
  • £649 for the first 3 trainees
  • £69 for every additional trainee

For a more accurate idea of costs, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and for the prices of more than 1 day’s training. Payment is required in advance of training session(s), unless payment on the day is arranged (by prior agreement only).

Outside of Leicestershire we charge for travel (£0.65 per mile) and travel time at £30 per hour for any journey over 2 hours away from our base in Leicester. We charge nothing for the first 2 hours (in each direction) then 30.00 for each additional hour (in each direction)  - rounded up to the full hour.

Please note that we provide training for companies at your chosen location. We are unable to provide training services here at our Leicester office.

For interactive photography training we recommend a maximum of 5 trainees, larger number being more suited to seminar style presentations.

Lectures and conferences

Presentation rates depend on length of session and location.

Course organisers and venues

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements and how we can work together.


Please contact us directly to discuss quotations for any international work - we are happy to work for multinational companies outside of the UK, via their UK offices.

Our training is for you

Our estate agent photography courses are customised to your business requirements, so the content and style of the course will depend on what you want to learn and your existing skill levels. We have provided courses from a half day to three days.

A full day course aimed at individuals (up to 5 people) might consist of ‘classroom’ type work at the start, a visit out to a property, and returning to study the images taken and look at how to process them in an editor such as Photoshop. The training is very much hands-on, so you will be taking lots of photos and working on them.

For seminars, we ask that people bring along cameras (and the instruction manual, since we have not tried every single camera that’s in use) and if possible let us know in advance any specific problems they may have encountered – all our courses are customised, and we want to make them as relevant as possible to the needs of those attending.

We can teach you how to correct images with bad lighting, how to make the best use of available light, and the basic rules of composition that will drastically improve all your property photography.

Discover why trying to make a room look as big as possible may not sell as well as making a room look interesting.

We’ll show you simple fixes to get round the problem of looking from a dark room into a light one and vice versa, and how to deal with annoying reflections from windows and doors, and when to make use of them.

Bring your own cameras along and find out what they are really capable of (but do remember your manual!).

Why do buildings in some photos look as if they are falling over? Discover the benefits and pitfalls of using very wide angle lenses.

For higher end properties we can show you the techniques and equipment needed to take images for brochures and booklets – we aim to match our courses to what it is you need for your agency.

See how we go about producing our high quality promotional photography for show homes and show flats for developers and builders.

photography training room

About our training

"The team really enjoyed the training, and we all feel that we have learnt some essential tips to improve our pictures,  at the very least learning to evaluate our photos on site and thinking about the story that they are telling. The format of the training worked well - with a bit of theory in the morning and practice in the afternoon. The information wasn’t too overwhelmingly technical and was pitched just right for our requirements.  I would be happy to recommend the training to other sales teams."

Nottingham Community Housing Assoc.
What about afterwards…?

If you have been on a Northlight Images training course, we are happy to answer technical questions and clear up any related issues you might have about the course materials.

We know that often, people have plenty of other work to do in their jobs, and after a week or so, what was clear on the day may have faded a bit…

We also work with companies to develop follow-up and appraisal processes, to ensure lasting benefits from our training.

Learn from an expert photographer

Keith Cooper is a qualified Adult Education tutor and university lecturer and an experienced conference speaker and has a C&G Adult Education Certificate.

Keith is also an internationally recognised photographer and technical specialist. In September 2011, he was invited to join X-Rite’s ‘Coloratti’

“X-Rite’s Coloratti includes the world’s top professional photographers, a group whose vision, passion, leadership, and partnership are recognized and valued by X-Rite. Coloratti photographers are highly respected by their peers and are admired by up-and-coming professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike.”

Commercial and residential property photography training

commercial propertyOur courses can be tailored towards whatever property areas your company deals with, whether lettings, residential or commercial sales and leasing.

Our property photography courses have proved popular in the construction and development sector, where ongoing project monitoring and works progress photography is carried out in-house.

All our technical photography expertise and equipment is available for specialist training, this is typically delivered on location for no more than two or three people.

Other specialist photography training

We provide a wide range of training services to commercial organisations. As with our property photography training it is customised to our clients requirements.

We’ve more details of specific services on other pages:

Panoramic and VR photography training

Northlight provides a range of VR (Virtual Reality) and panoramic photography services, such as 360 virtual tours – This is specialised work and require a not inconsiderable investment in equipment and VR software (such as Autopano Giga).

Why pay someone else to produce VR tours and the likes for you?

We can help show you the techniques and equipment for producing VR movies of properties, and help you save money by creating them yourselves.

We can provide training in this specialist area – please contact us directly for more information (Note that this is not part of our normal Estate Agent photography training courses)

Many of our training courses are developed by Keith Cooper of Northlight Images.