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Macro photography – Leicester, UK

Photographing the tiniest detail of the smallest item.

Northlight Images offers its most specialised service – macro photography – the photography of small objects and very fine detail, detail that often the human eye cannot see.

Unseen views

Such macro images open up the world of tiny things and offer unique opportunities for design and advertising creatives.

Macro Photography provides you photographs of objects of just a few millimetres in size and our standard high resolution images mean shots of even the smallest item can be printed at poster size. Close-up views give realism to photos of architectural models and fine detail to material boards.

Precision equipment

This very special service demands not just the best equipment available but also technical expertise and patience. In the past we’ve even built lens assemblies for specific jobs.

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"We’ve used Northlight’s images for our corporate brochures, press materials and exhibition stands for a number of years. Our products are incredibly small and therefore very difficult to photograph, but with the wizardry from Northlight they have brought our products to life with fantastic high resolution imagery showing levels of detail we frankly did not know existed before we started working with them. We whole heartedly recommend Northlight and we are delighted with their imagery, professionalism, value for money and levels of service."

Torex Semiconductor Europe
Chia seeds

Why use Northlight Images

Choose a specialist photographer – no brides and portraits on this site…

> Clear upfront pricing – no hidden extras

We publish a guide to our commercial photography rates on this site.

Our macro work is by its nature highly specialised, so please do contact us and have a chat with Keith, who can give you an idea of our likely prices.

Since we’re not always sure an item can be easily photographed, if you can spare some samples, then we are happy to see what can be done, at no extra charge. A good example of this are the Chia seeds shown above.

> An engineering background

It helps to use photographers who understand and appreciate product design.

Keith Cooper has an engineering and electronics design background, and for several years carried out research into advanced manufacturing systems at Loughborough University.

At Northlight Images we only cover commercial photographic work.

We accept your photography challenge

We often don’t know whether something can be photographed.

We really do relish the challenge.

100D macro setup

Why you need a specialist photographer

See our free guide to using the right professional photographer

Component testing

As well as images for decorative or advertising purposes, we can also supply detailed shots for engineering companies and manufacturers, showing microscopic product faults and failure mechanisms.

Can it be done?

Many of our client relationships start off with a simple ‘Is this actually possible?’

At this scale every job is treated as a one-off and we welcome the challenge of getting the type of detail you require from the tiniest of items – so why not give Keith Cooper a call to see how we can work together.

Studio and on location

Work can be studio based or on location in your factory or office – although when working at this level of detail we should point out that some photographs are best taken in the controlled environment of our studio.

chip bonding pads

Electronic components. Macro photography produced at high resolution for a trade exhibition stand.

torex exhibition stand
How big?

Including  known objects, such as this steel ruler, can give a sense of scale for macro photography.

Depth of field concerns mean that for an image like this, anything up to a hundred images may be taken, using a computer controlled camera mount with camera movements measured in microns.

Ruler and microchips