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K80 and household cleaner
  |   Article, Articles and reviews, Canon printer, Epson Printer, HP printer, photo-hacks, Printer articles, Printing   |   18 Comments

Simple Inkjet printer cleaning

Cleaning old, clogged and dried up ink from inkjet printers using commonly available household cleaning products. Common solvents and additives quickly cut though ink buildup. A look at different household cleaners and how they can help shift dried up printer ink...

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17 August 2018
Mirage print software interface
  |   Articles and reviews, Black and white, Canon printer, Colour management, Epson Printer, Printing, Review, Software review   |   4 Comments

Mirage print software review (V3.5)

A review of the Mirage print software by Dinax. Tested with the Canon PRO-2000 printer, the software now supports Canon and Epson large format printers. One feature is its freedom from print length limitations, ideal for huge pano prints at photo print resolutions....

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14 August 2016