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canon pro-1

Canon Pro-1 Printer

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Upcoming printer review

Canon UK have sent me a Pro-1 A3+ printer for review.

A quick check shows a very capable B&W print mode, which with a 3rd party lustre paper produced a very even and neutral looking print – residual non-linearity was very easily cleared up with a QTR profile, which I was able to use directly when printing from CS5 to the driver’s B&W mode.

This from Canon’s launch info (last year – supplies of this printer were seriously hit by the floods in Thailand)

  • 12-ink system with wide colour gamut
  • Chroma Optimizer for uniform glossiness and crisp, sharp blacks
  • Optimum Image Generating system enhances colour reproduction
  • Black and white prints with 5 monochrome inks
  • New LUCIA pigment inks ensure photo permanence
  • Create a gallery-quality A3+ photo in approx. 2 minutes 55 sec
  • High capacity ink tanks
  • Wide range of media support including 356mm (14”) wide and thick media

Here it is after printing an A3+ profiling target.

Canon Pro-1 printer

Canon Pro-1 printer

If anyone has any specific queries, do let me know (here or email directly) and I’ll try and see if I can find an answer, or address the issue in my review (probably by the end of the month).

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  • Robin Sibson | Nov 21, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Looking forward to your review, Keith, but I may well have ordered this printer before it appears, since I need to replace my dead i9950 soonish. As a relatively light amateur user with limited paper requirements, it is not economic for me to purchase a spectrophotometer costing almost as much as the printer in order to produce custom profiles, yet to judge from the review on dpreview these make a difference, and I am not persuaded this is just a matter of printer-to-printer variation. It would be a kindness if you would post your own profiles for a few of the more widely-used papers, including the basic Canon papers. Among other things, this would provide some useful feedback on just how portable such profiles are.

    • Keith | Nov 21, 2012 at 5:21 pm

      Writing it up now… should be ready by tomorrow evening.

      Unfortunately I won’t have any profiles, since I only profiled the non Canon ones (Canon ones worked fine, but with important caveats. If I knew what ‘the more widely-used papers’ were and had some, I might have profiles, but do remember I don’t buy boxes of paper just for reviews, and small sheets are not what I use with our 8300 ;-)

      Excellent print quality, but issues for me with paper handling/sizes

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