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Canon EOS 9D (Rumours)

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Canon EOS 9D (Rumours)

Camera information and rumours for the EOS 9D

9D? Yes, this is the page…

Another possible EOS digital SLR…

This page covers all our EOS 9D info since we started collecting it…

Another reminder – This is a RUMOURS page which reports stuff we are sent or find on the web. It is primarily for amusement and entertainment :-) Take what you read accordingly and apply your own skill and judgement!

new canon 9D

Latest Info

2016 June

24th A mention [CR] that there may be a new ‘nameplate’ coming (D sounds as good as it ever did ;-)

2012 March

26th No mentions at all, except maybe that suggestion for a lower MP ‘introductory’ FF camera at CR

2010 August 22nd

No mention of 9D anywhere since the start of the year.


12th A ‘real’ 9D rumour at last…

Add to this the ‘mystery’ of it being pulled from the CR front page (probably after they read right the way through it ;-))

Text is at DPR

OK very much a ‘wishlist’ more likely created to see just what CR would publish. That said, there might be a market for a cheaper FF camera – but not this one I think ;-)

2009 September

After the 7D is announced we thought it worthwhile covering some of the bases :-)

Is the 9D the entry level full frame camera?

There are no EOS 9D rumours that we’ve seen, so move along and take some photos :-)

2005 December [old rumours were collected by month…]

Film EOS numbers-
Digital EOS numbers –

For some nice pictures and diagrams, have a look at some of Canon’s thoughts on the benefit of full frame sensors at

Given their stated long term aim of moving as many cameras as possible to FF sensors the convergence of 1D and 1Ds will be sooner than later…

“Reading between the lines of the specs and press release, you may discover that the EOS 5D is the first model in a new strategy frm Canon, in the direction of full frame image sensor in many cameras to come. They have now solved many of the obstacles and production cost barriers, first and foremost related to the lowpass filter in front of the CMOS.
Brian Worley, product manager of D-SLR cameras at Canon Europa, said that it’s a long way before all EOS models will have a full size sensor, but Canon’s aim is to equip all models, except the cheapest, with a 35mm sensor in the future. ” 
From a 5D review.

New Canon 9D

canon 9d camera - EOS 9D

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