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Canon EOS 90D rumours

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EOS 90D – the EOS 80D replacement

Rumours about the Canon EOS 90D DSLR

Expected 2019?

Rumours and information about the EOS 90D camera.

With the 80D launched in February 2016, it’s unlikely that there will be much to see here until 2018/19.

A good indicator of camera lifetimes and replacements is the Canon timeline a bit further down the page.

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Canon eos 90D with grip

  Crop  2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
            1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Best Full       1Ds 1Ds Mk II 1Ds Mk III 1D X 1DX II
1.3     1D 1D Mk II 1D MkIIn 1D Mk III 1D Mk IV                  
video                             1D C        
High Full                               5Ds/5Dsr
            5D 5D Mk II 5D Mk III 5D Mk IV
1.6                   7D 7D Mk II
'Better'  Full                                               6D 6D 2
1.6 D30 D60 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 60D 70D 80D
Mid 1.6         300D
Kiss N
Kiss X
Micro 1.6                                 100D SL1 X7 200D SL2
Entry 1.6                   1000D / XS / F 1100D / T3 / X50 1200D T5 X70 1300D T6 2000D
Full                               EOS R
1.6                               M5
                            M M2 M3 M6
                              M10 M100

Note: dates start in announcement quarter, not shipping dates. Video capable 4k

Digic | Digic 2 | Digic 3 dual | Digic 4 dual | Digic 5 dual | Digic 6 dual | Digic 7 dual | Digic 8

Latest 90D Rumours

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2018 November

16th New regulatory info (no specs – see the main Canon rumours page) points to two cameras coming up in the new year. Maybe a 90D and a new xxxD?

In terms of launch date then some time before the CP+ show (Yokohama, Japan – Feb 28 – Mar 3, 2019) would seem likely.


27th Today marks 15 years of rumours/info here on the site [see on main page] – if I had to sum it up, rumours are no more reliable than they were then, beyond a month or so before a product release. That and Canon still doesn’t leak much ;-)

14th 90D next year? A hint in regulatory findings (all on the main Canon rumours page)

10th Whilst there’s a chance we’ll see a new EF mount DSLR this year, I suspect that the EOS-R is the big message Canon want to give for Photokina later this month. As such I’ve updated the timeline above with an entry for the first EOS R camera.

Some Canon info suggests that cameras will appear above and below the EOS R level. There is a clear sign of this in a Canon graphic from a Japanese article (see the EOS R/mirrorless page for more)

eos r future

For the APS-C cameras at the right, the top two are 7DII and 80D. Bottom two are M5 and M6.

At some point a particular xxxD, xxD or xD model is going to be the last in the line – I don’t quite think we’re at that point with the 80D or 7D2 yet, but it will happen. If you’ve any good EF-S lenses, you’re still going to be able to use them with adapters on a crop EOS R body (as with EF), but I can see a distinct drop in used EF-S lens values in due course.


I’ve written up some of my own thoughts about when I’ll move to an RF mount based camera – not for a bit, but it will happen.

5th The EOS R has been announced – pitched at around the 6D mk2 level. A new mount and the ‘L’ lenses launched with it show Canon is serious about the high end. Add to that an EF-M 32/1.4 prime and EOS-M looks to have life in it.

The question I’ve been asked a lot is where does this leave the more advanced APS-C DSLRs? I feel we’ll see at least another cycle of updates, but the ”7D question” is a reasonable one. I’ve tried to pull together a bit of historical context for Canon’s changes of lens mount since 1959 and see whether it really should concern different camera users.

Canon camera Lens mounts and change

2nd With the flurry of EOS-R information, it seems unlikely we’re going to see the 80D replacement announced this side of photokina.  That said, Canon’s EOS-R was kept quiet until less than a week from announcement.


5th We’re told (thanks) that basic 90D information is being provided for place holders for fall/holiday brochure design and that cameras will be available in November.

However I’d note that no announcement date is yet known, or anything about the actual specs, suggesting that any announcement is a couple of months away at least. From my own POV, the next DSLR might even be the 7Dmk3


26th Some unreleased camera model info for Canon [Nok]

Canon’s unreleased camera “DS126721” is made in Japan (Oita factory). Three kinds of SKU are 3075C003AA, 3075C013AA, 3075C023AA  (body only and two kit lenses)

I’d note that the 7D2 and 80D are made in Japan, so all you can say is that it’s one of Canon’s ‘better’ cameras. As to us seeing a 90D or 7D3 for photokina, the dearth of plausible rumours as yet is not promising.


30th A full list of current filings/code numbers on the main Canon rumour page. Read into them what you will, but it suggests we may be waiting a while for updates to the 80D and 7D2

24th Wireless regulatory filings suggest that two DSLRs are on the way, one of which would have the larger LP-E6N battery, which would be expected for a 90D (or 7D2 replacement – it’s even older than the 80D)

22nd A suggestion that the 80D replacement will be a hefty leap forward in capabilities [CR] – no details or timescale though.

The 80D has been around a while (see the timeline), so a jump from Digic 6 to Digic 8 would be reasonable. Other than that, DPAF and 4k video would be likely, but there really have been no credible leaks about the 90D. If you’re pushing the specs of the 90D in a significant way, then what of the 7D mk3?  Finally time for a true mini 1Dx?


21st Whilst there are suggestions around that the 90D is on its way this year, I’m afraid the lack of plausible specs or any other info around suggests it’s likely still many months away.


14th We’re still getting sent conflicting dates for a 90D (and 7D3) release – These range from June to spring 2019. Absolutely nothing so far I’d be prepared to put any money on.

With both the 80D and especially the  7D2 looking a bit old in the line-up there’s a suggestion [CR] that the two models will be split into three, with an intermediate camera of some sort (a high MP 7Ds or a video 7DC have once again been suggested – or 8D or 9D)

As to the 9D and the 8D  I’ve actually been following (mostly non-) rumours for them since 2005.


14th Looking at UK 80D prices [CPB], there’s been a bit of a jump (average £950 to £1050) after a steady decline and special offers last month.  Given the fluctuations in currencies it’s difficult to see any signs of an imminent 80D replacement.

With the M50 including the Digic 8 processor, the 90D could well be the first DSLR to feature it. The inclusion of 4k video would show Canon taking a less conservative approach to model differentiation and bode well for a much higher spec 7D mk3


26th A few more mentions of a 90D later this year [CR] – the 7D2 is getting older though, but it’s been suggested that it’s being held back for a bigger leap (there was always some suggestion that this contributed to the longevity of the original 7D as well).

A look at the updated timeline above suggests that both the 80D and 7D2 are distinctly possible this year…

2017 July

7th The 7D mk3 gets a mention [CR] for Q1/Q2 2018 – no details at all.

I’m minded to agree with CR that a 90D is more likely first, with a Digic 7 processor and putting a bit of space between it and the 77D. The timeline is always worth a look…

2017 February

15th The new 77D pushes the 80D somewhat, but any 80D successor is probably a 2018 camera

2016 February

18th No 90D info yet!

The 80D and EF-S 18-135 are announced – full specs and info on the 8oD page

2013 July

2nd The 70D is announced:

The 70D page also has all the old xxD rumours going back quite a few years

80D specifications

– New 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor
– Dual Pixel CMOS AF
– Image processing engine DIGIC6
– Regular sensitivity ISO100-16000 (extension 25600)
– 7560 pixel RGB + IR metering sensor
– AF 45 points (all points cross type). 27 points @F8 -3EV
– Four of the AF area selection modes, including a new “L zone AF”
– Continuous shooting 7 frames / sec. 3 frames / second at the silent continuous shooting mode
– The number of pictures 77 copies in JPEG. 20 sheets in RAW
– Continuous shooting in live view mode 5 frames / sec. (AF tracking)
– New mirror vibration control system to keep the mirror shock (MVCS)
– Finder is 100% field of view, magnification 0.95 times
– Shutter 30 seconds -1/8000 seconds. Synchro 1/250 sec
– 3 inches 1.04 million dot Vari-angle LCD monitor
– Built-in flash (guide number 12)
– Electronic Level
– A new Picture Style “fine detail”
– 10 kinds of scene mode
– Anti-flicker
– Video is full HD 60fps. AF tracking
– HDR movie
– Time-lapse movie
– Five types of movies Creative Filters
– Wi-Fi, NFC. Remote shooting
– Media SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
– Durability of the shutter is 100,000 times
– USB terminal, HDMI terminal, microphone jack, headphone jack, remote control terminal
– Improved dust and water
– The battery LP-E6N / LP-E6
– Start-up time is 0.16 seconds
– EF-S18-135mm F3.5-5.6 enables remote shooting using the power zoom function in combination with IS USM and the power zoom adapter PZ-E1
– The size of 139.0 x 105.2 x 78.5mm
– Weight 730g (650g body only)

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