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Canon EOS mirrorless with EF-M 18-55 lensMirrorless camera Rumours

Mirrorless rumours for Canon and other makes

Now that Canon have dipped their toe in the mirrorless (aka CSC or EVIL) camera market, I'm putting all mirrorless info and rumours on this one page.

This covers all manufacturers, although Canon cameras will get more interest from myself (they match my lens collection).

It's interesting to see whether Nikon will stick with their very small sensor solutions as their only entry in this market.

Rumours and news go back to 2009 on this page

EOS-M/M2 and EOS-M3 have their own information pages.

There is a detailed comparison of imaging sensor chip sizes further down this page.

eos m3 mirrorless camera (white)

Latest info/rumours

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2016 February

  • 3rd Sony launch a new mirrorless APS-C camera, the a6300 [DPR]
    • 24MP CMOS APS-C sensor with copper wiring
    • 425-point on-sensor phase-detection AF system
    • 11 fps continuous shooting (8fps continuous live view)
    • Silent shooting
    • Max ISO of 51200
    • 4K video capture up to 100 Mbps
  • 2nd Has Canon seen the mirrorless market and decided to own it? [ASC via Google xlt]
    • A chance of some high spec mirrorless cameras and lenses too?


  • 27th Fixed lens full frame compact from Canon? [CR]
  • 24th Something 'different' in the mirrorless line on its way from Canon? [CR]
  • 22nd Another 'full size' patent from Olympus - this time for a 35/1.4 [EG - Google xlt]
  • 16th Could be something lost intranslation, but a patent for a 'full size' 28mm f/2 lens appears from Olympus.
  • Could we yet see a 'mirrorless' 35mm full frame OM camera... [EG - Google xlt]
    • My last film cameras were Olympus OM2/4 and I still use my Zuiko 50/1.2
  • 14th Might we see a more advanced EOS-M model at CP+ [CR]
  • 4th There are some expectations that Sony's next major mirrorless release will incorporate a 36MP sensor [mR]

2015 December

  • 7th Now it's Nikon's turn to pour cold water on the 'Nikon buys Samsung camera biz' notion [NR]
  • 3rd There seems to be a rumour going round (thanks to everyone sending it in) that Nikon have bought up all of Samsung's camera business.
  • It appeared via various forums and popup 'rumor' sites (the ones where the publishers won't say who's behind the site ;-) and grew as people looked to conflate assorted wishlists with Samsung deciding to get out of camera making, and a feeling that Nikon needed to do something, this is something, so Nikon must be doing it.
  • Have a read of a rather more respected rumour site's views, with Nikonrumors' 10 reasons it's probably nonsense... [NR]
    • I note the NR comments about deliberate fake rumours being produced and suspect I've been 'had' as well. Certainly, my degree of skepticism of entirely new stuff from new sources has been ratcheted up a bit over the last month or so.
  • --
  • Update: Samsung in the UK says no... [AP]
  • 2nd A patent for a mirrorless, full frame 19mm tilt/shift lens appears from Nikon (lenses page).
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    19th New Leica M Typ 262 'entry level' camera announced (~£4k) [B&H]
  • "Leica M (Typ 262): Focusing on the essentials of M rangefinder photography
  • 19 November 2015
  • Leica Camera has introduced the Leica M (Typ 262) into its digital rangefinder camera range, joining the Leica M and M-P (Typ 240) and the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246), now giving photographers the choice of four models.
  • Incorporating rangefinder technology perfected over many decades, the new M (Typ 262) represents Leica M photography in its purest form, concentrating on the most essential features, combined with intuitive handling and discreet styling. This allows users to focus on the fascination of M photography and, ultimately, on capturing the decisive moment.
  • As with the other digital M cameras, the Leica M (Typ 262) features a high-resolution CMOS full-frame sensor, designed exclusively for rangefinder photography, but excludes video recording and Live View. The 24-megapixel sensor delivers exceptional image quality and extreme sensitivity, and makes the Leica M (Typ 262) the ideal camera for photography in available light situations. At the same time, the camera’s Maestro processor guarantees fast processing of captured images, ensuring that it is immediately ready to shoot. ..."
  • 10th Not just Canon... There's talk of a new super mirorless from Sony [SAR]
  • --
  • Thanks for all the feedback from yesterday's stuff
    • It's been interesting to see the EOS-M info repeated at ever increasing levels of certainty/rebuttal around the web ;-) It falls well outside of my normal 6 month plausability criteria, but beats hands down some of the assorted stuff we've received of late.
  • 9th We're told (thanks) that Canon is going to launch a 'Pro' level mirrorless next year. It won't come until after the M3 gets an update and several new lenses have been launched.
  • The key features were:
    • Expanding the EF-M system
    • First ConnectedCamera device
    • New technology sensor (APS-C)
    • Built in EEVF viewfinder
    • Pro level AF performance
    • Best in class video capability
    • Pro build quality with enhanced ergonomics
    • Wider support for the EF lens family
  • The source claims this is from an internal (marketing) presentation and mentioned with other products for the 'Photkina timeframe' including the base full frame DSLR [6D mk2 ?], wider 4k video support and a new range of large format printers.
    • Well, if so, that's an interesting mix.
    • It was emphasised to us that there were no specifications given and this was very much a preview.
    • Whilst there have been numerous 'hints' of a pro level mirrorless from Canon, this is the first time I've seen anything that expands on the idea.
    • A new source and a long way in the future, so I have to reach for the pinch of salt.
    • The only bit I've definitely heard of before relates to the chance of the old 17" iPF5100 finally getting a major overhaul next year (NOT the pro-1000 BTW) where it would fit in with the next step in Canon large format x100 -> x300 -> x400 -> x?00
  • 6th Two EF-M primes suggested for next year [CR] 15/2 and 35/1.8
  • 4th Nikon patent another lens design for mirrorless (18-55 short back focus) [EG - Google xlt]
    • It would seem that after the astounding success of the Nikon-1 series, they are thinking of moving up to APS-C


  • 29th Two 'better' EF-M primes for next year? [CR]
    • Those would be for crop sensor EOS-M cameras, such as the long hinted 'more pro' version.
    • I must admit that Canon's mirrorless strategy (as we'll call it) is still pretty opaque to me ;-)
  • --
  • Surely no coincidence that not long after Canon's less than stellar finanacials and mention of mirrorless hitting their higher end camera sales, we get a Canon full frame mirrorless rumour for next year.
  • No details at all before you get too excited ;-) [CR]
    • My own suspicion is that delays are as much from Canon's well known paranoia over 'lesser' cameras stepping on the toes of 'better' models.
  • 13th M10 and other compacts launched [DPR]
  • 12th The M10 appears at the US Canon shop
  • This from the info section:
  • EOS M10 kitLegendary Image Quality in the Palm of Your Hand
    The EOS M10 camera features a lightweight, comfortably designed body that’s easy to hold and take with you. From overseas vacations to backyard family gatherings, the EOS M10’s compact size means it can easily be on hand, without getting in the way. A built-in thumb grip also lets you grasp the body securely, while the rounded edges make holding the camera easier when recording long video clips. All this while still featuring the image quality for which Canon EOS cameras are so well known.
  • Superb Detail With Minimal Noise
    The 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor captures lots of detail with very little image noise. The sensor itself is APS-C type, which is the same size as the sensor found in Canon’s EOS Rebel series of cameras. The high resolution means you can crop the image to focus on one section, or have enough detail to print large photos to display or give to your family and friends. An ISO range of 100–12800 (expandable to 25600) lets you capture images on bright sunny beaches and darkened streets.
  • Fast Focus
    Life happens fast, and there’s little worse than missing out on capturing that perfect moment because the camera was too slow to focus. The EOS M10 camera uses Canon’s Hybrid CMOS AF II autofocus system, which measures up to 49 different points in an image quickly and accurately to help get it in focus. In addition, face detection and object tracking help keep the subject of your photo focused, even if they move. What’s more, the EOS M10 is compatible with all EF-M lenses, which feature an AF+MF mode that lets you easily combine the speed of autofocus with the creative flourish possible with manual focus.
  • Get the Shot You Want, at Any Angle
    It’s vital to see if you’ve composed the photo you want. The EOS M10 camera’s 3.0-inch touch screen has 1.04 million pixels, letting you preview images in high detail. It can pivot a full 180°, meaning you can capture a unique dog’s-eye-view of the world or flip the screen up to get that epic selfie.
  • Superb Moviemaking Made Easy
    The EOS M10 camera can capture 1920x1080 Full HD video at frame rates of both 24p and 30p, and can record in MP4 format for easy sharing online.
  • Moviemaking Made Easy with Manual Movie Control
    The EOS M10 camera is a fine moviemaking tool. With touch-activated AF and a number of manual controls available, it’s easy to make intuitive setting adjustments silently and on the fly using the EOS M10’s dials and touch operations.
  • 8th Update: it's an M10
    • Sensor: 18MP CMOS APS-C
    • LCD: 3″ 1.04 million dots
    • AF: Hybrid CMOS AF III w/facial recognition and tracking
    • Kit Lens: EF-M 15-45 f/3.5-6.3 IS STM
    • Two Lens Kit:EF-M 15-45 f/3.5-6.3 IS STM & EF-M 55-200 f/4-6.3 IS STM
    • Weight: ~300g
  • EF-M 15-45 f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens is ~$300 on its own.
  • --
  • New EOS-MA new 'entry level' M series (M4?) is leaked [DCI] and likely an EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens to go with it.


  • 27th The M3 is going to be available in the US.
  • Some links, if you'd like one... Adorama | B&H
  • 21st Suggestions [CR] that an M4 and other 'M' items may be appearing in 2016. This time even by Canon in the US.
  • 6th Canon CPN 'making of' arti-vert about G3X [Cpn]
  • 5th Suggestions [CR] that the M3 may be officially 'launched' by Canon in the US.


  • 26th An EF/EF-S lens adapter for mirrorless appears in a patent (see lenses page)
    • I'm still not convinced that Canon really 'gets it' from a marketing POV, just how the world's camera market is changing?
  • 18th The 20MP Canon G3X, which was sort of announced a while ago, is finally launched.
  • Detailed specs / available for pre-order at Adorama.
  • There is a 'hands-on' and more info at DPR
  • 13th Hasselblad bring on the Lusso - a re-styled 36MP A7r [PR]
    • Yay - more Hasselbling!
  • 10th Sony announce [DPR] the A7R II with an interesting 42MP full frame back illuminated sensor and 5-axis IS. Oh, and 4k video too...


  • 4th Is a new Sony on the way with a 56MP sensor? A Zeiss sample image makes you wonder [SLR]



  • 11th A Canon interview [DPR] (from CP+) mentions mirrorless.
    • Q Why no M3 in the USA
    • A Not my fault, ask Canon USA
  • This seems to have stoked assorted Canon mirrorless rumours about more cameras - I note that none of them seem to have much substance (even for rumours ;-) as yet.


  • 28th I was recently told (thanks) that after a query to Canon about the EOS M3, the response suggested that the noise/DR perfomance of the new 24MP sensor was on a par with the 18MP in the 700D and that video performance was not up to the level of the 7D mk2
  • 13th Seems that if you want an M3 in Europe, there is only going to be the kit option (18-55) available. No other kits, no EVF, no EF adapter... [EM]
    • no hope of me wanting one.
    • Canon really is telling the rest of the world to ignore their mirrorless options for the time being.
  • 7th I've set up a specific page for all EOS M3 information I find.
  • 5th Some M3 specs (DCI, as earlier)
    • - 24.2MP CMOS sensor (22.3 x 14.9mm)
      - AF is 49 points. Hybrid CMOS AF
      - ISO100-12800
      - Media SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
      - DIGIC6 processor
      - Wi-Fi
      - Continuous shooting 4.2 frames / sec.
      - 384 zone metering
      - Battery LP-E17
      - The shutter speed is 30 seconds -1/4000 seconds
      - Video full HD
      - Built-in flash
      - LCD monitor tilting 3 inches 1.04 million dots. Touch panel
      - GPS is not equipped
      - EVF option (EVF-DC1)
      - The body is stainless steel, magnesium alloy, polycarbonate
      - The size 110.9 x 68.0 x 44.4mm
      - Weight 366g


  • 27th An M3 is quite likely to be announced later next week (see main rumour page) in time for CP+
  • 3rd No signs of an EOS-M at PMA-CES yet. Next week may see an announcement, but new Powershot cameras are more likely [CR]

2014 December

  • 10th A Canon patent for an EF-M 70-400 f4.5-7.2 appears [EG - Google xlt]
  • 4th Assorted wishful mutterings about a full frame mirrorless camera and a rangefinder from Canon get a quite reasonable CR0 at CR ;-)
    • A version of that 70D sensor looks good for an EOS M model, but there are also the 700D and 100D updates waiting for it.


  • 22nd We're told that the next EOS-M will feature at PMA/CES in Vegas at the start of January. This could explain the mentions of December for an announcement, since the show runs from the 6th to the 9th.
  • 17th An odd time for replacement?, but a new EOS M is suggested for December [CR]


  • 10th An interesting Panasonic patent for a variable focal length optical viewfinder with hybrid features [43]
  • Nikon has the idea of adding a hot-shoe connector to the top of an external EVF [EG-Goog xlt]


  • 24th Canon mirrorless not dead yet... Canon Photokina interview [DPR]
    • Mirrorless: "...We are serious. We are really focused on mirrorless and we’re spending lots of time, and devoting a lot of manpower to scaling up mirrorless development right now. "
  • Actual products?
  • Expect a variant of the the 70D sensor to appear in an EOS-M before too long?
  • 21st Photokina comes and goes - nothing for the EOS-M enthusiasts. A new mount is mentioned, although make of this Google translation what you will, but there certainly appears to be mentions of mirrorless too [DCW-Goog xlt]. There is also mention of more lenses for EF-M.
  • There was a G7X [PDF manual] - if you're into such cameras, there is some good comparison info at [DPR]
    • Once again only designed for people who wear glasses all the time or not at all.
    • Those of us who need reading glasses get no EVF - this is one reason that tablets are so great for photography if you are long sighted - you can hold them far enough away -and- see what's in the frame ;-)


  • 19th Long lenses for the EOS-M...
  • Canon announce an EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens for the EOS-M, and Tamron announce a 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC with EF-M mount. See lens rumours page for more details and specs.


  • 27th The EOS M vanishes from Canon USA listings [CR]
  • 24th A new Leica Monochrom 230 will be announced for Photokina. It will have WiFi, since its regulatory approval was noted in Korea. [LR]


  • 24th Leica announce the T system [DPR]
  • 23rd Tomorrow's Canon announcement (see main rumour page) is suggested as just a new flash for the EOS-M series
  • Lots of Lytro PR spread around [ISW, DPR]
    • The DPR 'interview' sounds like a pitch for photographers who want their images to 'look different' and 'visually differentiate' their work. Expect a lot of stuff that will 'look different' in exactly the same way. ;-)
    • Could this be another lensbaby, or another HDR?
    • I'm sure there will be some very interesting results appearing, but given the speed that good ideas get copied, it's going to take more than some fancy hardware/software if you want to differentuiate your work...
    • That said, it's a development I welcome and can't wait to see how it looks in a few years time
    • A video example shows lots of (young/attractive) people using it for focus pulls - no place for anyone over 30 in this world it would seem? ;-)

  • 22nd Lytro move 'pro' with a new camera this summer ~2.5MP ...just like 1999 ;-) [TH]
  • Will Sony be the first to bring a curved sensor to market?
  • Suggestions that the follow up to the RX1 (RX2?) will indeed have a curved sensor [SAR]
  • Not having a flat image plane allows for a lot of changes in lens formulae. If they can do it reliably, then it's going to make for some interesting results.
  • 14th We're told that an 'M3' needs to be added to yesterday's Q3 announcement list (on main rumours page) and that there will be two models available, one with much more thought for 'prosumer' buyers.
    • Presumably this will include something like the Electronic Viewfinder EVF-DC1 on the G1X II?
    • At the moment, my 'small camera' is a 100D. I've realised that for the image quality I want, I'm going to have hefty lenses attached, so some of the size advantage is a little academic...
  • Meanwhile, pictures emerge of the solid metal body for the upcoming Leica T 701 (APS-C) [LR]
  • Leica T 701 main body unit
  • Leica T lenses will not have aperture rings and will be produced by Panasonic
  • Initially:
    • Leica VARIO-ELMAR-T ASPH 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens (27-84mm equivalent)
    • Leica SUMMICRON-T ASPH 23mm f/2 prime lens (35mm equivalent)
  • 5th The Sony A7s is due tomorrow, 12MP sensor and 4k video [SAR]


  • 31st Time to update the G16 to G17? [CR] - 24-200mm f/1.4-2.0 lens | New 1″ Sensor | DIGIC 6
  • 24th The manual for the G1X mk2 is available for download [PDF]
  • Two Hasselbling Lunar cameras go under the auctioneers hammer for $54,000 ...Unfortunately, the hammer missed, but at least the money was raised for charity. [HB]
  • 19th Samsung have a go at the 1" sensor market, with the NX mini, with 3 lenses [DPR]
  • 17th Epson decide to stop making the R-D1x digital rangefinder camera.
  • The 'x' version was only ever a Japanese product, following on from the original 2004 R-D1
  • Strangely enough, it was a bit ahead of its time, with it's retro design and styling not being out of place today with a better sensor and electronics. The price tag never helped though ;-)
  • See an early review [LL] or a site devoted to the camera [R-D1]
  • 13th Nikon 1 series V3 announced [DPR] with an interesting 'what am I missing here' article also [DPR]
  • Only ~$1200 for a 'starter kit'. For just another ~$1k you can have a 1 Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens (that's 810 mm equivalent, given the 2.7x crop of the Nikon 1 cameras)
  • 11th A7 & A7R reviews by Thom Hogan [SM]
  • 7th Publicity from Leica over a new mirrorless system for April 24th [LR] German camera, but with some (power zoom) Panasonic devleoped lenses and Leica primes.
  • 1st No M2 from us says Canon US.
  • There are often significant differences between parts of Canon and between reqions/countries, but rarely are they so obvious ;-)


  • 28th Canon in Japan mention that they will be bringing the EOS-M2 to Europe and maybe the US.
  • An interview [IR] discusses this and the challenges of on chip AF
  • 16th There is a Canon PDF about the development of the G1X mk2
  • 13th Yesterday's 7D successor specs come from a Panasonic PDF documment for the GH4 - only one mention of the 7D sucessor, but an awful lot about the GH4.
  • 12th The G1X II is announced:
    • MELVILLE, N.Y., February 11, 2014 – Building upon the success of the PowerShot G1 X digital camera, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today unveiled its new flagship PowerShot G1 X Mark II, a digital camera designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s professional and advanced amateur photographers.
    • Boasting a sensor that is 4.5x larger than a 1/1.7” sensor found in professional level point-and-shoot cameras, the PowerShot G1 X Mark II camera can produce high-quality images with a wide dynamic range. It features a new type of 1.5-inch, 12.8 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor, made by Canon, allowing for optimum performance with an ISO range of 100-12800. This sensor, combined with the DIGIC 6 Image Processor, comprises the Canon HS SYSTEM resulting in faster autofocusing speeds over the PowerShot G1 X camera, allowing photographers to capture detailed, vivid images even in low-light conditions.
    • Featuring a newly-developed f/2.0 – f/3.9, 5x optical zoom lens (equivalent 24-120mm zoom range) with Dual Control Rings, this new camera provides customized zooming and focus-functionality similar to a DSLR camera. With this wide of an aperture, photographers have the ability to isolate their subjects by separating them from a background that is blurred. This gives more control and creative possibilities when using a PowerShot camera. The Dual Control Rings include a Step Ring to adjust various customizable settings and a Continuous Ring to make focusing adjustments during manual focus, as well as additional customizable settings for manual shooting. This new lens features a nine-blade aperture to provide beautiful, blurred backgrounds even at full-zoom range.
  • It seems that Canon has not been keen to show this camera much in advance, so there is a brief 'We looked at one' article at DPR
  • The EVF also appears:
    • An optional Electronic Viewfinder EVF-DC1 slots into the PowerShot G1 X Mark II’s accessory hotshoe to offer traditional handling and composition. XGA resolution with 2.36 million dots and a quick refresh rate make shooting natural and enjoyable. A proximity sensor detects when the viewfinder is raised to the eye and the EVF can be pivoted through 90 degrees for low-angle or waist-level shooting.
  • There is also a CPN article about the camera
  • 11th Hands up - now it looks real ;-)
  • Full details leaked on the Bestbuy website [PR]
    • 13.1 mp in 4:3 format
    • 12.8 mp in 3:2 format
    • 1.5″ CMOS Sensor
    • 3fps with AF, 5fps with focus locked
    • 24-120mm f/2-3.9
    • DIGIC 6
    • 3″ tilting touch LCD
    • Two Control Rings
    • Wifi, NFC
    • Creative shot, Multi-scene IS
    • Optional Grip
    • Optional EVF
    • Price: $799 USD
  • Quite a few chnges from the G1X
  • g1x II camera
  • GiX II images at PR
  • 10th More suggestions that the EVF below is real and will appear this week at CP+ and called the EVF-DC1
  • Sigma announce three versions of their DP2 Quatro.
  • In an interesting nod to the difficulties of the Foveon design, the pixels are stacked, but there are four blue pixels over each red and green one.
  • new sigma foveon design
  • Full press release info at DPR
  • 9th Thanks for all the emails and suggestions about that image...
  • One of the less conspiratorial suggested that the viewfinder is 'genuine', but the camera not, and that it represents an internal 'product concept' mockup that's been leaked.
  • Whatever it is, it's been interesting to see the reactions over losing the optical VF of the current model.
  • At least CP+ is not too far away (opens on Thursday 13th)
  • 8th Update - several people have suggested that this is actually genuine and that the edge of the zoom ring is just lost in shadow. I'm not inclined to agree, there is too much that doesn't quite look right.
  • We will see ;-)
  • An image of the upcoming G1X II is widely circulated. Specs are said to be: 24-120mm f/2 - 3.9 lens, DIGIC 6, priced around $700
  • fake G1X II
  • In the largest image we were sent (thanks) it's noticeable that the camera body seems to show camera shake whilst the lens and OVF are pin sharp.
  • This one appears to be the same as the one sent to [CR] before they applied their watermark (checked with PS and there is no sign of the mark in the version we were sent). However, look further and I believe it's a FAKE (note the abrupt end of the zoom ring).
  • Still, lots of sites seem to have rushed to accepting it without and there are lengthy discussions about Canon's design 'decisions'... Not sure about the fakery? Move your mouse over this image to see a steep curve applied, and look at the edge of the lens.

photoshopped version of g1x 2 image

  • And yes - I have been caught out by fakes in the past ;-)
  • If this image were real, then I'd welcome signs that we might see a decent size/quality EVF on an EOS-M some time.
  • Note that just because the image is 'altered' doesn't mean that the camera specs are not possible?


  • 15th What might we see for CP+? There is a suggestion that it won't be a 7D2, but a "not professional" camera [CR] How about a Canon G2X/G1 X Mk2 ?
  • The G1 X was announced in January 2012 [See below]
  • Various new model specs have been appearing on forums, but seem to centre around a 20MP Digic 6 based camera with a longer range lens than the G1 X (28-112)
  • One such set of specs [XT - Goog xlt]
  • - G1X shape and size, the lens is slightly longer
  • - DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • - 24 - 120mm F2.8 (wide angle) to F5.8 (telephoto) lens
  • - 20.2 million pixels 1.5" CMOS sensor
  • - New optical zoom viewfinder
  • - 3.0" LCD, ~922k pixel capacitive touch screen
  • 13th For those of you not entirely convinced why the Hasselblad Lunar is widely regarded as a bit of a joke, have a read of the press release for the Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition. Only 200 people will get the chance to show they really do have more money than sense...
    • "This is a unique opportunity for a very small number of discerning photographers who want high-spec shooting capability linked with matchless Italian craftsmanship in a point and shoot camera, to invest in a photo-capture icon."
  • Read more of this marketing drivel at [HB] - Do those colours look familiar?
  • Hasselbling Loony, Special edition

2013 December

  • 13th A new 40/0.85 is announced for mirrorless, inc. EOS-M - full details on lens page
  • 9th Canon hints that it's serious about EOS-M, with an interview from the top. [DCW via Google xlt]
    • - A new EOS M camera with built-in EVF could arrive in the second half of 2014 .
    • - The focus on EOS M systems is to keep size down
    • - Hybrid still+video performance is a key aspect on Canon’s future mirrorless cameras development
    • - There will be new lenses for the EOS M system
    • - Canon is also considering the possibility to make a more semi pro if not pro mirrorless cameras
    • - Canon is committed to the EOS Cinema line
  • OK, so there is likely to be a bit "stick with us, we've got some great stuff coming", but it's interesting to see Canon droping a few well planned hints, such as agreeing that next year will be a 'year of the lens' (2013 wasn't) and referring to an ongoing refresh of the EF lens line.
  • If anyone can extract more meaning from the interview, and the famously elliptical answers that you get from senior Japanese management, then please do let me know?
  • 3rd The EOS-M2 appears via Canon China and Canon Japan
  • Due for mid-December release in Japan. No UK/US news AFAIK
  • eos m2
  • 2nd Expect black and white versions of the EOS-M2 - specs [DCI - Goog xlt] Main change seems to be the AF which is as per the 100D (not yet dual pixel).
    • 18 MP APS C
    • Hybrid CMOS AF II
    • AF speed is 2-3 times faster than EOS-M
    • Servo AF for Video
    • DIGIC5
    • 4.6 fps
    • ISO 12800 (ISO 25600 top)
    • 8% reduction of body size (volume)
    • Wi-Fi, remote control with phone, iMAGE GATAWAY for image xfer
  • Split pixels AF needs to appear more widely before it moves down to EOS-M. It makes for a simple update for a more advanced 'M' with 21MP split pixel AF some time next year, to start to fill out the EOS-M range.

2013 November

  • 13th The EOS-M2 seems to have been delayed. Early next year is the most common suggestion we've had. There are some shows early on in 2014 (CES in Vegas and CP+ in Japan), so maybe then?
  • We're told (thanks) that several of the new lenses due next year are EF-M
  • 1st But wait, there's more...
  • Hasselblad release three new 'Stellar Special Edition' compact cameras. [HB]
    • "The latest Stellar models offer photographers the choice of three new camera body colours: black, white and orange - and ship with bespoke camera cases in black or white leather with signature stitching and shoulder and wrist straps."
  • A bargain at around £2200 - sales to nudge double digits?
  • Has anyone ever seen anyone with a Lunar/Stellar?


  • 25th More patents from Canon [EG-xlt] 35mm F1.4 , 50mm F1.4 , 50mm F1.8 (Macro APS-C) - looks like EOS-M lens designs.
  • Another patent adds an accessory shoe to a mount adapter. Examples include a flash mount and external grip.
  • 21st The rumour that was a full frame mirrorless, but maybe not mirrorless, becomes a digital version of an old film camera (FM2) from Nikon [NR] - moved to main Nikon page
    • Interesting, but the idea does seem to be influenced by some of the headless chickem behaviour induced by the new Sony ;-) Have a read of some of Thom Hogan's thoughts, for a counter to some of the less well informed hype... [TH]
  • 17th A nice small camera from Panasonic, the GM1 DPR
  • 16th In a widely leaked move, sure to cause a lot of chatter on the forums, Sony announce two full frame mirrorless cameras.
  • There's a short hands-on look at DPR
    • 24.3 MP FF CMOS sensor with OLPF [A7]
      36.3 MP FF CMOS sensor with no OLPF [A7R]
      E-mount with support for FE, E, and A-mount lenses (with adapter)
      Bionz X image processor
      Hybrid AF with 25 contrast-detect and 117 phase-detect points [A7 only]
      Weather sealed magnesium alloy body
      3-inch tilting LCD with 1.23 million dots
      XGA (2.4 million dot) electronic viewfinder
      Full HD video recording at 1080/60p and 24p; uncompressed HDMI out
      Wi-Fi with NFC capability and downloadable apps
  • A range of adapters should provide support for a lot of old manual lenses.
  • Is there a market for such cameras? If it does sell well, then expect some more manufacturers to look for their own moves into the 'Leica-like' market.
  • s120 and g16 CanoBling camerasMeanwhile it seems that someone from Canon has been eyeing the Hasselbling range, since Canon are going to be offering 'limited edition' G16 and S120 cameras [AH]
  • Not the full 'CanoBling', but obviously someone from Canon marketing has decided that it's time to pursue more customers with a bit too much cash.

2013 September

  • 21st An EOS M2 is noticed in the listing of supported cameras in the latest version of DPP - no specs
  • 19th Weather/waterproof Nikon 1 camera and 2 lenses announced [DPR]
  • 18th Rumours of EOS-M updates continue, but no detaled specs as yet.
  • A ruggedised N1 is expected this week [NR]
  • 3rd Two new EOS-M cameras to come? [CR] One a cheaper version of the current model and one the long predicted move 'up-market' including perhaps an EVF
  • No news on the Canon focal reducer we've heard of in the past... (see Jul 7th below)
  • 1st Interesting suggestion of a camera to come from Sony, with a moveable sensor [SAR]
  • The curious angle is that it could support Canon and Nikon lenses...


  • 27th Sony announces a new A3000 - E Mount and 20MP. but with OVF and 'SLR styling' - thoughts about it at DPR
  • 22nd A flurry of camera updates from Canon - new G16 and S120 - details of all at DPR
  • 20th Several suggestions [CR] that whilst we will see another EOS-M, there seems to be no rush ('at least one by Christmas')


  • 20th After the ripping success of the Mk.1 Hasselbling (the 'Lunar'), pictures of the Mk.2 appear
  • The $1600-$3200 'Stellar' is based on a $650 Sony RX100. It comes with a range of at least six different exotic wood grips (hence the price variations). Launch due later this week...
  • Hasselbling Stellar
  • More at [PR]
  • 18th After the recent sale prices on the EOS-M, it seems that some outlets are describing it as 'discontinued'.
  • 11th For some reason, Canon in the US say that the EF-M 11-22 will not be marketed in the US [Canon US forum]
  • 7th The EOS-M has been widely up for sale at $299 of late. Several places are showing as out of stock, which if nothing else suggests that Canon's firesale has worked to clear stocks.
  • We're told (thanks) that an EOS-M with the new dual pixel sensor won't be shipping until after the 70D (September) and that a basic EOS-M upgrade with the 18MP sensor will precede it.
  • Also mentioned is a Canon version of a focal reducer being developed for EF lenses, this will be announced with the 20MP dual-pixel sensor version of the EOS-M.
  • This model is said to be aimed very much at full frame EOS users as a 'pro-level' camera, and will feature an optional full viewfinder.
    • Sounds interesting - the sort of camera setup that I'd find a use for - I'm giving this one a moderate pinch of salt since details were sparse, but if it's for real, then info should surface before too much longer.

2013 June

  • 27th EOS-M firmware 2.02
    • Improves focusing speed in One-Shot AF mode.
    • Supports EF-M11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. (When placing the EF-M11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM without conducting the firmware update, at times the EOS M will not function. However this is rare)
    • Corrects errors in the Simplified Chinese, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese and Korean language menu
  • 19th Suggestions that the new EOS-M firmware does indeed bump up its AF performance AF testing - set of YT videos comparing performance.
  • 10th Queues (lines) are building in the US at stores with stocks of the Hasselbling Lunar.
  • The rush to spend $7000 on a Nex 7 plus "Italian Design with Swedish Tradition" should be something to behold.
  • 6th Full details for the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM on the main new lenses page
  • New V2.0 firmware for the EOS-M is also promised - faster AF will be welcome. There are details from Canon's New Zealand branch...
    • Further enhancing the performance and utility of the EOS M, Canon also announces today a firmware upgrade that boosts the AF shutter speed, making One Shot AF up to 2.3x faster1. The new firmware delivers improved performance as a result of a reworked AF Drive Control System and Canon encourages all existing users of the EOS M to download the new firmware version 2 once it becomes available at the end of June 2013.
  • 3rd Is there a new lens on the way for the EF-M range - EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM [DCI Google xlt]


  • Lunar launch schedule?17th A worldside Lunar rollout could be coming to a city near you in June
  • This pic is from DCI-xlt (via SAR )
  • Look 2/3 down the page
    • The promo pics all push the precision/luxury angle, although initial reports are hardly glowing...
  • 16th One or two EOS-M bodies due before long? Seems more likely than DLSR bodies, according to the pretty minimal amounts of info we're seeing.
  • 13th Another less than overwhelming review of the build quality of a HasselBling [GTW]
  • 12th There are suggestions of a Canon event at the end of the month - we're told that a new EOS-M is much more likely than any DSLRs, but compacts are more likely ('leaked images' of S200 and SX500 replacement are seen)...
  • A Hasselbling is sighted in Hong Kong, and after a brief test, comes the question - Why? [TM]
  • There are reports that a Metabones focal length reducer is being developed for EOS-M
    • I've been expecting to see this from Canon for some time (at a hefty price ;-), it would be great for those of us who like wide EF primes ;-)
    • If you've not seen it before, there's an excellent overview of such reducers at LensRentals

2013 April

  • 26th Reports of a delay until the summer for the Hasselbling (maybe deciding using the innards from the NEX7 replacement) [AP].
  • Meanwhile, there are suggestions that we will see a reboot of the EOS-M range with a replacement, lenses and a higher end model [CR].


  • 27th News on the Hasselbling Lunar - a new HB site gushes with such effusive tosh as:
  • "Lunar is unique because each model is perfected one by one, yet different as only the hand of an artist can make them. Our collection comprises five models, each with their own form and style. The functionality and specification of each model is identical - choosing your grip and top plate material lets you reflect your individuality."
    • Yes, buying one certainly would say a lot about you... ;-)

assorted lunars

  • 21st Will the Hasselbling actually get made? [SAR]
  • 20th Last year there was an interesting photograph of a collection of Samsung prototype cameras - some new info suggests that a 'full frame' mirrorless camera will be a 2014 product (2014 seems likely to see quite a few moves into the 'large sensor' market) [MR]
  • 16th Some suggestions that this week will see the second member of the EOS-M family.
  • 6th It looks as if there will be no EF->MFT electronic adapter from Kippon - said to be patent related [43]
  • 4th I visited the Focus photography show today - the Hasselbling was on show, but no jewel encrusted versions :-(
  • A few other (bigger) shots on my G+ page



  • 24th Some suggested specs for the next EOS-M [CR]
    • 24mp APS-C
      New AF system
      DIGIC V
      Removable Hight res EVF
      Optional grip
      Slightly larger than the current EOS M
      Introduced with 3 more lenses
  • 19th At Pentax forums [PF], there's a supposed copy of a page from Japanese magazine “Camera Japan”, there's a slew of 'predictions' for 2013 Canon 70D for March, 700D for June, EOS Me for July, 7D Mk2 for August ad an EOS 3D for October.Quite a collection ;-) Picture on main rumours page.
  • It's now suggested that the firmware update won't change AF that much [CR]
  • Is Nikon about to produce an APS-C compact? [NR]
  • 11th Firmware update EOS-M to improve AF performance amongst other tweaks, should be announced before too long [CR]

2013 January

  • 23rd Every so often a new gadget catches people's attention, and the popular one at the moment is the Metabones focal reducer. A device I've seen used on telescopes for some time, it basically reduces focal length, increases effective aperture and - if well designed and made - makes for a sharper image. If this sounds like something for nothing then you need to allow for the fact that it reduces your lens's image circle.
  • However, if you are using it to match the large image circle of an EF lens, to the smaller APS-C sensor of a mirrorless camera like the NEX or EOS-M, then it seems pretty much a win all round. There's a good look at what it can do on the Lensrentals site - by someone who knows about lens testing.
  • Do note though that this isn't going to work with your 7D or Rebel - the mirror gets in the way of any reducer optics. What it does mean is that if there is an EF->EF-M version, then my old 50/1.4 could work like a 35/1 on a future 'pro' EOS-M body (hopefully with a decent viewfinder). Include focus peaking and I could use my old manual focus Olympus 50/1.2 as a 35/0.9
  • A reducer like this, makes a small sensor camera a lot more interesting for someone like myself, with a collection of very wide EF lenses.
    • How long until Canon produces a version? Just how expensive, is the other question that pops into my head ;-)
  • 17th Suggestions for three new lenses for the EOS-M (prime, zoom and super-zoom) - another body should be along, but not yet awhile I think [CR]
  • 15th Full frame Samsung NX-R mirrorless in a few months? [MLR]
  • 1st A general collection of what to expect from Canon rumours appeared on the Xitec forum in China. - see the Impress magazine page on the main Canon rumours page
  • Canon 7D Mark II may come with newly developed CMOS sensor, 10fps continuous shooting speed and ISO expendable upto 25600.
  • Canon 70D will have same sensor / ISO range as 7D Mark II, but its continuous shooting speed limited to 3fps.
  • Canon EOS M2 will arrive on 2013
  • Canon 1DSx is also expected to arrive at 2013.

2012 December

  • 31st A Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens patent for a mirrorless camera, suggests that they might be going to introduce something to match NEX and EOS-M at some point [EG]
  • 30th Lots of Japanese camera shipment numbers for 2012 have come out recently, both DSLR and mirrorless.Good places to look for an overview and discussion of what they might mean are Thom Hogan's Sansmirror site and PP
  • I noticed from one graph on the original Japanese BCN site the somewhat rapid rise of Canon in mirrorless sales, even though they didn't start off until quite late. Given how these figures represent their own home market, I imagine that rising red line will get noticed...
    • 2012 japanese mirrorless camera sales
    • 27th Compact Canon 18-70 f2.8/6 lens patent [Google xlt] - another try at the APS-C compact market?
    • Tamron have a patent for 300/2.8 - for a full frame mirrorless (FF NEX?) [Google xlt]
    • 21st Will the next Sony 'full frame' camera be a NEX? [SAR]
    • A wide range of 3rd party lens to EF-M mount adapters from German company Novoflex [NF]
      • Canon FD (not EOS) EOSM/CAN 119.00 Euro
        Contax/Yashica EOSM/CONT 119.00 Euro
        Leica M EOSM/LEM 149.00 Euro
        Leica R EOSM/LER 119.00 Euro
        Minolta MD and MC EOSM/MIN-MD 119.00 Euro
        Minolta AF/Sony Alpha EOSM/MIN-AF 169.00 Euro
        M42 EOSM/CO 89.00 Euro
        Nikon EOSM/NIK 169.00 Euro
        Novoflex A-Mount EOSMA 69.90 Euro
        Olympus OM EOSM/OM 119.00 Euro
        Pentax K EOSM/PENT 169.00 Euro
        T2 EOSM/T2 89.00 Euro
        39 mm Schraubgewinde EOSMLEI 89.90 Euro

    • 50mm f2 lens design16th New 50mm f2 lens in a collection of designs in a Canon patent [Egami - Google xlt)
    • The patent actually includes a 50/1.2 design for a DSLR (40mm backfocus [BF] distance) and a mirrorless one.
    • Right - symmetrical 50/2 design.
    • Although difficult to read the translated text, it seems to expect a full frame mirrorless from Canon as very likely (see also our Lens rumours page)


    • 19th Assorted rumours put the next Canon mirrorless body for a launch early next year.
    • We're told [thanks] to expect it to feature the new APS-C sensor slated for the APS-C line, maybe before it even appears in the 700D.
    • No mention of other features, although at CR a viewfinder is mooted.

    2012 October

    • 23rd Looks as if the Nikon V2 is announced tomorrow
      • 14.25 million pixel Super high-speed AF CMOS sensor
        EXPEED 3A image processing engine
        73 points AF
        1.44 million dot EVF
        3.0-inch 920 000 dot LCD monitor
        Media SD / SDHC / SDXC
        Full HD video
        shutter speed 1/4000-30 seconds
        160-6400 ISO sensitivity
        Weight 337 g (with battery, including media)
        Body only, (18.5mm ,10-30mm VR) is available, double zoom kit (10-30mm VR ,10-100mm VR) is a standard zoom lens kit (10-30mm VR), double lens kit.


    • 28th No 'Pro' mirrorless from Canon for some time [XR]
    • 20th Fuji suggest that they are interested in a full frame mirrorless [AP]
    • 18th Feeling that a NEX7 just won't cut it with your rich friends on their yachts?
    • Worried that too many will be carrying round Leicas...
    • Well, now there is a new Hasselblad mirrorless (Sony NEX 7 innards - think of a Ford Focus with bodywork built by Ferrari) [HB-PR]

    hasselblad mirrorless

    • Canon G1517th New Leica M [AP] £5100
    • and a 'cheap' Leica M-E too [AP] £3900
    • Fuji XF-1 is announced [DPR]
    • PowerShot G15 – key features:
      • Bright f/1.8-2.8, 28mm, 5x zoom Canon lens
        12.1 MP CMOS; HS System with DIGIC 5
        4-stop Intelligent IS
        7.5 cm (3.0”) LCD; OVF, Front Dial, Full Manual, RAW
        Full HD movies, HDMI-CEC
        Quick auto focus, Smart Auto and Face ID
        HDR mode, Range of accessories
      • Preview at DPR
    • 14th Sighting of the next Canon 'G15' - for some reason, the G13 and 14 missed out. [CPW]
      • Presumably the idea is for the jump from 12 to 15 to signfy something...
    • 12th Sony announcements include the RX1 [DPR]
    • 10th Expect to see a lot of chatter on the net over Sony's new RX1 ;-)
    • 35/2 fixed lens? Not a focal length I'd splash out $2800 on.
    • Sony RX1Some specs:
      • 24MP full frame CMOS sensor (same as in the Sony A99)
        ISO range: 100-25,600
        14 bit RAW processing
        Magnesium body
        AVCHD 2.0 video processing
        3" LCD screen
        Optional optical and electronic viewfinders will be available
        5 fps
        Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f/2 lens with 49mm filter thread
        Price: $2800
    • 9th Mirrorless to move upmarket? Suggestions that we'll see Hasselblad move into the Leica M market (press conference on the 18th) and Sony are mentioned as going for a 'Pro' model in the NEX range - maybe as soon as Wednesday [via MR]
    • Updated - Sony RX1 full frame with Zeiss 35/2 lens [PR]
    • 6th As widely trailed, the Fuji X-E1 is announced - see preview at DPR

    2012 August

    • fuji x-e130th Sony decides to make its next NEX5R [DPR] even more like a phone, by adding 'app' capabilities [DPR].
    • Yes folks, a whole new set of 'differentiation features' has dawned on the camera makers...
    • Expect to see this new wheel widely re-invented over the next few years, such as Samsung's Galaxy phone camera [DPR].
      • For some reason I'm reminded of the classic Japanese HiFi systems of the 70's and 80's - more and more buttons/dials/features, but this time in software.
    • 28th Price drops for the Nikon V1, suggesting something new for photokina
    • 24th New cheaper X-E1 mirrorless from Fuji is leaked [DCI]
    • 23rd Good technical article about whether you could fit an FF sensor into a NEX [PCA]
    • 17th Suggestions of a full frame Sony NEX [SAR]
    • 11th Musings on the new M10 for photokina (24MP CMOS and an external EVF option) [SH], but don't expect to see one until next Spring.
    • 10th A Japanese article [DCW - Google] recounts an interview with Canon about the EOS M strategy. This might partially explain it being described as:
      • The main target is "Women's Camera" in their 20s and 30s
    • OK, let's be generous and assume that this was not meant for worldwide release... ;-)
    • detachable adapter baseKey points of the interview were:
      • EOS-M to be as good as a DSLR, but small and light
      • Canon wants to take initially 15% of the Japan mirrorless market
      • The normal DSLR EOS shutter was miniaturised for th EOS-M
      • The GX1 is being produced at 30k units per month
      • A four thirds sensor would have made the camera smaller, but not fully EOS compatible
      • Phase detect AF on the sensor is considered better than contrast based AF for moving objects.
      • The EOS-M mount cannot fir a full frame sensor and there are no current plans for a full frame mirrorless
      • There is no plan to make an adapter for older FD lenses
      • Expect smaller DSLRs as well
        The EF-M lens mount specs are not planned on being published
    • See google translation for more
      Meanwhile, I note that the base of the adapter -is- detachable.
    • 9th Nikon J2 launched - a warmed over version of the more basic J1 model. Now available in orange!
    • Specs at DPR
    • Price is reduced to $550 (~$100 lower than J1)
    • 5th More J2 info [DCI - Google]
    • 3rd Two Sony camera models NEX-5R and NEX-6 'confirmed' by Indonesian regulatory authority. Listed due to needing WiFi approval.
    • 2nd Looks as if Sony may bring out a mini NEX-7, the NEX-6 [SAR]
    • More Nikon stuff with a J2 and accessories due soon? [NR]


    • 29th The Fuji x100 is marked as discontinued [PR] - x200 for Photkina and a possible lower end version too? [FR]
    • No new high end Sony NEX for this year either [SAR]
    • 25th A Hasselblad press invite for photokina, that some are suggesting may see a big sensor mirrorless announcement.
    • 24th We're told the EOS M is firmly aimed at the 'enthusiast' market, and we're told that a higher end model won't be along this year.
    • 23rd EOS M camera announced - full info on the Canon mirrorless EOS M page
    • The new mount's flange distance is 18mm and from the size, there doesn't look to be any space for a bigger sensor.
    • 22nd EOS-M specifications widely leaked via Asian sites
    • 21st A dedicated EX-90 flash for the EOS M
    • 18-55 IS EF-M for the Canon EOS M
    • 20th Here's a view of the new Canon EOS mirrorless, with its 22/2 EF-M STM lens
    • Canon EOS mirroeless with EF-M 22/2 lens
    • Note the name 'EOS M' on top of the camera.
    • Appeared on Japanese Digikame site
    • We're told not to expect a high end version for a while yet.
    • More pictures appear at [CPW]
    • 11th We're told (thanks) that the first new mirrorless camera from Canon will feature a near identical sensor to the recently announced 650D.
    • This is due to the new inbuilt phase detect system - although we've had suggestions of both 15MP and 18MP.
      • Shouldn't be long to wait, although don't forget that Canon has new printers to announce before Photokina too.
    • 2nd Several suggestions [thanks] not to expect the 'best' camera for some time with Canon's new mirrorless offering. A lot depends on market reception.
      • I'm curious myself as to what we'll get, and whether it tempts me to find 'new uses' for my big chunks of EF glass (particularly since I decided to cancel my 1D X order)
    • 1st We're told [thanks] to expect the Canon 'mirrorless' entry to debut with a kit zoom and an adapter for EF lenses such as the new pancake 40mm lens - likely the first of several new small primes.
    • Given the info from the Canon adapter patent last year, the overall thickness of the two, would be something like this (mouse over image to see)

    2012 June

    • 28th Suggestions of a Hasselblad 'mirrorless' with 2x FF CMOS sensor [MR]
    • 22nd 24th July is suggested for the Canon 'mirrorless' [CR] although we've had a suggestion that it may more likely be early August.
    • 20th First Canon mirrorless to be 'consumer' model and sometime soon...[CR]
    • 19th No sign yet of anything from Canon. Wishful thinking for a full frame 24MP mirrorless next year from Pentax [MR]


    • 24th The rumour tea leaves have been stirred recently with such suggestions as Canon going 'four thirds' with its forthcoming mirrorless offering.
    • However, if you follow the paper trail back, one source for this seems to be YARS where they only mention a 4:3 aspect ratio sensor and then suggest that it will have the same sensor as the G1-X. Another version [MR] also points to a source via 'IndianTimes' [no link provided]
      • With the appearance almost monthly of new 'rumour sites', many of which recast info from others, to appear new(ish) it's getting quite difficult to track some of these stories, particularly once they appear at the likes of Engadget, where an additional veneer of unattributed certainty is sometimes applied ;-)
    • 16th Hints, but no details for a 650D and Mirrorless in June. [CR]
    • 15th Suggestions that Canon will enter the Mirrorless market in June [MR]
    • I'd note though that the 650D has been expected for quite some time.
    • 11th M9 mono - Main Specs [Leica]
      • 18MP CCD monochrome sensor (24 x 36mm)
      • No anti-aliasing filter, No color filter array
      • ISO 320-10,000 (with a ‘Pull 160’ option)
      • 2.5" 230,000 dot rear LCD
    • Supplied with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro 2
      • I note that the camera includes a copy of silver efex pro 2, which is handy, BUT there is this in the Leica blurb, which is frankly disingenuous
      • "Silver Efex Pro 2 offers an impressive collection of unique and powerful, darkroom-inspired tools for the creation of high quality black-and-white images. Silver Efex Pro 2 emulates over 20 different types of black-and-white film to recreate the glory of classical black-and-white film photography. The emulation of each film type is based on the analysis of many rolls of the respective type and guarantees perfect reproduction of the characteristic look of many popular films from ISO 32 to ISO 3200."
      • To reproduce specific aspects of film you need spectral information, to try and match the films spectral response. Given that the sensor records only luminance (with a fixed spectral response), one aspect of SFX2 just isn't going to work. A minor quibble perhaps, but goes to show how much you should distrust the dead hand of marketing ;-)
    • 10th New Leicas today
    • Leica M9 monochrom - 18mp monochrome and the Leica X2 - ongoing coverage of announcements at LR
    • A Canon announcement for June? [YARS]
    • 3rd An interesting Fuji patent for adapting their hybrid viewfinder to third party lenses [MR]


    • 28th Canon earnings results discussion [SA] Amongst the corporate stuff is this, about new cameras:
      • "... we will further differentiate and enhance our lineup by launching new cameras offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras; furthering the improvement in design and qualities, and by incorporating features such as network, connectivity capabilities."


    • 27th Are Hasselblad looking to move into smaller cameras? How about a digital X-Pan [PR]
    • 26th Something from Canon for the summer/photokina? [CR]
    • We've heard that it will be keeping the 7D2 company at photokina, but still no details of either.
    • 21st Something to excite those with deep pockets - a Leica with a monochrome sensor and no LCD on the back [LR]
    • 14th Canon related rumours have gone quiet on this. One suggestion was that Canon was waiting a while longer to see how the G1-X goes down, we were told to expect some hefty price drops later this year if it doesn't shift well at the current price point.
    • The Leica M10 is suggested for May 10th [LR]

    canon lens patentFebruary

    • 20th How about this for a Canon 18-45mm F3.5-5.6 zoom for the forthcoming Canon 'mirrorless'?
    • [MR from Egami]
    • 11th This Dalsa 24MP chip for the M10?
    • 8th Download the G1-X manual [PDF]
    • OM-D E-M5 is launched [DPR | Olympus]
    • 4th Pictures of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 start to appear [43] - announcement on Wednesday.
    • Meanwhile in the big 'mirrorless' news, it seems that Leica is going to change the covering of some of its cameras from Vulcanite, to Leatherette [LR]
    • Olympus OM-D E-M52nd The Pentax K-01 mirrorless is announced - lots of links at 1k1 16Mp APS-C and a 40mm pancake lens.

    2012 January

    • 27th The Fuji X-Pro1 manual is available for download [PDF]
    • 23rd A 'cheaper' Leica to go with the M10 at photokina? [1k1]
    • 19th Expect an APS-C Pentax mirrorless next month [CR] whilst more Olympus OM-D info surfaces [43]
    • 15th Some G1 X sample image (Lenstip)
    • 10th Some Fuji X Pro-1 info.
    • Preview at Dpreview | Photographyblog | Techradar | ePhotozine
    • Image samples: and
    • 9th The widely leaked Fuji XPro-1 is launched [DPR]
    • The Canon G1 X is announced
      • Large 14.3 MP CMOS, DIGIC 5, HS System
      • Intelligent IS, 4x optical zoom range of 28mm – 112mm
      • 7.5 cm (3.0”) vari-angle LCD; OVF
        Full Manual, RAW, DPP
        Full HD, HDMI
        High-speed Burst HQ
        Smart Auto
        Extensive accessories
        HDR mode and ND filter
    • The sensor is a 4:3 aspect, 14.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 18.7mm x 14mm – similar in height to the APS-C sensors used within EOS DSLR models
    • Featuring the same pixel size and structure as the EOS 600D, and a surface area approximately 6.3 times larger than the sensor in the PowerShot G12
    • Note that the 4:3 sensor has a smaller diagonal, so presumably allowing for slightly smaller lens designs (image circle is 23.4mm vs 26.8mm for EOS 600D)
    • Canon g1x
    • It's available from late February, priced at £699/€799 RRP incl. VAT.
    • Canon info - DPR
    • 8th A new translation has kindly been posted on this item's G+ thread Thanks Mark!
      • "Canon has been forced to change their plan for 2011 because of the earthquake on the 11th March 2011 in Japan and floods in Thailand, but they are going to be back to the normal operation in 2012.
      • Summary of interview with Masaya Maeda, Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Image Communication Products Operation at Canon Inc.
      • He stated that they are planning to release mirrorless compact system cameras in 2012.
      • <Concept of Canon’s mirrorless system>
      • -Try to develop a compact camera which features high image quality.
      • -Trying to make cameras smaller and more compact, mirrorless system could be the key.
      • -Miniaturization of cameras is the top priority, which means the cameras may have a different mount to the EF mount.
      • -For mirrorless cameras, being able to change lenses is certainly a big merit, however, the ratio of use of interchangeable lenses is very low. We have to think on how we can make users use interchangeable lenses more, that is very critical. We have to look into the whole system as well as miniaturization.
      • -All DSLRs featuring EF mount would be getting smaller and smaller with high image quality. For interchangeable lenses, we are going to stick to EF mount.
      • -EF lenses are being developed and extended this will include shooting movies. The compatibility of the new system and the EF system is very important.
      • -As a premise of the new mount for mirrorless system, “the image sensor will be larger than the regular standard size” would be necessary.
      • -The quality of image sensor will be improving. Having said that, in time downsizing the sensor is coming in the future.
      • <C300 movie cameras>
      • - C300 contains various ideas of camera systems including new mounts. C300 was made from a lot of feedback from people in the movie industry, a good example is C gamma.
      • -New unique lenses for movies are going to be marketed in 2012, Auto Focus for movies and the smooth movement of aperture are being developed."
    • 7th Canon does intend to launch a mirrorless camera in 2012. DC Watch has a Canon interview [DCW, Google xlt] - Better translation anyone?
    • The emphasis is on quality of image, not size. Not going the Nikon V1/J1 route. Lenses need to be small and EF compatibility is important.
    • Latest Fuji X Pro-1 info suggests that you'll be able to get a Leica M mount adapter [PR]
    • 5th So, the G series is to get the X category. Canon PowerShot G1X to ship in February
      • Via [CR]
    • 14.3mp CMOS (1.5inch) Sensor (1/1.5" probably)
      4x Zoom (28-112)
      14bit RAW
      DIGIC 5
      Multiarea White Balance
      HDR Mode
      FullHD 1080p Video
      720P Movie Digest Mode
      • It may be positioned "for advanced amateurs and professionals looking for a walk-around point-and-shoot model" but gets a fail for myself ...sorry, but 1979 was the last time 28mm counted as wide angle for me :-) However, there does seem to be some discussion over just how big the sensor is or isn't. I'll take a stab at 6.6mm x 8.8mm for 1/1.5 aka 2/3 (see table of sensor sizes below)
    • Meanwhile the next Fuji compact (X1) is mentioned early, in a French magazine [PR]
      • "Sensor : APS-C 1.5x, CMOS, Fuji “X-Trans” technology. Photosites pattern is 6 sides (as opposed to Bayer 4 sides). There is no anti-moiré filter, which will allow better resolution."

    2011 December

    • 25th Are Canon working on a 'super-G-series' camera? [1k1]
    • 20th More translated bits - this time Sony [SAR]
    • 19th A new Japanese magazine article has interviews with representatives from several different camera companies [Impress - Japanese PDF]
    • As often happens, lot of different bits are getting translated in different ways
    • Some snippets at PR
    • At MR there is some Canon mirrorless talk from the article:
      • "The online PDF is cut short, so I can’t tell if any other information was given. But it was not strictly confirmed that Canon will release a mirrorless in 2012; just that IF they decide to release a mirrorless, they want to release it next year."
    • 17th Now it's 35mm FF and Medium Format mirrorless from Pentax [ PentaxForum & PR]
    • 12th More talk of an APS-C mirrorless from Pentax [MR]


    • 15th Some photos puporting to be of Fuji's now interchangeable lens mirrorless camera appear [PR]
    • 1st Info about Nikon's 1 series from PDN [PB]


    • 25th An interesting Leica interview [MP]. Optical viewfinders, mirrorless and the S2 all get a mention in what's a far more revealing interview than the anodyne stuff that normally passes for interviews.
    • 14th In from left field - is next week's Canon announcement a full frame 'mirrorless'?
    • See comments here... [43R]
    • 5th Fuji's x100 was just the start - an optimistic roadmap from Fujifilm
    • "resolution and low noise that will surpass the 35mm full size sensor" [MR]
    Type Diagonal (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Area (mm2) Crop factor
    1/10" 1.60 1.28 0.96 1.23  ??
    1/8" 2.00 1.60 1.20 1.92 21.65
    1/6" 3.00 2.40 1.80 4.32 14.14
    1/4" 4.50 3.60 2.7 7.68 10.83
    1/3.6" 5.00 4.00 3.00 12.0 8.65
    1/3.2" 5.68 4.54 3.42 15.50 7.61
    1/3" 6.00 4.80 3.60 17.30 7.21
    1/2.7" 6.72 5.37 4.04 21.70 6.44
    1/2.5" 7.18 5.76 4.29 24.70 6.02
    1/2.3" 7.70 6.16 4.62 28.50 5.62
    1/2" 8.00 6.40 4.80 30.70 5.41
    1/1.8" 8.93 7.18 5.32 38.20 4.84
    1/1.7" 9.50 7.60 5.70 43.30 4.55
    1/1.6" 10.07 8.08 6.01 48.56 4.3
    2/3" 11.00 8.80 6.60 58.10 3.93
    Super 16mm 14.54 12.52 7.41 92.80 2.97
    Nikon CX 15.86 13.20 8.80 116 2.81
    1" 16.00 12.80 9.60 123 2.73
    m4/3 · 4/3" (Four Thirds) 21.60 17.30 13 225 2.00
    Sigma Foveon X3 24.90 20.70 13.80 286 1.74
    Canon APS-C 26.70 22.20 14.80 329 1.62
    General APS-C (Nikon, Pentax, Sony/Minolta, Samsung) 28.2-28.4 23.6-23.7 15.60 368-370 1.52-1.54
    Canon APS-H 33.50 27.90 18.60 519 1.29
    35mm Full-frame, Nikon D3, Nikon D700 43.2-43.3 36 23.9-24.3 860-864 1.0
    Leica S2 54 45 30 1350 0.80
    Pentax 645D 55 44 33 1452 0.78
    Kodak KAF 39000 CCD 61.30 49 36.80 1803 0.71
    Leaf AFi 10 66.57 56 36 2016 0.65
    Phase One P 65+, IQ160, IQ180 67.40 53.90 40.40 2178 0.64

    Table is based on WP sensor format article

    2011 September

    • 23rd 'We don't worry about Canon' say Nikon about the 1 series [AP]
    • As expected, the launch has met a mixed reception, Nikon is a big advertiser, so don't expect too much criticism from some of the big review sites. As ever, I find that Thom Hogan sums up nicely some of the benefits and pitfalls of the new Nikon system, whilst pointing out that a vocal segment of Nikon fans were never going to be satified.
    • 21st Nikon do indeed announce the V1 and J1 [DPR] (10MP 13.2mm x 8.9mm)
    • I can but quote the press hyperbole for the two...
      • The Nikon J1 is the model designed for those consumers who use a camera as part of their connected lifestyle; always carrying it to bring passion and depth to visual storytelling. Both the camera and the lenses come in a variety of matching stylish colors, including white, pink, red, silver and black. Photos and movies are easily composed and shared on the bright 3.0-inch high-resolution LCD monitor. The Nikon 1 V1 is for photo enthusiasts who value interchangeable lens versatility and desire a small form factor. In fact, it's the world's smallest and lightest camera in the world with interchangeable lens versatility and an electronic viewfinder (EVF)
    • ...Expect mixed reviews.
    • 10th Lots of suggestions that the Nikon cameras will be the V1 and J1 - 10MP 2.7X crop [PB]
    • Thom Hogan suggests that the launch will not be wildly popular ;-) [TH]
    • 9th The Nikon 'mirrorless' is rumoured to come in at $900-1300 [NR]
      • IMHO, that's a lot for the rumoured specs...
    • 8th In the sort of news that definitely gets Canon's attention, it seems that theirs (and Nikon's) market share in Japan is down quite a lot, through not having a 'mirrorless option' [Bloomberg]
    • Some more Samsung 'mirrorless' rumours - R1 another 'retro' styled camera? [PR]


    • 31st How about a full frame version of the X100 [PR] or at the pricer end, the M10 [LR]
      • Just FYI - we've not had a plausible 'mirrorless' rumour mentioning Canon for quite some time.
    • 30th Specs appearing for a Fuji X10 [PR] whilst Samsung are not holding on to details of the upcoming 20MP NX200 very well [PB]
    • 28th Whilst Nikon UK might downplay 'mirrorless', there is a Nikon event on the 21st [NR] - 'Nikon white' ...whatever that means.
    • 26th Are the recent Nikon mirrorless system rumours a big hoax?
    • In an interview [TR] with Nikon UK's James Loader (Product Manager for Consumer Products), he pretty much says that there isn't one on its way (soon)
    • 25th Sightings of a Fuji X10/X50 [MR]
    • 20th The Sony NEX7 looks to be upping the specs [SAR], with ~24MP and a stack of other relatively high level features. I'm curious to see just what the megapixel viewfinder looks like (that's 3 million dots in marketing speak)
    • 16th With a Nikon event set for the 24th (next week) there are suggestions that the new Nikon 'mirrorless' is the only camera due then [NR]
    • 5th Ever since I reviewed the Ricoh GX100 and GX200, I've followed what they were doing, and was pleased to see the appearance of the modular GXR approach. There is now a preview of the sensor module that accepts Leica M mount lenses at DPR
    • With no low pass filter, I'm sure there will be a lot of interest - how about one for EF mount ;-)

    2011 July

    • 29th Leica talk about some of their 'mirrorless' plans [TR] .
    • Midway between X1 and M9?
    • 22nd The original Xitec post has been pulled, lending some credence to this really being Nikon's first foray into 'Mirrorless'.
    • Codenamed the x810 apparently.
    • Meanwhile, at GM the writer seems pretty sure (at end of article) that:
      • "In 2012 both Canon and Nikon will be bringing out compact interchangeable-lens still/video cameras with large sensors."
    • tiny sensor interchangeable lens camera from Nikon?21st A sneak view of Nikon's tiny sensor mirrorless design?
    • Via Xitec and NR
    • I believe Thom Hogan asked 'Why?' ;-)
    • 20th An interesting interview [MP] with a Samsung spokesman. Thoughts on mirrorless and a lot more. The sort of (relative) openness that I've never seen from Canon/Nikon
    • 14th Leica are also looking into something for Photokina next year [BJP]
    • A 'smart' lens adapter patent from Canon, with a variable aperture stop to cut down on scattered light [CR] Of course it could be for using EF lenses on a video camera.
    • 13th More from Fujifilm to muddy the 'compact system camera' waters.... [AP]
    • 6th Nikon 'Q' system with tiny sensor? [1k1]
    • ... and a whole lot of stuff from Fuji? [PR] ...and a NEX7 with a viewfinder? [SAR]
    • 5th I see that Canon have also been chatting with Reuters [RT].
    • When you read some of the hype/comment surrounding this, remember that there were only two pretty anodyne comments directly attributed:
      • "We are considering the technical aspects"...when asked about the mirrorless segment.
      • "We will launch an interesting product next year"
    • If nothing else, such a holding statement may convince a few waverers not to jump to any of the current crop of 'mirrorless' cameras. I note also the Canon attricbuted comments we had back in mid-June below.
    • 4th Are Fuji looking to storm up the camera sales rankings? A Reuters interview [RT] suggests that at least some people in Fujfilm are serious... See also some comment [1k1, PR]
    • I note from a Bloomberg article [BB] that Fujifilm is one of the Japanese companies with huge cash reserves sitting around, looking for profitable acquisitions (not so many golf courses this time around?)


    • 29th Olympus come up with a different AF design, involving IR sensitive pixels [43]
    • 25th What will Fuji follow the X100 with? 3 cameras? [PR]
    • 23rd Pentax bring out a new small sensor system [DPR]
    • Meanwhile, stirrings in Canon land with 'something' rumoured for later this year - a powershot with a bigger sensor?...[CR]
    • 17th Something from Pentax? Next week [1k1] or August [PR]
    • 13th In a comment that I'm not sure makes a Canon mirrorless more or less likely, we hear (thanks) of a Canon rep in Europe saying that if you want a top end 'mirrorless' then go and buy an M9, and that Canon do not see themselves in that market segment. When asked about other mirrorless, they just said that the 1100D was not as small as they could go.
      • Whilst I'm generally very wary of comments via 'reps', they do sometimes reflect Canon internal rumours and market 'positioning'
    • 8th Some lens patents hint at a small sensor for Nikon's 'mirrorless' design [NR]


    • 23rd More about stuff in that photo [XR] ->
    • 17th Interesting article from Samsung about lens design issues and business considerations.
    • Note too this camera, found in their collection of 'prototypes'
    • As suspected, the popularity of 'retro' design won't be limited to Fuji's X100
    • [via PR]
    • 6th A suggestion that a Nikon 'mirrorless' camera will come in at 2.6x crop and with 3 lens options [NR].
      • If true, then it looks as if they are aiming at the compact market rather than a more image quality oriented approach with a bigger sensor [NR].
    • The market may be getting even more crowded [Pentax PR & KR]

    2011 April

    • 5th In an interview [AP], Nikon dampen down 'mirrorless' enthusiasm:
      • "The success of compact system camera sales is taking away from the compact camera market, not from digital SLRs, according to Simon Iddon, Product Manager for DX DSLR at Nikon UK, and has not had an impact on the company's DSLR sales...."

    canon EF lens mount adapterMarch

    • 18th An EF to something adapter appears in a Canon patent [egami]
    • In the article (Google xlt) it's suggested as a new solution for making adapters rather than to any specific mount.
    • However, do have a look at "Canon doesn't need to introduce a mirrorless compact system camera" [AP]. Canon Europe comes out and says so...
    • Well, actually they only say they will if they want to, and only when/if they see the need.
      • Like many corporate interviews, it's easier to grasp the morning fog than any hard facts ;-)
    • There's a good review of the x100 at PB
    • 11th It's suggested that Nikon will be targetting the 'Pro' market with their upcoming 'mirrorless' camera [NR]
    • A press event is suggested for April 4th [NR]
    • 7th Olympus suggest that the will be a 'Pen Pro' in 'a few years time' [1k1]
      • "The Olympus representatives predict that 'In 5-10 years reflex cameras will be a niche or will not be there at all' ".
    • 6th Fuji x100 user manual [PDF]
    • 2nd Excellent summary of the state of the mirrorless market and where it could be heading, by Thom Hogan [TH] As to when Nikon might make a move? - within the month? [NR]


    • 19th Floods of roadmaps [PR, XR] and lens releases in the mirrorless market, but we hear nothing of note about Canon or Nikon.
    • Meanwhile, preorder an X100 at Amazon (affil. link)
    • 12th Some interesting first impressions of the X100 at CP+ [PR]
      • A mockup for EF lenses on a compact [VK] - I'm suspecting Canon won't be moving in this area any time soon (photokina 2012, along with the 7D2 perhaps ;-) )
    • 8th Fuji finally announce the full specs and availability of the X100 [DPR]
    • 5th Canon 'QL-D1' suggested for next week [CR]
    • Leica has posted its best sales numbers since 1996 [AP]
    • Does Canon or Nikon have the will to go after the very high end? ;-)
    • 2nd Leica lenses for your compact?
    • In a move that shows some interesting thinking, Ricoh announce an add on body unit for the Ricoh GXR that will tame Leica 'M' mount lenses [DPR].
      • I can't imagine anyone at Canon or Nikon ever being allowed to run with a product idea like this. I really hope it works, even if just to show that true innovation is not quite dead in the 'features=features+1' world of big camera makers.

    2011 January

    • 30th Would you buy a Nikon rangefinder/mirrorless style camera with a D3S sensor in it?
    • Thom Hogan asked the question [TH 27th] and got a hefty positive response - indeed, if Canon had nothing to match it (i.e. where I could potentially use my EF lenses more easily with an adapter) then I'd seriously look at it.
    • So, to rephrase the question:
    • Would you be interested... If Canon took the 5D2 sensor and made a small, light mirrorless camera from it along with a handful of new small primes?
      • I'd certainly look at joining the queue for it ;-)
    • 25th DPR get a look at the Fuji X100
    • 21st A good piece about 'Nikon's EVIL thoughts' [NR]
    • 20th One we missed from November [PR].
    • A Canon patent for offset microlenses
    • 18th April is being suggested as a launch date for Nikon's 'mirrorless' system [MR]
    • Once again it's interesting to see the news angled to a more 'pro' market.
    • 10th Two mirrorless cameras from Pentax? [PR]
    • 2nd A 'more professional' mirrorless from Nikon? [1k1]

    2010 December

    • 14th The Fuji X100 system is getting talked up, after Fuji release (some) more info [Fuji] - looks like part of a lengthy campaign to build 'brand image'. Features like the film filters effect (velvia, provia, astia) and 'Raw' button show a lot of marketing input to the design as well. Let's hope it's good for taking photos too.
    • Olympus come up with their own modular system - well, at least they get as far as patenting it [43]
    • 9th We've had several comments about a new Canon EIS system - however it seems like a multiple re-hash of the info below from Sept. 13th.
      • Thanks though, to people taking the trouble to let me know!


    • 28th All our favourites love a bandwagon - are Epson thinking of getting back into the 'mirrorless' market? [AP]
    • Perhaps a new version of the R-D1 (no, not the R2-D2)
    • 11th Pentax to join the 'mirrorless' club in Feb? [1k1]
    • 5th In what, if true, suggests that a Canon 'mirrorless' is still some time off but on its way, we hear (thanks) of a change in some of Canon's internal camera designations to include a 3rd category -- compact, slr and mirrorless. It was emphasised that this was just a new internal category and had no products in it or release timeline at the moment.
    • We've had previous comments that suggested that Canon would like to make a similar whole new 'system' such as when EOS was announced in 1987.
      • Whilst reasonable - I do wonder to what extent such info comes out as Canon's version of the Nikon comments below (14th).
    • A Japanese patent application shows a potential Nikon mirrorless camera [NR]


    • 14th OK, you're a big camera company that doesn't have your own 'mirrorless' offering, what do you do?
    • Be vague and suggest it's quite possibly on its way. Nikon's version of this at AP


    • 24th Some of Canon's thoughts on mirrorless and the 60D [Vim via]
    • 20th FinePix X100 [DPR] - 'proper viewfinder' + EVF
    • PDF X100 brochure.
    • 17th Nikon 'Q' EVil? [NR] about Nikon MF ;-)
    • 14th Along with our latest 'no 1Ds4 for photokina' comment, was the observation that yesterday's EiS rumour was totally false and that Canon's 'rangefinder type format' would be very different.
    • Back in the 'real world', Canon announces the G12 and SX30 and Samsung, the heavily leaked NX100 [DPR preview]
    • Leica EViL ? [LR]
    • 13th Lots of rumours going round of what looks to be a classic Canon 'wish list' system to be known as EiS (Q2 2011). Good translations at EHD
    • With x2 crop, whizzo technology and a whole vast set of prime lenses it sounds like a modern take on Canon originally announcing the EOS system in 1987[WP]
    • Original (?) Chinese forum threads [Xitec , 520]
      • Expect to see a lot of related stories appear, based on reworkings of this ;-) In particular, look out for various tech blogs picking up and conflating articles from it. Everyone expects Canon to be working on something, we're near Photokina, so why not? ;-)
    • 7th More NX100 [En] and a use for all those old Leica R lenses you've got sitting in a desk drawer [LR]
    • 6th It seems that almost everyone wants in on the mirrorless camera theme. Latest from Samsung - the NX100 is expected [1k1]


    • 25th Some Nikon patent info, with new lens mount [NR]
    • 24th Sony bring pellicle mirrors to the table [A55 reviewed DPR]
    • 19th Assorted point 'n' click cameras appear from Canon [S95, IXUS1000, sx130 IS] and the specs for the G12 appear briefly at CNET, but are pulled.
    • Hybrid IS, 10MP, Tilt screen, 720P video, 'HDR' mode, Manual modes, 28mm widest, 5x zoom.
    • Nothing 'revolutionary' from Canon...
    • 17th Lots of technology is showing in this area - my personal hope is that we get really good electronic viewfinders before long - as someone who is slightly long sighted, having to hold the viewing screen well away to be able to see it clearly is one of my key dislikes of compact cameras. A new transparent AMOLED from Samsung? [PR]
    • 16th Pentax APS-C [KR] 14MP, body IS, flip screen - but see [PR]
    • Picture (below credit) of Canon's previous small EF mount SLR. The EOS-IX
    • Lots more Photokina snippets for various manufacturers [PR]
    • 5th More on Pentax Evil? [DPR] - no signs of anything Canon...
    • 3rd Evil from Nikon? [NR] One from Pentax too? [PR]

    2010 July

    • eos-ix20th Canon suggest that smaller high quality cameras are coming (Reuters)
      • "...the company was working on a smaller version of its upmarket single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras in a bid to compete with the new breed of mid-range so-called "mirrorless" cameras"
    • also...
      • "Competitors have made high-quality cameras more compact by removing the mirror that enables the user to look at the actual scene through a viewfinder, creating a new market segment that is popular in Japan and which analysts say may grow rapidly.
      • "It's not a question of whether or not you have a mirror. There is a consumer need for good-quality cameras to be made smaller," Maeda said. "We will meet this need."
      • He denied this would be difficult without removing the internal mirror, adding that Canon had produced very small SLR cameras in the past"
    • True insight, or just spoiler tactics to wrong foot the competition? Bring on the 3D rumours ...although I suspect that the mention of 'consumer need' suggests competition to the other compacts.
    • 10th The arrival of Evil - Nikon style. A whole host of small camera, interchangeable lens patents discussed at NR
    • No signs of anything from Canon yet...


    • 26th Got some old Canon FD mount lenses sitting about? An FD to Sony NEX adapter [SAR]
    • 14th Panasonic may be making a 'different' entry in the 'not a compact' area [43] - as ever, just how different remains to be seen...
    • 9th Looks as if the exact same story we were sent yesterday, has hit the 'rumorz sites' :-) [CR] [PR]
      • Just remember the usual 'health warnings' when reading such rumours - that goes for those we have here too! The rumour has enough of a combination of reality and 'what would be nice' to work. If we get any further details I'll add them...
    • 8th We hear an interesting report (thanks) of the Canon mirrorless (aka EVIL) camera being an APS-H sensor camera. Purportedly based on current camera testing info, it seems that APS-H could have a future beyond the 1D'x' series. The emphasis was on image quality (which when it comes down to it, would be a powerful factor in my own camera use)
    • Several points advanced:
      • - 1.6x (APS-C) is showing diminishing returns from new developments
      • - Sensor production cost have fallen, making 1.3x more economic
      • - More APS-H usage allows more of the APS-H development costs to be recouped.
      • - APS-H can be fitted into a compact body without significant increases in bulk/weight over other cameras in this category
    • Unfortunately, no lens/techy info, but camera due relatively soon (Photokina?).
    • In news that won't go unnoticed at Canon, I see that that Sony have made the top 5 sales list for DSLR/'System' cameras last week, with the NEX-5 [SAR].
    • ... or you could go for a gold plated Leica [LR] see also original in the People's Daily PD


    • 11th Sony EVIL it is...
    • There are a couple of previews at DPR
    • I note that there is an optional viewfinder, for those of us who are slightly long sighted and find using a screen on the back to compose shots a right pain (yet alone in bright light).
    • A new lens mount is introduced, whilst an adapter for existing A mount lenses only offers manual focus. Sony indicated that it is aiming these cameras at compact camera users who wish to upgrade, rather than trying to offer a second camera for existing DSLR users.
    • What to come from Canon?

    2010 April

    • 26th Sony EVIL for May 11th? SAR. The Sony NEX3 and 5?
    • 7th A good review of the Samsung NX10 at DPR. The APS-C sensor and the new lens mount with a 25.5mm flange to back distance show what could come, when Canon/Nikon decide to dip their toes in the water.
    • 4th I see that some people are still upset that Jeff had the temerity to make stuff up... Assorted examples of sense of humour failures and a rant worthy of being written in green ink at 1k1 ;-)
    • Meanwhile, a Nikon offering from the other day ;-) NR
    • 1st As widely expected, the rangefinder rumour was an April 1st jape.
      • Jeff says [JA]: "However, I am fully aware that a lot of people have absolutely no sense of humour, and that some have chastised me for actually having a sense of humour, but alas that is really their problem and not mine."
      • ...Yup, I'm minded to agree ;-)
    • Meanwhile at DPR we have circular sensors - it's the sort of thing that someone suggests every so often on forums... ;-)


    • 31st As expected, much interest (and muttering into beards) in RF land ;-) [RF] - Suggestions even that Epson might even bring out a follow up to the venerable R-D1 [LL] and last year's R-D1xG.
    • The JA blog [JA] has been updated - with a mention of what would seem perfectly good features, such as smart framing lines and customisable processing.
      • Many still saying April Fool, although I've seen nothing completely absurd yet... AF? why not add contrast detect AF and liveview to the features. That and if it's real, why not video too, just the sort of feature to go down well with your average rangefinder user :-) :-)
    • 30th I see that Jeff Ascough (a 'Canon Ambassador') has tweeted that he is testing (under NDA) a new rangefinder camera from an undisclosed manufacturer.
    • See also a comment about a 35/1.2 lens being available [FM]
      • Expect a lot of interest in this from photographers 'of a certain age', and those (like myself) who might fancy something like a M9, but just haven't got the spare cash to drink the Leica Kool-Aid ;-)
    • There is now a blog about the new 'rangefinder' [JA]
      • We've had several comments saying 'April fool' for the JA stuff - pity if it is, but whatever ;-)
    • 25th Some 2nd hand reports coming from Japan, suggesting that Canon are indeed working on such cameras... [AP]
      • Hardly a big surprise - this one was very widely picked up, and after running through the rumour recycling system a few times has appeared in several different guises.
    • 4th In news that I'm sure won't be ignored at Canon, it seems that in the UK, micro four thirds cameras made up over 10% of interchangeable lens camera sales (by volume) in December 2009 [DPR].
    • Given that they made up over 11% of sales in Japan last year, I'd suggest it's when, not if we see such cameras from Canon/Nikon.


    • 23rd Some more interesting directions announced in the EVIL camera catgories at PMA
    • Ricoh announces some more lens/sensor modules - 28 mm F2.5 (APS-C) &28-300 mm F3.5-5.6 VC [DPR]
    • That and 'Samsung wants to 'own' the mirrorless market' [DPR]
    • 21st At PMA, Sony come out with what they will be offering (at some time) in the compact APS-C range [DPR] [DCR].
    • If Sony are doing this, then expect the Canon response eventually.
      • Having tried my EF14mm on a 7D, I'd be quite happy adding it and an adapter to a compact body with a similar 18MP sensor in it - that and an actual compact lens too for 'pocket use' :-)

    compact aps-c camera mockup

    2010 January

    • 27th I notice that Thom Hogan has updated his 2010 predictions and suspects that Canon will be last to the EVIL club.
    • He posits Nikon's entry to this area as pre-Photokina.
    • Meanwhile, for Canon... a -bit- of a step up from the general speculation we've seen over the recent past [DPR]
    • The Canon X1
      • "It'll be based on the APS-C sensor, apparently same sensor as the 7D, but with a reduced Image Circle, 18mm.
        3 New lenses. Zoom Kit EF-X 12-36mm, 36-166mm and 15mm f2.4 Pancake.
        There will be an adapter to use EF and EF-S lenses.
        720p 30fps video.
        Articulated LCD"
    • The new EF lens type... EF-X
    • Read the full thread for some of the standard responses ;-)
    • I've updated our standard guide to reading rumour threads.
    • Tick off the responses as they appear
    #1 Have you seen this?
    #2 What do they know
    #3 FAKE!
    #4 Could you elaborate on xxx
    #5 Jeez, cant you people just get out more
    #6 You don't have to read it
    #7 Those that really know can't say
    #8 X1 Mk2 AF issues
    #9 Is that all?
    #10 I'm switching to Panasonic
    #11 It probably back / front focuses
    #12 What no built in pro AF
    #13 Why not 1.3 crop all cameras should be 1.3 crop
    #14 Why not full frame - Canon are ripping is off again
    #15 Its going to be so noisy I'll have to keep my 20D
    #16 The more MP are a waste, the lenses can't resolve that
    #17 It's all lies from from crazy fan boy
    #18 What, no built in IS:
    #19 I'll have to be the first to own one
    #20 Why would anyone want one

    richoh gxr with 50mm f/2.5 lens2009 November

    • 29th In a comment at 43R there is a suggestion that Canon's answer to Micro 4/3 is on its way and will be EVIL (electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens)
    • Said to be a 'follow on' from the 1970s G-III.
    • A digital Canonet ?
    • I'd perhaps prefer something looking a bit 'sharper' like the Canon 'P' below.
    • We've not had any specific comments about this, other than canon had some test cameras and was adopting a 'wait and see' approach. Panasonic 4/3 sales in Japan may well push them into action. In the west we often forget just how much of Canon's strategies are driven by the Japanese market. Direct print button almost a certainty then...
    • 11th Ricoh announce a genuinely different approach to small compact cameras.
    • The GXR features not just an interchangeable lens, but the whole lens/sensor assembly.
    • The two initial offerings are 24-70 (equiv.) 10MP small sensor and a 50mm (equiv.) f/2.5 with a 12MP APS-C sensor
    • I've used the Ricoh GX100 and 200 in the past and they were rather nice to use.
    • There is a good lengthy article about this at DPR, so I'll not repeat all the details here ;-)
      • BTW - I've just won an iPhone 3Gs - trouble is, I just don't use mobile devices. I'd really appreciate comments from photographers as to how they find such a device useful
        ( for photography- I'm not into organising the rest of my life yet ;-)
        Any thoughts? - Feel free to leave a comment/suggestion on the blog
    • 9th Are Canon about to resurect the 'Pro' line?
    • Some five years after the Powershot Pro1 [DPR] we've had a suggestion that there will be a Pro2.
    • It's a "Micro Four Thirds competitor, in the shape of a fixed-lens Canon Pro2 with a relatively large 2.5x crop factor sensor (~13.8x10.4mm). The lens is 5x zoom 10.4-52mm equivalent to 26-130mm f2.8-4 IS L lens. The form factor is similar to the Pro1 (or the G1/GH1 if you like) with a grip, articulated screen and a 800x600 electronic viewfinder. The sensor is a CMOS made by Canon capable of high fps and 1080 video like that of the SX1-IS."
    • We've no other info on this, but I must admit to not following developments in this type of camera that closely.
    • Not yet APS-C though - we had several emails saying how nice the Canon P below looked, and that Canon could clean up with an APS-C digital version. As to the chances of Canon bringing in an all new camera with a real optical viewfinder ... I'm not holding my breath.

    Canon P rangefinderSeptember

    • 9th With Leica announcing the X1 compact, could this be time to see Canon bring out their answer to micro four thirds?
    • From the Leica Press info [DPR]
    • "The LEICA X1 is equipped with a 12.2 megapixel CMOS sensor in APS-C format, as found in much larger DSLR cameras. This sensor, combined with the all-purpose LEICA ELMARIT 1:2.8/24 mm lens, offers outstanding picture quality comparable with professional cameras."
    • Retro rangefinder is in (must fish out my old Russian Zorki 4) so will a Canon version look somewhat like this...
    • ...and will it have a 'direct print button'?
    • Canon P - more info
      (I was born when these were in production :-)

    2009 August 19th While lots of people were expecting a DSLR/lens announcement from Canon today, they've actually released a slew of smaller cameras. [see DPR for more info]

    Interesting to note amongst the press releases we were sent was one entitled

    Return of the S series

    UK PR

    "United Kingdom / Republic of Ireland, 19 August 2009: Today Canon announces the PowerShot S90 - marking the return of the Canon PowerShot S-series. The PowerShot S90 continues the PowerShot S-series tradition with impressive, fully manual features that deliver excellent image quality and user experience, including: Canon’s Dual Anti-Noise System with an f/2.0 wide-angle lens, a 3.0 inch PureColor II LCD display and an intuitive new lens Control Ring.

    Exceptional image quality in all conditions

    The PowerShot S90 features Canon’s Dual Anti-Noise System, combining a high sensitivity 10.0 Megapixel image sensor with Canon’s enhanced DIGIC 4 image processor. Photographers can capture full resolution images - even in tricky lighting conditions - with the Dual Anti-Noise System taking maximum advantage of the available light, while substantially reducing image noise. This is particularly useful in low-light portrait and landscape photography, where users are able to shoot high-quality full resolution images even at ISO 3200. DIGIC 4 also includes an enhanced version of i-Contrast: Canon’s Intelligent Contrast Correction technology, which delivers a wider dynamic range to reduce high-light blowout while retaining low-light detail.

    The f/2.0 Advantage

    Canon has fitted the PowerShot S90 with a wide aperture f/2.0 wide-angle lens to help photographers take full advantage of the Dual Anti-Noise System. The f/2.0 wide-angle lens allows twice as much light into the camera as an f/2.8 lens, enabling photographers to use faster shutter speeds to reduce blur or achieve a shallower depth of field. The camera also includes Canon’s optical Image Stabiliser (IS) technology, which uses a lens-shift system to minimise camera shake and image blur – effectively giving photographers a 4-stop advantage over less capable cameras.

    To help users capture the perfect shot, the PowerShot S90 includes a 3.0 inch LCD display, which features Canon’s PureColor II LCD technology. It enables users to frame and review images easily thanks to an exceptionally wide viewing angle, 461k dot resolution and great colour rendition.

    Sophisticated performance, sensational ease of use

    As befits a camera of this calibre, the PowerShot S90 features a wide range of powerful manual and automatic controls that give photographers creative freedom.

    The PowerShot S90 features an intuitive lens Control Ring, which enables users to adjust the settings of various functions by twisting the selector at the base of the lens barrel to the left or right. The Control Ring can be used as a quasi-manual zoom offering a closer view of subjects in 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 105mm steps. Additional settings can be assigned, such as ISO (in 1/3 stop increments), shutter, aperture, focus and exposure compensation - giving photographers a satisfyingly tactile experience. The Control Ring also helps enhance user interaction with the camera by offering fast, accurate scrolling through menus, functions and images. In new Nostalgic Mode the Control Ring can also be used to add an aged effect to the shot, from a subtle faded look to full grainy black and white.

    Smarter Scene Detection

    For more creative control, users can also choose from a variety of Scene Modes (SCN on the Control dial) that enable them to choose the best settings for particular shooting situations – ideal for creative effects or when shooting in difficult lighting. A new Low Light mode can help users capture reduced resolution 2.5 Megapixel images in very dim light at ISO speeds of up to ISO 12800 and at a fast 2.4 frames per second.

    Photographers can also choose from a range of creative modes including
    Aperture priority AE, Shutter priority AE, Program AE, Manual and Custom modes. Choosing and using different camera settings is now even easier thanks to an improved menu navigation system, which includes ‘Hints & Tips’ on most settings and features.

    The PowerShot S90 allows fine custom adjustment of the camera’s white balance settings – enabling compensation of different kinds of tungsten, fluorescent and other light conditions for perfect results every time.

    For quick and easy snaps, the PowerShot S90 includes Smart Auto with
    Scene Detection Technology. This selects the scene type from 22 variables, applying the best settings for optimum output – a great asset to those who love to point-and-shoot without worrying about the technical details. Smart Auto now measures movement of objects or people in a scene, activating Servo AF/AE to ensure that the focus and exposure are locked onto a subject.

    In addition, the PowerShot S90 offers RAW format shooting and support for Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software, making it easy to integrate the camera into a user’s digital workflow. Users will also find it easy to share images captured on the camera with family and friends, thanks to an HDMI mini port, which enables the camera to be connected to a compatible TV using an optional cable.

    The PowerShot S90 is available from early October 2009 priced at £449.00 / €519.00 RRP inc. VAT."

    July 7th A comment [thanks] that Canon are definitely not interested in any of the current smaller formats for interchangeable lens cameras. x1.6 crop is the minimum.

    6th 1.6 crop 'G' series camera for next Photokina (2010 - even years only) a 15.1MP rumour at CR

    15.1MP CMOS 1.6x Crop | 3x Zoom 24-70 IS @ f/? | 3" 920k LCD | ISO 100-3200 | DIGIC V | SD Card | 1080p HD | Slightly larger than G10 | New Battery | No Viewfinder (external VF?) | Flash Shoe

    June 29th Sony are keeping a close eye on the success of micro four thirds. [CNET]

    • "...Sony is keeping a close tab on the market and gathering consumer feedback to see if it should develop a similar standard. If the Japanese giant does decide to engineer a new camera based on the Micro Four Thirds philosophy, it will definitely make the shooter compatible with Alpha lenses"

    If Sony are saying this, then you can bet that Sony/Nikon/Canon have test cameras/systems in development/test. Although, it's worth noting that not everything tested makes it to market... we still hear of the odd development in the digital medium format market for both Nikon and Canon

    22nd Lots of noise still on the Canon forums over this. It's worth noting a comment from Canon in an interview [DPR] after Photokina 2008.

    "Q All the buzz at this year's Photokina has been around the concept of the 'mirrorless' interchangeable lens camera following the launch of Micro Four Thirds. Is this an area Canon is interested in?

    "A We welcome this move to activate general market expansion, and we think it's very positive. We're not just observing what's happening in the market with the developments recently announced by Panasonic and Olympus; where we see a new market we are also looking to participate. Regarding the compact market, though you mention it's not exciting, we will come with new exciting developments next year, so please wait and look forward to next year."

    There are some newer comments from Olymous about the compact interchangeable lens market in another DPR interview.

    17th A new page, since we've had several comments recently suggesting that Canon will be launching a compact camera with an APS-C sensor and interchangeable lens.

    Nothing I'd rate too highly at the moment, but the interest suggests there might well be a market for such a camera.

    There's a thread at DPR with some discussion, including the observation that in a "DP interview with Canon's executive after the G10 about large sensor compact, he said the customer should stay with Canon and wait till this market, they would give a big surprise..."

    Two separate comments have also suggested a new EF-M mount, although I'd suspect this is possibly just based on news of the micro four thirds format...

    2009 June 16th Olympus announce the E-P1 'digital Pen'.

    olympus digital pen

    An interchangeable lens camera with an image-stabilized 12 megapixel sensor 4/3 format.

    Widely rumoured and leaked it's raised interest in high quality interchangeable lens compact cameras.

    As you'd expect there's plenty of details and some preview info at DPR

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