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side view of 24mmCanon TS-E 24mm 3.5L II

A collection of information and links for the TS-E 24mm 3.5L II

The new version of the Canon 24mm tilt and shift lens with +/- 8.5° Tilt and ±12mm Shift

The TS-E24mm has been one of my most useful lenses for architectural and interior photography for many years.

The lens, whilst excellent, did suffer from a degree of softness at the extremes of its shift range. It also had the shift and tilt axes fixed relative to each other.

Whilst the axes could be moved it was not a job to do in the field. I documented the procedure in a short article about modifying the TS-E90. I've also written lengthy articles about using a tilt/shift lens and one on focusing with tilt lenses.

There are some comparisons between the new and old TS-E 24mm further down the page. Suffice to say, that as a manual focus 24mm lens, the new version is absolutely superb. We've got the new TS-E 17mm and have several tests of this excellent lens.

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Tilt and Shift 24mm

Latest News

2013 October Samyang 24mm t/s lens review

April Test of a specialised TS-E lens mounting bracket for parallax free stitching (17mm and 24mm).

2009 July 20th

Bad weather and a server crash delayed the pics a bit, but I've carried out a quick comparison between the new 24mm and the old one.

The images here are from outside my house and are of the same view as when I had a quick look at the 17mm.

All shots are at f/8 on a 1Ds3

24mm TS-E Mk1 unshifted

The Mk1 24mm

24mm TS-E Mk2 unshifted

The Mk2 24mm

24mm TS-E Mk1 unshifted detail

100% top left hand corner (Mk1)

24mm TS-E Mk2 unshifted detail

100% top left hand corner (Mk2)

24mm TS-E Mk1 unshifted detail with chromatic aberation fixed

100% top left hand corner (Mk1) - after fixing CA in Photoshop (ACR)

Stitching L-R images together will show up vignetting and distortions

24mm TS-E Mk1 left/right stitch

Mk1 24mm

24mm TS-E Mk2 left/right stitch

Mk2 24mm

Two details from the top left hand corner at 100%

24mm TS-E Mk1 left/right stitch corner detail

MK1 lens fully shifted (11mm)

24mm TS-E Mk2 left/right stitch corner detail

MK2 lens fully shifted (12mm)

So a quick test shows far less chromatic aberration (effectively none) and a generally sharper lens.

I'll be posting more samples and tests in the blog, so feel free to leave any questions comments.

This is one sweet lens... :-)

Here's a stitch from the TS-E 17mm for comparison

horizontal stitch 17mm shift


Our 24mm turns up. As when the 17mm turns up, it's raining, so no outdoor testing today.

Here it is with the old 24mm and the 17mm.

Hopefully we'll have a few quick tests tomorrow, comparing it with the 'old' TS-E 24.

3 Canon TS-E lenses

Notice the difference looking into the top of the lens (both illuminated by a halogen spot in the ceiling)

The Mk1

TS-E 24mm Mk1 top view

The Mk2

TS-E 24mm Mk2 top view

16th DPR tries it's hand at reviewing the 24mm lens ;-)

We have a 24mm on its way - in the UK I'm told that Park Cameras still have a few in stock.

We'll have some tests once it's here...

June 24th Some 24mm lenses turn up in the US and Japan, but we're still being told that Canon are not giving any accurate estimates for the UK.

13th No estimate of a 24mm delivery from one UK dealer and 'maybe next month' from another.

8th Our TS-E 17 turns up - sample TS-E 17 images

The 24mm still has no shiping date. Keith has written an article about focusing tilt shift lenses.

May 20th Early June is the best estimate we're getting at the moment for delivery - however Canon are being a little obscure in giving dealers any hard info...

April 29th A sighting of the new TSE lenses and a description of their performance (no pics) in a DPR post.

March 13th A DPR 'preview' that doesn't unfortunately add much to the released information, but does have some shots showing the relative movements of the lens.

> Info updated


27th A useful LL article on understanding more about the squigly lines in the graphs below...

26th More Canon CPN info on the new T/S lenses

From Canon Japan, we have MTF charts that show just how good the lens should be at f/8

tse 24 mtf

side view of 24mmtse 24 mtf info

Below is the MTF for the original TS-E 24mm

mtf chart for original 24mm

and the MTF for the EF24 1.4L II

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MTF for the EF24 1.4L II

How the lens is constructed.

TSE 24 lens construction

More info to come

tse image circleThe US press release points to a May shipping date at 'street prices' of US$2199 and CDN$2699.99.

The UK says 17mm f/4L for May 2009 priced at £2749.99 / €3049.99 RRP inc. VAT. and the 24mm f/3.5L II from May 2009 priced at £2399.99 / €2659.99 RRP inc. VAT.

However a comment via Canon Germany points to prices of 2399 euro for the 17mm and 2099 euro for the 24mm, and that's including 19% VAT - quite a bit less than the prices in the UK press release. - Ready in April too...

MTF Chart

MTF chart for 24mm

TS-E 24mm 3.5L II

Initial info puts the price at ~2300 euros

tse 24 II price

According to a German online dealer the lens will be available in April

Press Information (both lenses)

Amstelveen, the Netherlands, 18 February, 2009: Canon today announces the launch of two new tilt and shift lenses, the Ultra-Wide angle TS-E 17mm f/4L and the TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, an upgrade to the popular TS-E 24mm f/3.5L.

Canon was the first company to offer 35mm camera users a combined tilt and shift lens, With 36 years experience in this field, Canon has now added a new unique functionality to the TS-E 17mm f/4L and TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, allowing users to rotate the direction of the tilt and shift independently of each other.

This affords greater control over the focal plane, replicating the movements of a large format view camera. Canon’s revolutionary tilt and shift revolving mechanism is particularly useful when shooting product shots from a perspective where specific framing and focal plane is required.

The new lenses, influenced by feedback from professional photographers, have been created to produce the best image quality with high resolution, high contrast and low distortion.

The use of high-precision asphercial front elements keeps distortion, common in wide angle lenses, to an absolute minimum, even at the edges of the frame. The TS-E 17mm f/4L and TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II also feature multiple UD elements to reduce chromatic aberration and optimised focus mechanisms.

Canon today has also introduced a new range (52mm to 72mm) of versatile, multi-functional PL-C B polarizing filters to help reduce reflections from glass or water or darken blue skies. The PL-C B’s, which are now available in 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm filter thread sizes, also allows the lens cap to be attached to the lens to prevent damage to the filter if left attached when not in use.

Key features of the TS-E 17mm f/4L and TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II include
Tilt and shift lenses compatible with all Canon EOS cameras
Ultra Wide 17mm / wide 24mm focal length, ideal for architecture and landscapes
High precision lens elements for low distortion and high resolution to the edge of the image
+/- 6.5° Tilt and +/-12mm Shift (TS-E 17mm f/4L) +/- 8.5° Tilt and ±12mm Shift (TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II)
Tilt and shift mechanism rotates +/-90° allowing shift in any direction
Tilt mechanism rotates +/-90° allowing tilt in any direction relative to the shift
Aspherical and UD lens elements minimise chromatic aberration
Sub-wavelength structure and super-spectra coatings minimise ghosting and flare
Circular aperture for creative, blurred highlights
TS-E 17mm f/4L has a floating internal focus mechanism delivers high image quality throughout focus range.

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