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Our main camera rumours page:

We've been keeping tabs on (mostly) Canon rumours for several years and receive all kinds of stuff - some more believable than others.
Use your common sense when reading these pages, and remember that it's here for entertainment as much as anything else. We have far more 'serious' content on the site...

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Current rumours - | 2011 | 2010 | Pre 2009 archives

2009 December 25th Happy Christmas* to all our readers - I'm just taking a break from cooking the Christmas lunch :-)

  • *Or whatever holiday you may be taking - We still say Happy Christmas in the UK, whether people observe it or not. Sorry, but the more politically correct 'Happy Holidays', just sounds wrong to my ears.

9th A Canon 'launch event' towards the end of January? [CR]

4th Interesting Canon 'touchsceen' patent covered at PB

Good article about some of the current limitations of DSLR video [DVX]

  • I'm still testing the 7D, but outdoors testing is being slowed by a rather sore throat :-(

2nd A curious 'roadmap' [CR] - 3D and a square sensor camera - I rather think not ;-)

November 17th All quiet in rumours land as far as I can see.

15th Australian price cuts - probably a currency move, but worth looking out for elsewhere.

EOS-1Ds Mark III $11,999 $10,999 -$1,000
EOS-1D Mark III $6,499 N/A N/A
EOS 5D Mark II Premium Kit $6,299 $5,499 -$800
EOS 5D Mark II Body $4,799 $3,999 -$800
EF 24mm f/1.4 II USM $2,799 $2,549 -$250
EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM $3,549 $2,999 -$550
EF 135mm f/2L USM $1,879 $1,649 -$230
EF 200mm f/2 LII IS USM $8,199 $8,149 -$50
EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM $8,229 $7,499 -$730
EF 400mm f/4 DO IS USM $11,179 $8,249 -$2,930

EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM $13,709 $12,499 $1,210
EF 500mm f/4L IS USM $11,699 $10,499 -$1,200
EF 600mm f/4 IS USM $15,299 $13,999 -$1,300
EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM $18,999 $16,999 -$2,000
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM $2,599 $2,299 -$300
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM $2,199 $2,079 -$120
EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM $4,399 $3,699 -$700
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM $3,149 $2,699 -$450

13th Canon release 1D MkIV white paper - useful background read [PDF]

12th We're told that Canon is about to release a new price list in Australia. The prices of the 5D2 and 1Ds3 are set to drop noticeably (1Ds3 ~10%)

  • Thanks too for all the comments about iPhone use ;-)

11th We've reviewed the Ricoh GX100 and 200 in the past and I've really liked the designs. It's interesting to see Ricoh come up with a genuinely different approach to small digital cameras - I've got some more details on the APS-C Compact page and certainly do hope to get a look at one when they are around.

  • On a different note - I've just won an iPhone 3Gs - trouble is, I just don't use mobile devices. I'd really appreciate comments from photographers as to how they find such a device useful?
    ...for photography - I'm not into organising the rest of my life yet ;-)
    Any thoughts? - Feel free to leave a comment/suggestion on the blog

8th As expected, all has gone quiet on the rumour front. Despite a few suggestions of lens pre-announcements later this month, we've had nothing detailed suggesting anything new until January.

Even our regular, Canon Medium Format, Canon microEF (Canon's answer to micro 4/3) and 3D rumour sources have gone into hibernation after the 7D and 1D4 announcements - these reflect things that Canon has seriously looked at for some time (we're told), but is still waiting for the right market conditions before moving from engineering test to production testing.

October 26th With camera announcements over for the year, what's next on the list? - If I get any more detailed tips, I'll put them in the listings for the particular cameras.

The 1000D dates from June 08, and does not have any video. A 2000D (or whatever) with 12MP and basic HD video looks likely.

The 60D is a likely arrival earlier in the year (50D announced end Aug 08) Add HD video to a 50D, but not too much to overtake the 7D.

The 500D only dates from March this year, so a 550D could be later in the Spring.

The 1Ds4 can then comfortably wait until a pre Photokina announcement (see also today's comments/speculation).

Oh, and there is the 3D - think full frame 7D Probably not until after the 1Ds4 opens up a hefty MP gap above the 5D2. Will Canon produce a 'big pixel' FF cam?

US 'instant' rebates announced - Canon info

Runs until January the 16th - lenses and flashes

The full list is:

20th Amongst the announcements today, we noticed the new versions of wireless for the 1D4 -and- 5D2, full details on the 5D2 page. Also, a video firmware update is on its way for the 5D2

Interesting to note that the 1D4 is using dual Digic4 - no sign on Digic V yet

DPP has been updated to v3.7.2, however I've heard of some issues with OSX 10.6 - these are covered on our Canon software page

Just in case you wondered, we do have pages for the 3000D, 650D, 80D, 6D, 8D, 9D, 5D mark 4

14th The EVF gets closer - how long until we see it in what could be an 'introductory level' SLR?

Epson announce their contribution (0.47" diagonal 800x600)

Press info at Epson

13th 1000D firmware update.

11th One I missed from when on holiday... The 35MP Sony A1r - 35MP on a FF sensor [1k1]

If it were so, then what say you a 35MP sensor for the Nikon D4?

2009 October 8th Good presentation by Tim Smith of Canon about 5D2 video (made before 7D announcement) - suggests that the response to the video capabilities took Canon a bit by surprise.

Note - link is to a QT movie, it takes a while to load - list of all clips at a DCS meeting here.

Lots of interesting comments... made me think that my future 1Ds4 is going to be rather special in its video capabilities - even if I've never really got into video

The 20th is being mentioned for some Canon announcements, but no firm info (1D4 page) appear...

2009 September 29th No big announcements today, although Canon and Adobe did make an announcement about digital document workflows

Of more interest is Canon's decision not to attend PMA this spring in the US [PDN] - I suspect we might be hearing that they are not going to be at Focus in the UK, where they've only recently returned after some years absence.

So we're left with Photokina in 2010...

  Sensor  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
- - - - 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Flagship Full       1Ds 1Ds Mk II 1Ds Mk III 1D X 1DX II
APS-H     1D 1D Mk II 1D IIn 1D Mk III 1D Mk IV              
Video                             1D C            
High Full                               5Ds/5Ds R        
            5D 5D Mk II 5D Mk III 5D Mk4
APS-C                     7D 7D Mk II        
'Better'  Full                             6D          
APS-C D30 D60 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 60D 70D 80D        
Mid APS-C         300D
Kiss Digital
Rebel XT
Kiss N
Kiss X
Micro APS-C                           100D SL1 X7          
Entry APS-C                   1000D Rbl XS Kiss F 1100D Rebel T3 X50 1200D T5 X70 1300D T6        
APS-C                                     M5
                            M M2 M3        

Note: dates start in announcement quarter, not shipping dates.

Video capable 4k | Digic | Digic 2 | Digic 3 dual | Digic 4 dual | Digic 5 dual | Digic 6 dual | Digic 7 dual

Looking for Canon stuff? - Type in a camera or lens name and see if what you want is currently on eBay...

26th Back from holiday - the travel blog was delayed after some laptop issues, but I'm adding new photos over the next week.

24th Interesting 7D stuff in this month's CPN newsletter.

19th Perhaps from the land of wishful thinking - a RAW video recording mode for the 5D2 and 7D [Red]

18th Still on holiday and the travel blog is somewhat delayed :-)

No news on the mystery announcement at the end of the month, but I've seen it suggested that we will finally see in-body IS in a new low end camera. I know that Canon have looked at this for a while.

This from a big chunk of info we had earlier on this year (Feb - see below)

  • "In body IS testing shows it works well, test cameras are now going out with '2nd gen' versions for reliability testing. Both Nikon and Canon can now build cameras with this - but as to seeing in a camera, it's still a 'who blinks first' situation with regard to perceived user demand. Both see it as a potential threat to lucrative high end lens sales. The current Canon system works fine with all lenses and automatically turns off if an IS lens is detected."

14th Back somewhere with internet access - so just updating some of my holiday pics :-) A UK travel blog of sorts

Sony may have announced a new FF CCD chip at 38MP [PR]

  • It is expected to come out the next year in a high resolution studio Alpha camera. This camera is expected to be the same level as the Leica S2 (but much cheaper I guess). No anti-aliasing filter, electronic shutter with high flash sync with a new anti-blooming structure. Also, new Carl Zeiss and Sony G prime lenses will be announce with this camera.

...but following a DPR thread, suggests that it's not a chip we'll see in a DSLR any time soon.

For some time, our more direct sources from Canon have suggested that Canon see Sony as a much bigger long term threat to their 'pro' business than Nikon.

Sony themselves have deliberately avoided putting the A800 into the 'pro' category, knowing that it takes a lot more than just supplying cameras with sufficient specs to break into this market.

Whilst our Canon MF rumours have gone very cold of late, we still get the odd one suggesting that Sony wants to enter this market with a bang - and no doubt much to the consternation of existing MF players.

One rationale we had suggested, was that Canon don't have any presence there, so establishing a 'pro' status was easier to buy into in the MF market.

2009 September 13th Keith's on holiday for a while, so updates are likely to be delayed a bit :-)

canon box and red sheet10th Not a 1Ds4 we're told - next summer at the earliest for that.

9th Speculation mounts as to what the mystery Cardboard box is from Canon.

It's appeared in a purported Swedish flyer for an event on the 29th [CR]

What's in the box? Canon's APS-C compact, the 1Dx, Canon Medium format or a camera with built in mobile phone?

As you can see - it's a box...

The Canon press event on the 29th?

From a Swedish forum [FS] [post 696 approx translation - thanks!]

I just receive an invitation for a press event at Canon on the 29 of September. "During the fall, Canon will have one of its biggest and most important releases in the history of the company..."

A new copier? a 1D4? More info on the 1D4 page

Meanwhile the Leica M9 and X1 are announced - previews at DPR, along with a factory tour ;-)

  • 8th In our flurry of 1D4 comments yesterday we also heard that Canon is working on a new radio based (2.4GHz?) flash system tied in to advances in WFT options (grips etc)
  • We've been sent (thanks) a 45 page brochure for the Leica M9 which looks to be a jolly nice camera.
  • 2nd Lot's of other camera announcements at this time of the year, although I note Leica are waiting until the 9th to release the M9 (FF should be interesting with all those old non retrofocus design lenses) Leica M9 and X1 info [LR]
  • As expected, the 7D has created a storm on the forums, with lots of people happy to display their assorted lack of knowledge in no uncertain terms. I'm reading so much about some so called 'diffraction limit' that I'm worried my lenses won't ever be capable of working at f/16 again... ;-) So much I see is 'not even wrong' :-)
  • On the rumours front, the 7D has raised interest (again) in a 3D. At the moment I don't see a gap in the lineup for it and we've had no solid info for a while. 7Dmk2 for photokina 2012?

2009 September

  • 1st 7D released - all info on 7D page
    ...this page is now the main rumours page.
  • Many people had said to expect two DSLRs, this has raised suggestions again that the 1D4 may be announced sooner than next January.
  • There's an interesting sensor capabilities chart at FM that indicates some trends in sensor specs
  • There's still the 1000D ugrade (2000D) and the 60D some time...
  • Some 5D2 owners are even wondering about when the 5D3 arrives - about two years is our current estimate.

August 31st

  • A somewhat chopped up version of the 7D press release appears [Mo1 or via Google]
  • Several other translations are worth having a look at [POTN]
  • "The production process of this new sensor solves the problem of high pixel density causing pixels to lose light gathering ability by increasing the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the new photosites. In improving the pixel sensitivity at the same time the transistors within a pixel were modified to achieve a higher Signal to noise ratio. Additionally this sensor uses gapless microlens technology. The EOS 7D features a base ISO range of 100-6400, expandable to ISO 12800. Signal transmission is accomplished with 8-channels of data, compared to the EOS 50D this makes the sensor 1.3 times faster and allowed the EOS 7D to achieve its 8 frame per second shooting rate."

A more condensed version [POTN]

Expect a lot of technical advances to debut in this camera, giving a lot of clues as to what we'll see when the 1D Mk4 appears

* Remember, it's still all rumours...

UPDATE - We're told the box pic below is a fake [POTN] :-) However we missed the purported 7D sample images (also faked)

  • A new box photo appears on a Spanish blog [BF] I've sharpened the photo below to show up the lettering a bit more.
  • EOS 7d in boxNote it's the 18-135 kit version. 18.1MP Dual DiGIC 4 6400 ISO 8.3 fps 3" screen Liveview.
  • Additional info in the article says: 19 point AF (8 cross), 100% VF 1.0x, LV with face detect, 63 zone ifcl metering, Virtual horizon, Flash

30th When is APS-C not APS-C - when it's 1.45x crop rather than 1.6x?

  • At DPR there is a comment suggesting that the new camera will be a new size (for Canon) giving pretty much the same pixel density as the 50D
  • No more new pics as yet...
  • Mind you, there's already plenty of talk on forums about how bad the camera specs are - lots of naysayers pointing out how 18MP on an APS-C effectively means the end of the world.
  • Rather too many people showing how having minimal knowledge of sensor engineering or physics is no bar to dismissing the performance of an as yet unseen camera :-)
  • We first published our guide to forum rumour reactions a few years ago, when waiting for some camera that didn't appear...
#1 Have you seen this?
#2 What do they know
#3 FAKE!
#4 Could you elaborate on xxx
#5 Jeez, cant you people just get out more
#6 You don't have to read it
#7 Those that really know can't say
#8 7D Mk2 AF issues
#9 Is that all?
#10 I'm switching to Nikon
#11 It probably back / front focuses
#12 What no built in pro AF
#13 Why not 1.3 crop all cameras should be 1.3 crop
#14 Why not full frame - Canon are ripping is off again
#15 Its going to be so noisy I'll have to keep my 20D
#16 The more MP are a waste, the lenses can't resolve that
#17 It's all lies from from crazy fan boy
#18 What, no built in IS:
#19 I'll have to be the first to own one
#20 Why would anyone want one

As you read through yet another 7D forum thread, why not tick them off as they appear?


In a burst of activity, more info and pics start appearing

On a Chinese [FN] board specs and the picture below

EOS7d and lenses

We've been sent some prices [thanks] $1699 and 1299 Euros - no UK price yet

I see that some are still claiming it's FF or APS-H... I think not.

The lens information certainly suggests a body that takes EF-S lenses, but the poster/box leaves enough wiggle room for more suggestions (although I'm minded to believe it).

We were sent this a few weeks ago (along with a -lot- more unsourced comments)

"7D is Pro-Crop, Dual DIGIC IV, 18.2 MP CMOS, 8 FPS, 19 All cross + 26 Hidden AF Points, 3 Inch LCD, 24/25/30/60 Frames per sec FHD/HD Movie, Electronic Focus Screen, Vertical & Horizontal Electronic Level-meter, Reveal @ 2nd Sep 2009."

In view of the similarity to what's just appeared in rumourland, I do have to admit that if it is 18MP, then I'll happily take back my earlier scepticism, and look forward to what comes in the 1D4 and 1Ds4 :-)

Meanwhile at a German price comparison site there is an alternate spec... 'only' 51 AF points

Canon EOS 7D - digital camera - DSLR - 16.7 Mpix - CMOS - AF points: 51 - DIGIC 4 - 1/8000 s - Burst mode: 5 frames per second - ISO 100 to 6400 (max 12800) - LCD: 3 " - GPS - body only - supported memory: CF, SD, Microdrive

I note that you can even add your own reviews of the '7D' - Oh, I see they've got a picture too - think original 5D with the 5 replaced with a 7

BTW - Just published the first full review of the new Spyder3Print SR print profiling system. I know lots of people enjoy the rumours pages, but it's the articles and reviews I put the most effort into. If you're curious about colour management, do check some of the non rumour content here - hope you find it of interest.

28th - Pre August 7D rumours, now on Archive page

7D box or posterYes, it's a 7D crop camera - in a leaked set of lens info there is the phrase (Google xlation)

"High-tech and lightweight, these two lenses as a cost-effective to EOS 7D, led by APS-C size digital SLR camera EOS new partner, is the choice not to be missed."

The 7D box/poster from SLRC

(BTW 18MP is 46MP FF equivalent, so expect a 30+MP 1Ds4 next year)

This camera will challenge the abilities of a lot of cheaper lenses

Note - once the 7D is officially announced, we'll reorganise the rumours pages to give the 7D its own page.

2009 August 27th In the 'well, no-one was expecting that' category, Sony have announced the Full frame 24MP A850.

Frame rate is down a bit on the A900, and the viewfinder is only 98%.

Sony A850Press info and full specs at DPR

In a refinement, 7D specs at CR are put at:

26th A bit more info we just received:

Next week is the launch of a new 'semi-pro' crop camera.

xD Design aims were:

Market segment

What's more the suggestion is that the 60D is indeed now on an 18 month replacement cycle...

60D Feb 2010. 50D like, but with an all new sensor emphasising low light performance. Upgraded AF (more points). Improved LV as per xD. DiGIC V. Focus on improving 'in-camera' image processing. Look for new

interface aimed at offering much higher quality 'point&click' options in xxD and lower cameras. Canon is looking at better images for jpeg users ;-)

1D4 Feb 2010 (3yr). Dual Processor - still likely 1.3 crop. New 'Pro' AF module. Extra AF points but much easier to use. Also aims to provide vastly better AF from LV.

1Ds4 August 2010 (3yr) As per 1D4, but aim for big jump to 'MF Class' sensor (dynamic range & bit depths)

From the same source as yesterday... The Swedish Kamera & Bild site is saying they've got an invite to a Canon press event on the 1st of September.

  • I've looked carefully and this time it seems to be a current article - Sorry again for yesterday's mishap, but I was glad to see we were not alone in making the initial error ;-)

Apart from mention of the invite, there is general 7D/60D speculation on the K&B page.

We've had several more comments of late that there will not be a 1D4 until next year, although it could just mean not at the next press event.

2009 August 25th Whoops - must remember to check what we're sent a bit more thoroughly when working on something else. The Swedish item is from last year :-)

Announcement tomorrow? The Swedish Kamera&Bild site is saying they got an invite to a Canon press event tomorrow. They still mention a possible 22nd September announcement too.

23rd Lot's of suggestions for press dates... take your pick :-)

A more credible source points to Tuesday the 1st of September for an 'interesting' press conference day. One for Canon, one for another company and a third just putting out a product announcement. They also confirmed the 25th (next week) for Sony, and 9th Sept. for Leica (FF M9).

Just to show nothing's certain at the moment we also get the 9th marked as Canon's release by some - guess we'll know for sure in a few weeks.

Oh, and a French magazine suggests the 25th (Tuesday) for the 1D MkIV

We've also heard that Epson will be announcing the SP3800 replacement (3880 - picture) for IFA in Berlin (4th-9th Sept) - Any consumer oriented cameras from Canon would probably have been announced by then. No info of the 3880 yet, but it looks like the 3800 and uses the Ultrachrome K3 vivid Magenta ink set that's found in our 7880

2009 August 22nd We've now had several comments saying that there is an event next week (25th), however we've had no direct confirmation. The other press event predicted for next week (28th) is for Sony, where an FF A850 is a popular bet.

We were sent (thanks) a multi level 'Foveon style' sensor patent from Canon from earlier this year [USP 20090008735]

"...proposes a photo-detection method that uses a two-dimensionally laminated image sensor in which a pixel has a multilayer structure and the three colors of RGB are detected at different depths utilizing differences in the absorption coefficients of Si. In this two-dimensionally laminated image sensor, a high S/N ratio can be expected because photo detectors having a spectroscopic function are arranged and loss of light due to the presence of a color filter does not occur"

More Canon patents to trawl through at LP. You can get full PDFs of some patents by entering the patent number at pat2pdf

Of course such technology might not appear for a while (if at all), but expect a few technology related rabbits to be pulled from the hat to liven up forthcoming product announcements.

If you read though the details, then there is even mention of a 7,680 rows and 4,320 columns sensor.

Anyone for a 33MP 1Ds4 next year with 'full colour' sensor ;-)

2009 August 21st We're told (thanks) of a Spanish store mentioning a new camera on its way

CMOS, self cleaning sensor, 8.5 FPS 'Full frame' (?)

The picture though looks like a xxD with 17-55 lens

I note an offer on 1Ds3 prices in Australia, which only runs until the 15th of September [1Ds4 page]

Whilst checking up on the 'pro' end of things I was told to expect the 1D MkIV and a Macro lens with IS pretty soon and a 'couple of other things not even rumoured yet' - of course they might have not yet seen the 7D/60D rumour outbreak of the last few days ;-)

20th top view of 7DDo we have a picture of the top plate of the 7D or is it a 60D?

For those wondering about a pop-up flash and FF, there is the D700 to consider and the EOS 7e further down this page, which also had Eye Control Focus.

The picture to the right is from a Taiwan forum, yesterday's (below) originally appeared on a Korean forum.

  • Curious how two pictures of an all new camera leak out at the same time as all the rumour momentum might have been slowed by the appearance of those compact cameras and the talking printer ;-)

Compare the full size pictures on the 60D page

EOS 7e top view

EOS 7 top view

2009 August 19th It's worth noting that the recent 'Best Buy' info contained additional details about a range of small Canon cameras, which have just been announced.

Does this up the likelihood of the 7D (with 28-135 lens in the kit) being for real? If the photo below is reliable, expect plenty more rumours over the coming weeks (although we've also had it suggested that next week could see an announcement)

A whole slew of small Canon cameras are announced today [DPR]

Oh, and you didn't want a new SLR - you wanted a 'talking printer'...

It's worth noting the 'return of the S series' Not quite an APS-C compact yet...

September the 2nd is the next date we've had suggested...

No announcements yet (13:30 UK), but a '7D' pic appears at DPR

Pop up flash -and- microphone holes... :-)

For good measure...

At PCHome, the new 7D is suggested as a budget 12MPs FF with 3" OLED, 3.9fps and priced at $1800 (from FA)

There's also some Powershot G11 info (DPI) 'Only' 10MP - a good sign?

18th Another comment that there will be a 'pro crop' - 2nd September, and it -will- be 18.2MP.

  • Whilst on the subject of pixel density, we've just published David Goldstein's full article about the physical limits in digital photography - how physics limits camera design. This is an updated version of his earlier article, based on further research and comments received here. It's a long article (available as a PDF too), but if you're in a hurry, the conclusions are well worth noting.

17th How about a 'pro crop' camera? - this one turns up every so often. The latest (unsourced) '7D' comment we had looked good at 8fps, 19+26 AF etc. Unfortunately the sensor at 18.2 MP, if 1.6 crop, reflects the FF equivalent of 46.6MP, which I wouldn't expect for a while yet.

  • Yes, it's silly season for rumours, so read what you find in forums and all those freshly created 'rumours sites' with a suitable degree of skepticism :-)

2009 August 16th In a comment from one of our more frequent sources (thanks), we're told that the prospect of another 'line' of SLRs (i.e. the 7D) is considered unlikely and that the current makeup of Canon's range is considered to be a relatively good match to consumer/pro demand. Suffice to say, the interest we've heard attributed to various Canon sources is talking up what's coming in the 'pro' areas rather than elsewhere. Being able to point to the top pro cameras is very important to senior people at Canon in Japan.

We've been told several times in the past that a 'third' FF camera 1/5/x? was being looked at, but was very dependent on how sales of Canon's range and competitors were going.

At the moment, we'd be pleasantly suprised to see a '7D' this week.

EOS 7E film camera7D speculation continues - and thanks for all the suggestions ;-)

  • I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were right (Digic V or Digic IV or even - FF/APS-H/APS-C) but I'm getting that many conflicting snippets from previously unknown sources, that it's difficult to convey any consensus.
    As ever, comments are never attributed, but I'm much more likely to print a rumour if people provide a return address (that works) and it is not littered with spelling mistakes.
  • Anonymous comments need some pretty detailed stuff, rather than some of the cobbled together wish-lists that regularly turn up ;-)
  • Recently we've had a return of that old 7D favourite, Eye controlled focus. As seen in the 7E below. Whilst in the other direction we have suggestions that the EVF (electronic view finder) is about to appear...

15th Lot's of 7D speculation filling forums, but no real info, although it's worth pointing out that the original BB rumour has it appearing in kit form with the 11 year old EF 28-135 (from our list of Canon lenses since 1987)

14th A bit of confirmation of the Best Buy 7D info? Someone at DPR checks the UPC codes [DPR]

  • The '7D' is one of those 'rumour cameras' that's been around for some time, though not as long as the fabled '3D'
  • The question I ask myself is that given how well the 5D2 is selling, how many 5D2 purchasers would go for a cheaper FF camera, as opposed to people who wouldn't buy a 5D2 but would buy a cheaper FF camera?
  • Selling a few more cameras at a lower profit margin might be a risk, unless you thought they would buy lots of new lenses at the same time...

Doubles all round! [Private Eye, passim.] in the Canon press office, as Canon takes its turn to win three "highly respected awards by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA)"

"The Canon EOS 500D won European SLR Camera 2009-2010, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was recognised as the European Advanced Camera 2009-2010 and the Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II was awarded European Photo Printer 2009-2010"

Now personally, I don't know anyone who's ever gone "hey, this bit of kit won an EISA award, so it must be good", however I do know enough about the world of marketing to know that the kudos and prospect of a well expensed trip to an awards ceremony is no trivial matter...

But seriously ;-) ...I've just been looking at Canon print technology for an upcoming review of the iPF6100, and I have to say, the results were very good.

2009 August 13th 7D on the Best Buy inventory? [CR]

"...the Best Buy inventory system has the 7D in it. The body is listed at $2699.99 with a UPC of 013803117493 and the Canon model number of 3814B004. The kit with a EF 28-135, which seems strange to me is selling for $2899.99 and has a model of 3814B010 UPC of 013803117530...."

12th 'Full frame' M9 from Leica on show in Japan?

We're told that the Japanese market is important enough to Leica, that a few people have been given cameras.

Click on image for higher res version.

** Do notice though, that the lens reflection is the standard one used by DPR - often used in photoshopped 'fakes'. I've also seen it noted that the lens serial number is the same.
No cigar for this effort I fear ;-)

Meanwhile, according to a French site [OB] it will be available in September for 5500 euros ~18MP

Whilst looking at the niche markets, how about a Zeiss rangefinder camera with a Sony sensor? [ZR]

11th A Swedish magazine [KB] confirms the 19th of August for a press conference.

They're expecting another event for the 1D3 replacement, and 24-70 2.8L IS and 70-200 2.8L IS

We've even had a different suggestion (thanks) that there will be no SLRs on the 19th and that all SLRs will be later, in September...

An improved flash system? I notice that a Canon UK pro dealer (Fixation) has the 580EX II flash on offer, but lists it as 'limited stock'.

We were told some time ago that Canon noted some perceived weaknesses in its flash system, particularly in remote triggering.

Time for ETTL III?

We were sent the Fixation info (thanks) that also point to the 70-200 2.8L as 'limited stock' - this lens has been on the replacement radar of late.

2009 August 10th There's a Canon press conference on the 19th (60D?), and a Sony one on the 28th (A850?)

As for upcoming Sony FF cameras, how about: [PR]

Sony A950 with backlit 24.6Mp Exmor sensor @ $3k
Sony A850 with 24.6 Mp @ $2k
Sony A750 with 14MP backlit sensor @ $1200.00

7th A DSLR on the 19th? [zoom - Danish]

A 60D and something else? - well, the 1000D replacement might be due, and there's always the 7D or a load of point 'n' click cameras. The site promises more info to come.

A 1D4 would probably get its own announcement.

6th Last year we noted a Sony press release about using back lit sensors. These have long been used in astronomical applications and rely on reducing the thickness of the sensor chip after it's been produced, and can offer a doubling in sensitivity. The downside is production cost. Sony have now introduced a version into two consumer cameras [DPR]

Whilst this is a Sony technology, similar processes may appear elsewhere...

5th For the 7D we've had an update saying that it will be:

APS-C, ~15MP, dual Digic IV, 8FPS and 100% viewfinder.

The xxD and new xD rumours go back a long way ;-) At the foot of this page note this 2005 comment:

"Brian Worley, product manager of D-SLR cameras at Canon Europa, said that it's a long way before all EOS models will have a full size sensor, but Canon's aim is to equip all models, except the cheapest, with a 35mm sensor in the future."

  • On a personal note, could I ask that anyone interested in professional photographers' organisations have a look at the thread in the Ecademy forum at:
  • I mentioned this in a blog article yesterday evening and was threatened with legal action by a Mr Phil Jones of the SWPP within half an hour. The organisation involved, claimed it is untrue, however were unwilling to offer any response. My amended blog article, reminding people to always read the fine print, has comments from the person the SWPP unsucessfully tried to sue, along with details of the court judgement against the SWPP (which will become a matter of public record before long).
  • I always wondered when the first post I made here would get noises involving lawyers, I'd always assumed it would be connected with a rumour, rather than reporting something on another forum...

2009 August 4th After a couple of days without one, I notice another stab at a 7D spec [DPR]

Probably another wishlist, but actually one I wouldn't mind as a 'low light' spare camera for when I didn't want a 1 series camera with me. 12.7MP is fine since I still use my original 1Ds sometimes.

2nd Lots of info on the Sony A850 has appeared [PCA] after a leaked PDF manual appears.

24MP and 3fps in an A900 body

See also DyX for more info.

We've had numerous comments about the assorted 7D rumours of late, but nothing solid yet :-)

1st Just to complete the set, we've now had a comment (thanks) that the 7D will be firmly aimed at the D300s and will be:

As has been noted elsewhere, this is the 'silly season' for rumours and we've no confirmation of any of these new sets of specs. Thanks to everyone sending info - we will try and get confirmation, but as it says at the top of the page, these are RUMOURS.

2009 July 31st Some alternate info on a 7D from a Chinese forum. A post claiming to have been present when Jackie Chan was filming an advert for the 7D was pulled. The camera was said to be similar to the 5D2 in design.

In another (quickly pulled) post the specs were mentioned as "FF, 15mega pixels, 200000 - 250000 JPD, 13AF points , dual slot and Digic 5 "

A cheaper FF camera?

30th We've been sent assorted info for the 60D and 7D [thanks]

The 7D specs were:

No idea about this one - usual rumours caveats apply! Most specs look more '1D' like

As widely expected a D300s and D3000 are announced. Specs etc at DPR. A new version of Nikon's 70-200 2.8 is also announced.

29th A big Canon event in the UK is set for the end of October, no doubt examples of new kit will be on show...

"The Canon Pro Photo Solutions, which will take place on 27-28 October, is the most comprehensive exhibition of Canon Consumer Imaging products ever staged in the UK, Canon claims.

The free event is aimed at professional photographers and will highlight Canon's offering from image capture to printing. It will be divided into four zones - input featuring digital SLR, digital video and pro lenses; software; output, featuring Canon print solutions; and business support solutions.

Visitors will be able to gain hands-on experience of Canon's products using an on-site studio, as well and learn from renowned photographers such as Jeff Ascough, Lorenzo Agius, Annabel Williams and founder of the Frontline Club, Vaughan Smith."

25th This coming Thursday (30th) expect to hear about the Nikon D300S and D3000 - The D300s probably won't add much (HD movie mode, built-in mic and stereo audio input, dual SD and CF slots) [NR]

We're told that the D300s is a key target for the 60D, although whether Canon is prepared to put enough 'pro' features into an xxD model remains to be seen.

22nd In the interesting ideas category, I'd add Fuji's 3D camera and viewer see also DPR

21st Are Sony going to announce a second FF camera? Sightings of different model numbers at a Sony site, including the A850, have fuelled this [DPR]

2009 July 14th In what sounds a classic wishlist camera [CR], there's a comment about a new 12MP 1.3x crop sensor camera with 1-series derived AF system.

Is it an xD or an xxD?

Note that there are lots of sites embroidering the CR info, without attributing it, so expect to see lots of similar stuff to this [Ex]. Read what it says on the CR site and then notice the subtle differences/conflation of the second article.

We've not had any info on anything like this since the picture and info we were sent in early June.

This is what we were told earlier this year, from one of our regular sources

  • Second Prosumer FF (7D or 3D)
  • The designs for the second prosumer FF are still being worked on but no release date is planned yet. Canon are (even more) waiting for market demand for FF to justify the new model cycle (still seen as when rather than if).
  • Canon have watched the market share of Nikon with the D700 and D3 as well as the D3X. They see the D700 as having eaten into D3 sales rather than expanding the FF market much.
  • Needless to say, this isn't what they want to do.
  • A new FF model below the 5D II is not seen as viable, since once the 60D is out the 5D II is like a FF 60D. This would mean even more cripling of features, which they would rather not do.
  • If they go 'more pro' with features (e.g. pro autofocus but not the pro body etc), the concern is about loosing sales of the highly profitable 1Ds III.
  • The replacements in the 1D series are targeted to be a sufficient 'step up' (from a marketing POV) that Canon could have room for an 'in between' FF.
  • Pro 1.6 crop
  • It also seems that a 'pro' level 1.6 crop is not out of the question. There is much work on a new AF technology with the potential for super high frame rates. Canon is quietly assessing the demand for this with prototypes, think tanks etc. The word is that this is something that is driven from the top.
  • This would give sports and bird shooters etc a 20 FPS plus (with mirror up) 1.6 crop (plus movie mode etc) weather sealed pro focus camera.

9th In the US, the 'EOS Instant Rebate (Lens/Speedlite) Promotion' will be extended from July 11th to August 8th.

The 'EOS Camera Bundle Instant Savings' will end as planned on July 11th.

I should note that I've not seen this on Canon's web site, the info coming from B&H

2009 July 8th Another week, but still no new kit or meaty rumours :-(

The Canonrumours site (404) is just having site problems, no black helicopters involved (or shoulld that be white helicopters?)

On the site here, we're starting our guest articles with an in-depth one about the Physical Limits in Digital Photography - How does the physics of light limit camera design?

We are also linking this to our blog, so that in future people will be able to comment on our articles/reviews, as well as shorter blog posts.

We'd love to expand our guest articles, so if you've an idea for a technical/photographic article, let us know and we'll see what we can do. We will take care of layout etc, so really, we just need the text and some pictures. The site had over 5 million unique visitors last year, so your article has a big potential audience. More info on article writing

4th Happy July 4th to US visitors - here's our own refurbished Statue of Liberty - just down the road from our office ;-)

No rumours of sustance I'm afraid but I did notice this thread [POTN] which reflects a question I regularly get asked given my use of tilt lenses.

Why not produce a tilt sensor camera? Apart from the horrendous mechanical issues (think of the shutter) I've always wondered how the R&D costs would be recovered from the few thousand people who might actually want it enough to fork out the not inconsiderable cost it would come in at. If you want this sort of camera then you can afford to buy an MF back for a view camera - if you can't afford it, then there is always my $20 view camera adapter that you can make to learn about movements ;-)

June 29th You will have video...

Whether you feel that video on DSLRs is an annoyance, a gimmick, or a real game changer, Sony are saying that it's going to be an essential aspect of DSLR design. [CNET]

It also emerges that Sony too are looking at the compact interchangeable lens camera market.

Meanwhile [PR] there is interesting talk of two Sony FF DSLRs this summer.

  • "two new full frame Sony DSLRs coming out this August: one will be pro, above the current a900 model and another one that is suppose to be very cheap, under $1000."

Certainly might hasten the arrival of more FF options from Canon...

17th Minor updates are noted (thanks) for DPP for the Mac and the Windows versions of some software are said to have newer dates. There are minor updates quite often, but a new version of software to support any new camera such as the 2000D might be in order.

15th Numerous sites are now showing the 40D as discontinued [POTN]

14th Not just copiers - Canon to release over a hundred products this year [K&B - Google xlation from Swedish]

13th The Canon iPhone app from onOne is updated to support a few more cameras.

10th Canon have updated the collection of 'White papers' on various cameras (goes back to the 20D)

5th As expected, this particular rumour gets them going on DPR.

The lens is part rotated to obscure markings but looks very much like the 85/1.2

2009 June 4th How about a new 'x'D camera?

Not a 1D and not a 60D... or so we're told (thanks)

Some specs too

A marketing 'name' is supposedly 'The lord of darkness' - no doubt alluding to low light performance rather than any other features :-)

We were sent a pic too - move your mouse over it to see a PS curve adjustment applied.

Bigger version of pic at Flkr

No idea whatsoever about this one - it just turned up in the mail... All items always appreciated :-)

  • Site note: I've just set up a Blog on the site - for news/info/views - basically for 'photography stuff' that doesn't fit into our longer article and review formats.

May 26th A cheaper FF sensor from Sony? DPR thread with link to Spanish Sony interview.

24th Interesting article about the SLR market, and in particular, pricing and availability for lenses.

Certainly ties in with a lot of comments we've received from dealers large and small in the UK.

Bottom line is not to expect to see the sort of prices we paid for lenses back in 2007/8 for some time to come...

21st The well leaked Pentax K7 is announced. There is a good overview at DPR

A rather small camera...

camera size comparisons

What struck me about reading the specs were several features that a follow-up to the 50D could do with, such as 100% VF and weather sealing. Hopefully some of the features appearing in the competition might push Canon on to put a bit more into the 60D ;-)

Then again the K7 is not cheap...

20th At last, a use for an iPhone - control your Canon DSLR

I know some people couldn't live without them, but I don't even use text on my mobile and since I'm in the office, don't have it switched on (or, for that matter, know exactly where it is) :-)

May 18th I'm on holiday in Suffolk, so a slightly slower rumours service since last week... back later this week.

However, as expected, Sony bring out 3 more Alphas - aimed at the lower end of the market - tons of info on DPR.

15th The latest tech-tips from Chuck W is out and has a good collection of info on AF and other useful stuff.

11th Look out too for a 'top end' Pentax K series (PS - German Google translation) Pentax teaser (Japan), assorted snippets [1k1]

10th More Sony DSLR info at PB.

May 8th Looks like Sony have been quite busy on the SLR front and will be announcing some additions to the range before long.

Alpha A230, A330, and A380? Some time in the next week or so?

Several sources of info: PS (Google Xlt from German), PCA - Alpha 330 info.

April 30th US Instant Rebates.

3rd May to 11th July

Camera Bodies


Flash Units

24th When looking at novel sensor developments Fuji has often been ahead of the actual cameras they've put them in. There is mention of them looking at using SuperCCD EXR technology for large DLSR sensors [DPR].

April 20th Hot from the presses, we hear that Canon has won no less than 5 TIPA awards...

"The TIPA voting panel, which meets annually to select the best photo and imaging products of the year, selected the Canon EOS 5D Mark II as “Best D-SLR Expert in 2009”, the Canon PowerShot G10 as the “Best Expert Compact in 2009” and the “Best Professional Lens in 2009” award went to the Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L. Additionally, the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II won “Best Expert Photo Printer in 2009” and the Canon LEGRIA HF S10 took the “Best Expert HD Camcorder in 2009” prize. "

Of course it would be scurilous mischief to suggest that such 'awards' tend to be awarded to different manufacturers each year when it's their turn, as much influenced by the advertising departments of the various publications involved.

Still I expect they will have a nice gala event to bestow the various gongs (above) along with all the gushing sincerity of an Oscars night :-)

19th Those of you who've had trouble with Canon rebates may well appreciate today's Dilbert strip...

There is also a suggestion of a dealer rebate scheme coming in the US in May [CR] - a dealer seemingly discounted some kit in advance of the rebate.

18th DPP gets updated to 3.6.1 [Canon]

12th Many have questioned Canon's abstruse software update policies, which only ever makes updates available.

I've put together a page with info on various update techniques and links to various downloads - hope it's of some use to people? Please feel free to send any more links or workarounds you might know. Perhaps Canon will realise that it's only people with Canon kit that want the software and making loyal customers jump through hoops is pretty poor customer relations. I had this issue re-installing software on my laptop, when I had mislaid the disk that came with my 1Ds3

8th A good interview (i.e. real questions) with Chuck Westfall at CNET.

Video, OLEDs, wireless, and lots more to wonder about ;-)

5th In the US, Ritz Cameras are shutting 300 stores - sale started yesterday - store locations [PDF]

April 1st Nicephotomag claims that they have been told not to mention a new APS-C camera by Canon.

While lots of people expect a large sensor compact some time from Canon, I tend to be wary of material I receive on April 1st ;-)

A date for diaries - the Australian PMA show is in June [II]. Not sure if anything has ever been announced for this one, but how about the 2000D in May

March 31st Several mentions of an APS-C based video camera coming from Canon at CR includes support for EF mount lenses.

I do note the aspects that indicate Canon will only go so far in allowing DSLRs to compete with its video camera offerings.

"Don’t expect EOS vDSLRs to get any better at recording exotic frame rates or get manual control."

30th Numerous price rises in Australia (5D Mk2 b/o $4299 to $4799 - full list from Canon)

25th As expected a 500D and new 270ex flash [500D page]

24th A possible picture of the 500D?

21st Canon SX1 users get RAW support firmware update [Canon]. Link includes processing s/w updates.

19th There is an alternative version of the press invite at PB

Nothing of any solidity about what might appear next week. We've seen a few 'discoveries' of items we suggested last year, so anything new turning up does mean we have to do a bit of a hunt through the archives.

Stock levels seem to be relatively low for several lenses, leading to suggestions that replacements are due - but then someone sends us a pointer to where there is stock.

At CR they had an anonymous comment suggesting a new low end flash (220EX II)

March 15th A quick reminder that like other sites using the Google Adsense advertising system, we have no advance knowledge of what may be displayed - particularly overseas (we are in the UK).

I'm told that 'Pro Photo Nation' was advertising and their ratings at suggest it might be unwise to do business with them.

If you see an add for what you consider a scam, then please do click via the Google link at the foot of any ad block and complain to Google. Unfortunately we can't proactively block content, particularly when it is in a foreign country and the advertisers regularly change details, so as to thwart this.

Thanks again to those alerting us to this.

12th Since we've had several people question the event on the 25th, here's a reduced image of the invite.

canon event in copenhagen

As you can see - not a lot

text fro canon event in copenhagenHere's the text.

The camera being held is an ixus 100 IS.

10th We've just been sent an invite to a Canon event in Copenhagen on the 25th.

The tagline is that they've saved the best of their spring collection until the 25th

The Danish magazine Zoom also has more information [Google translation]

...what? -even better- than the two new T/S lenses? Must be a 500D with video ;-)

PS A word to regular visitors - I've finally had a chance to start tidying up the navigation at the top of articles/reviews/rumours. Hopefully it makes the pages a -bit- less cluttered. There are hundreds of pages on the site, so it's a rolling program of updates.

9th Although we've had comments suggesting a 1D3 update this year, there are others such as CR and our own info at the end of last month, that suggest it may not be till 2010 that the 1D4 is seen.

The latest Canon Tech-tips from the real Chuck Westfall are a available.

7th How about something EOS for the 25th? [POTN]

We've had additional comments saying that there is something, but whether it's a 1D4/3D/7D/500D or something else, we don't know for sure, but for us the money is on a small camera, rather than large one ;-)

March 3rd No signs of anything from Canon, but I did note the new Datacolor SpyderCube - which looks like an updated version of a device I carry round in my camera bag much of the time for whitebalance - we'll have one to look at in detail before too long.

1st PMA starts tomorrow, but as yet no signs of anything more from Canon...

Sony has officially said there will be no new DSLRs [1k1]

February 27th We've had a significant collection of info sent that reflects the way the downturn has pushed back announcements.

Although this is from one of our longer standing sources - we were told that the economic conditions have put much greater uncertainty on timescales.

I'll put general stuff on this page with links to more specific snippets on appropriate pages.

What we were told...

The market

Canon were glad to see the D3x pricing. It could have been pitched $1k or so above the D3 which would have put pressure on the 1Ds3 replacement.

The DSLR market is still growing (just) but there are likely to be more mergers and the like during the year.

Nikon are understood by Canon to have slowed down new model upgrade plans for 2009 / 2010.


The delays mean that Digic V is more likely to be seen (2010 models) This is seen as increasing the number of 'in camera' options for image processing, along with supporting improved liveview and movie mode AF

In body IS testing shows it works well, test cameras are now going out with '2nd gen' versions for reliability testing. Both Nikon and Canon can now build cameras with this - but as to seeing in a camera, it's still a 'who blinks first' situation with regard to perceived user demand. Both see it as a potential threat to lucrative high end lens sales. The current Canon system works fine with all lenses and automatically turns off if an IS lens is detected.

Second Prosumer FF (7D or 3D)

The designs for the second prosumer FF are still being worked on but no release date is planned yet.  Canon are (even more) waiting for market demand for FF to justify the new model cycle (still seen as when rather than if).

Canon have watched the market share of Nikon with the D700 and D3 as well as the D3X. They see the D700 as having eaten into D3 sales rather than expanding the FF market much.

Needless to say, this isn't what they want to do.

A new FF model below the 5D II is not seen as viable, since once the 60D is out the 5D II is like a FF 60D. This would mean even more cripling of features, which they would rather not do.

If they go 'more pro' with features (e.g. pro autofocus but not the pro body etc), the concern is about loosing sales of the highly profitable 1Ds III.

The replacements in the 1D series are targeted to be a sufficient 'step up' (from a marketing POV) that Canon could have room for an 'in between' FF. [surely not the fabled 3D at last! - kc]

Pro 1.6 crop

It also seems that a 'pro' level 1.6 crop is not out of the question. There is much work on a new AF technology with the potential for super high frame rates. Canon is quietly assessing the demand for this with prototypes, think tanks etc. The word is that this is something that is driven from the top.

This would give sports and bird shooters etc a 20 FPS plus (with mirror up) 1.6 crop (plus movie mode etc) weather sealed pro focus camera.

Specific models (follow links for a few more details)

500D - moved to 18 month cycle.

60D - moved to 18 month cycle.

1D4 - Still waiting for the 'all new' AF - aiming for 15-20FPS maybe not till 2010 though.

1Ds4 - D3x price has eased the pressure for a Aug 2009 release.

February 26th We don't normally cover much of the 'point and click' market but after reviewing the Ricoh GX200 last year I've been keeping an eye on what might make it to the next version. Small sensor cameras are running against the megapixel wall, so I was interested to see two aspects of the recently announced CX1 specifically addressed at dynamic range. One was aimed at handling blown out highlights and the second was a built in HDR like mode, taking two pictures in quick succession. Fortunately this isn't aimed at producing the lurid nasty 'HDR look' which seems (hopefully temporarily) popular with some at the moment. A bit more info at DPR

25th It would appear that there are different Ritz camera operations and the situation mentioned on the 23rd needs some clarification - see PB for more detailed info

23rd According to Reuters

"Ritz Camera Centers Inc, which said it is the largest U.S. specialty camera and imaging chain, on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, hurt by the recession and consumers' shift to digital photography."

Ritz (aka Wolf Camera, Kits Cameras, Inkley's and The Camera Shops) is said to owe Nikon over $26m and Canon over $13m

21st It looks as if camera release cycles will fall back to a slower rate for the time being, and the 'update every year' business model will have to wait for the next economic upturn.

Before Christmas, a lot of sources were telling us that the 500D would be announced for PMA - just how far back it's been pushed isn't sure, but if it's ready and in production, then I'd not expect it to be delayed too long.

We've had no recent info on this year's camera releases, but fitting longer release times into this chart from September suggests not much this year

Note - I've only put the 1D3 replacement* for this year, since it might be available before the winter Olympics in 2010 - if so then we were told to expect some new white lenses to go with it.

Camera Date introduced Age Replacement Model
450D, Rebel XSi Feb 2008 18 mths Q2 2009 500D
50D Aug 2008 18/24 mths Q1 2010 or
Q3 2010 (PK)
1D mark 3 Feb 2007 30 mths* Q3 2009 1D 4
1000D, Rebel XS June 2008 18 mths Q1 2010 2000D
1Ds mark 3 Aug 2007 36 mths Q3 2010 (PK) 1Ds 4
5D mark 2 Sept 2008 36 mths Q3 2011 5D Mk 3

We're waiting to hear for more definite info on this, but our last information was heavily laced with caveats concerning the economy and how the strength of the Yen was affecting Canon's sales worldwide.

We're expecting a slowish time on the rumour front over the next few months, but if you subscribe to our Rumours RSS feed - Subscribe , we'll make sure any notable items are flagged there.

BTW - I'll be wandering the halls of Focus in Birmingham on Monday 23rd

February 18th Apart from the two T/S lenses, it looks as if Canon has forsaken the DSLR market this time for new announcements.

Some bits of the UK press releases that caught my eye...

Looks like big price rises in Australia for March 9th [FLKR]

17th The camera announcements are starting, with vast great collections of little boxes [1001], but nothing in the DSLR range (yet)

There were two little Canon cameras appearing on the Canon US site and then vanishing. A PowerShot SD780 IS Digital ELPH and a PowerShot SD960 IS Digital ELPH - both 12MP, Digic IV and video (720p) output. Info at [CR]

16th More info on the new Pocketwizard features (Canon and US only at the moment)

15th Not big enought to go in the MF rumours section, there is a square format 22MP Pentax rumour [DPR] "The newly coined DFX sensor will be a _square-format_ (23.5 x 23.5mm)"

new canon liveview af diagram14th The Canon liveview AF patent is available online. Use it to work out what all those numbers refer to in this diagram that has been doing the rounds in the last week. From this Norwegian article [thanks]

I see from [CR] that a new line of Pocketwizards are due next week.

We're told that the well known FAKEchuckwestfall site is being threatened by a bunch of LA lawyers, on behalf of Canon... Seems that the word FAKE is not prominent enough. There's a copy of the takedown request fax on the page ;-)

  • Whilst I personally find -some- of the FCW stuff a little over the top, I find the approach of going for the hosting company is rather typical of the lowlife scu highly respected lawyers hired by Canon. Perhaps a bigger type size for FAKE and small 'this is satire' notes would help (plus links to an explanation for the hard of understanding).

February 13th UK CPS members in London can get a free sensor clean during 'London Fashion Week' ;-)

  • The CPS support team will be located inside the Photographers Lounge next to the British Fashion Council Tent at the Natural History Museum in London on 20th to 25th February 2009.
  • For accredited photographers and visiting CPS members, our complimentary services include:
  • Sensor cleaning
  • Minor camera repairs
  • Loan equipment facility including the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II - subject to availability and demand
  • Canon technical staff to answer any technical queries you may have.

Don't all rush along at once!

12th In the US, Canon has a new rebate programme that knocks $200 off the purchase price of certain camera/lens combinations if it includes a 580EX II flash. [PDF claim form]

This runs until the 1st of March

SLRs are:

SLR kits are:

Note: If you buy a DSLR kit with the flash, you still have to buy one of the lenses to meet the rebate requirements.

Eligible lenses are:

Plus a Speedlite 580EX II flash.

11th A new method of liveview AF from Canon in a patent application described at PB

9th Canon have a UK press 'event' next week (Weds. 18th) in London to show off the 'Canon Spring Collection 2009'

Billed as 'Introducing exciting new products that will take people further on the journey to brilliant images'.

Unfortunately I'm already booked for two events here in Leicester that day...

5D mirror fixFebruary 4th Lots more comment on the 5D mirror fix.

The fix looks like some mirror clips.

US customers have some contact info:

Contact Information for Inquiries: Customer Support Center 1-866-422-2965 (toll free) 8:00 a.m. - Midnight, EST - Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., EST - Saturday


3rd Quite a few suggestions of when to expect Canon's announcements for PMA.

CR pencils in the next two Tuesdays, but settles for 18th/19th.

Interestingly enough, this is just before the Focus show in Birmingham (UK) which runs from the 22nd to the 25th. Canon are there this year, so will they have some trinkets to show us?

If you've had a 5D and the mirror fell out, it seems that Canon (in Japan) have acknowledged a fault. That link is in Japanese, however I've since been told [thanks] that Canon US has sent registered owners this message.

  • We have discovered that, in rare instances, the main mirror of some EOS 5D Digital SLR cameras may detach due to deterioration in the strength of the adhesive. Accordingly, we would like to convey the details and our service policy concerning this phenomenon.
  • We offer our sincerest apologies to those customers who have been inconvenienced by this issue. Canon always strives to provide the highest quality products to our customers and we will spare no effort in our quality management to make sure our customers can use our products with confidence. We hope our efforts will earn your understanding.
  • Phenomenon
    The main mirror of the camera detaches and images cannot be viewed through the viewfinder.
  • Affected Product
    EOS 5D Digital SLR cameras whose main mirror has detached.
  • User Support
    We will repair and reinforce the mirror portion of the affected products free of charge. If you own one of the affected products, please contact our Customer Support Center.

It seems however that Canon are sending the message to some 5D2 owners... [DPR]

February 1st UK price rises averaging 10%

Some examples we've seen of official prices [thanks]

January 29th At CR it's suggested that the '60D' may be branded as the '7D'

Details on the 60D page, but not dissimilar to what we were told in September. Interestingly, this could signal a move of the 1.6x APS-C sensor into a higher end model.

23rd In the UK there have been selective price rises from Canon (lenses), but it's not over.

We're told that Canon have more rises in the pipeline for early February.

I've heard claims that they're withholding stock from retailers and distributors until these rises take effect.

Nikon on the other hand aren't bothering with official price rises, and when resellers come to re-order they just find the prices have gone up.

Neither situations are helping dealers when planning to weather the current downturn. This could also just happen to have a connection with the current UK shortage of 5D2 batteries...

21st Whilst there are noises that the 500D may be delayed until after PMA, over at NR there is a suggestion that Sony will bring out a 15MP A800 (APS-C crop).

It would be unusual indeed for a PMA to pass without some Canon DSLR. I'd still expect the 500D before the next in the 1D series, but who know what effect the economy has had on Canon's plans.

10th I'm told that the 'diffraction limit' is indeed causing some 50D users to lose sleep :-) Looking round the forums, there are an awful lot of clueless explanations and 'folk' wisdom about the whole issue of image quality and the large number of interacting factors that contribute to it.

There is a useful piece on the 50D by Harold Merklinger at LL and and excellent article by Norman Koren at NK It's the maths in the second article that show why it's not easy explaining what's going on in electro-optical systems and what contributes what to different aspects of image 'quality'. A newer article at LL covers the sensor/lens question with much rigour.

I'd go so far as to say, that unless you are -moderately- comfortable with the content of these articles (you don't have to follow the maths in detail ;-) you should be wary of what you read on the subject on a lot of forums - I see a lot of stuff mentioned that just isn't even wrong :-)

I'd also suggest watching (and understanding ;-) the excellent videos at Panavision about MTF and camera systems - if the site is busy you'll just get a big Q - call back later, it is seriously worth it. Don't be put off by the fact that it oriented towards video either.

January 9th A few comparative specifications whilst we wonder what will be next.

The Diffraction 'limit' is a somewhat vague estimate, based on sensor pixel pitch - look upon it as a general pointer to where stopping down your lens -starts- to lose a bit of sharpness. Given I've been taking some product photos at f/18 on my 1Ds3 today and can't see much softening (I've got the very sharp TS-E 90 2.8L lens on the camera) it's not worth losing sleep over ;-) (info from [TDP] )

Model Crop Sensor size Pixel Size Pixels/MP Viewfinder Diffraction 'limit'
Rebel XS / 1000D 1.6x 22.2x14.8mm 5.7µm 3888x2592 10.1 .81x 95% f/9.3
Rebel XSi / 450D 1.6x 22.2x14.8mm 5.2µm 4272x2848 12.2 .87x 95% f/8.4
Rebel XTi / 400D 1.6x 22.2x14.8mm 5.7µm 3888x2592 10.1 .80x 95% f/9.3
Rebel XT / 350D 1.6x 22.2x14.8mm 6.4µm 3456x2304 8.0 .80x 95% f/10.4
Digital Rebel / 300D 1.6x 22.7x15.1mm 7.4µm 3088x2056 6.3 .80x 95% f/11.8
Canon EOS 50D 1.6x 22.3x14.9mm 4.7µm 4752x3168 15.1 .95x 95% f/7.6
Canon EOS 40D 1.6x 22.2x14.8mm 5.7µm 3888x2592 10.1 .95x 95% f/9.3
Canon EOS 30D 1.6x 22.5x15.0mm 6.4µm 3504x2336 8.2 .90x 95% f/10.3
Canon EOS 20D 1.6x 22.5x15.0mm 6.4µm 3504x2336 8.2 .90x 95% f/10.3
Canon EOS 10D 1.6x 22.7x15.1mm 7.4µm 3088x2056 6.3 .88x 95% f/11.8
Canon EOS 5D Mark II 1.0x 36.0x24.0mm 6.4µm 5616x3744 21.1 .71x 98% f/10.3
Canon EOS 5D 1.0x 35.8x23.9mm 8.2µm 4368x2912 12.8 .71x 96% f/13.2
Canon EOS 1D Mark III 1.3x 28.1x18.7mm 7.2µm 3888x2592 10.1 .76x 100% f/11.4
Canon EOS 1D Mark II N 1.3x 28.7x19.1mm 8.2µm 3520x2336 8.2 .72x 100% f/12.7
Canon EOS 1D Mark II 1.3x 28.7x19.1mm 8.2µm 3520x2336 8.2 .72x 100% f/12.7
Canon EOS 1DS Mark III 1.0x 36.0x24.0mm 6.4µm 5632x3750 21.1 .76x 100% f/10.3
Canon EOS 1DS Mark II 1.0x 36.0x24.0mm 7.2µm 4992x3328 16.6 .70x 100% f/11.6

Model fps Max JPG Max RAW Startup Shutter Lag VF Blackout Shutter life
Canon EOS Rebel XS / 1000D 3 / 1.5 n/a 5 .1s ? ? ?
Canon EOS Rebel XSi / 450D 3.5 53 6 .1s 90ms 130ms ?
Canon EOS Rebel XTi / 400D 3.0 27 10 .2s 100ms 170ms 50,000
Canon EOS Rebel XT / 350D 3.0 14 4 .2s 100ms 170ms 50,000
Canon EOS 50D 6.3 90 16 .1s 59ms 100ms 100,000
Canon EOS 40D 6.5 75 17 .15s 59ms 100ms 100,000
Canon EOS 30D 5.0 30 11 .15s 65ms 110ms 100,000
Canon EOS 20D 5.0 23 6 .2s 65ms 115ms 50,000
Canon EOS 5D Mark II 3.9 78/310 13/14 .1s 73ms 145ms 150,000
Canon EOS 5D 3.0 60 17 .2s 75ms 145ms 100,000
Canon EOS 1D Mark III 10.0 110 30 .2s 40-55ms 80ms 300,000
Canon EOS 1D Mark II N 8.5 48 22 .2s 40-55ms 87ms 200,000
Canon EOS 1DS Mark III 5.0 56 12 .2s 40-55ms 80ms 300,000
Canon EOS 1DS Mark II 4.0 32 11 .3s 40-55ms 87ms 200,000

Model Body Dimensions Weight
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS / 1000D  5.0 x 3.8 x 2.4" (126.1 x 97.5 x 61.9mm) 15.9 oz (450g)
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450D 5.1 x 3.8 x 2.4" (128.8 x 97.5 x 61.9mm) 16.8 oz (475g)
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi / 400D  5.0 x 3.7 x 2.6" (127 x 94 x 65mm) 18.0 oz (510g)
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT / 350D 5.0 x 3.7 x 2.6" (127 x 94 x 64mm) 17.1 oz (485g)
Canon EOS 50D 5.7 x 4.2 x 2.9" (145.5 x 107.8 x 73.5mm) 25.7 oz (730g)
Canon EOS 40D 5.7 x 4.4 x 2.9" (145.5 x 112 x 73.5mm) 26.1 oz (740g)
Canon EOS 30D 5.7 x 4.2 x 2.9" (144 x 105.5 x 73.5mm) 24.7 oz (700g)
Canon EOS 20D 5.6 x 4.2 x 2.8" (144 x 106 x 72mm) 24.2 oz (685g)
Canon EOS 5D Mark II 6.0 x 4.5 x 3.0" (152 x 113.5 x 75mm) 28.6 oz (810g)
Canon EOS 5D 6.0 x 4.4 x 3.0" (152 x 113 x 75mm) 28.6 oz (810g)
Canon EOS 1D Mark III 6.1 x 6.2 x 3.1" (156 x 157 x 80mm) 40.7 oz (1155g)
Canon EOS 1D Mark II N 6.1 x 6.2 x 3.1" (156 x 158 x 80 mm) 43.2 oz (1225g)
Canon EOS 1DS Mark III 6.1 x 6.3 x 3.1" (156 x 159.6 x 79.9mm) 42.5 oz (1205g)
Canon EOS 1DS Mark II 6.1 x 6.2 x 3.1" (156 x 158 x 80 mm) 42.9 oz (1215g)

January 5th A new more powerful flash? [CR]

Speedlite 700 EX anyone?

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