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New Canon MF camera systemThe Canon EOS 8D (Rumours)

Another Canon DSLR number

Another possible EOS digital SLR from Canon

Just another Canon camera model number?

This page covers all our EOS 8D info since we started collecting it...

Yes, you've found it, the Canon EOS 8D page.

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Latest Info

2016 June

  • 24th A mention [CR] that there may be a new 'nameplate' coming and 8D sounds as good as any ;-)

2014 August

  • 22nd Looks like we're getting a 7D mk2 next month. No fancy new sensors this time round...

2013 July

  • 17th Another on-line shop posts some specs for an 8D
    • "Body features: APS-C size digital SLR
      Effective pixels: 16.2 million
      Mode of operation: full manual operation
      Video Interface: AV Interface
      Flash Type: External
      External flash (hot shoe): Yes
      Focus Points: 45 points"
  • As with the majority of 'on-line shop leaks' I'd suggest that a very big pinch of salt is taken ;-)

2012 September

  • 17th the Canon 6D is announced (20MP full frame)


  • 26th No mentions since 2010, but now there are suggestions for a lower MP 'introductory' FF camera at CR

2010 December

  • 27th Just when I thought the 8D was forgotten, it mentioned in someone's predictions... [DPW]
  • Unfortunately I suspect it's a 7D mk2 wishlist :-)

2010 August 22nd

  • No mention of the 8D at all in the last year

2009 September 9th

  • No information whatsoever, so move along...
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A new EOS camera...

Canon EOS 8D

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