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Camera choices – keeping up to date

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Keeping up to date with new cameras

Why we are not a camera review site

So many new cameras to choose from…

Some time ago I put together a page on this site about ‘Choosing your first digital camera‘  I keep it updated every so often and add new resources I find.

This came about after being asked by so many people about what camera they should buy, particularly since I used to teach some introductory courses at local evening classes. The question is akin to someone just asking ‘what car should I get’ with no further information. The temptation is just to point to my current £5000 camera and go ‘one of these is pretty good’, but no…

I have looked at a few cameras on this site, such as the Ricoh GX 200 below, but in general I take the view that there are more than enough camera ‘review’ sites out there.

Ricoh GX200

The Ricoh GX 200 – from one of my occasional camera reviews

I don’t do the more general teaching any more (only specialist photography training) but even back then I found it difficult to keep up with what new features were being packed into little tiny silver boxes.

As someone who writes reviews I know that all too often, comparing features is like trying to produce a guide to the best pizza topping or what colour car goes fastest. As such, it’s easy to pick holes in specific comparisons – but then again I’m a professional photographer…

I genuinely welcome people writing in and asking about equipment, but the market moves so fast (especially with the ever increasing amounts of quite good camera phones) my knowledge might easily be a bit out of date!

Update 2017

Having spent over a year updating/rewriting the entire Northlight site, I realise that it was a good thing to avoid too many camera reviews. Lenses do last, but cameras have continued to go out of date at a rapid rate. The sales of cameras have declined markedly over the time since this article was written, and the compact camera market has virtually vanished under the onslaught of better and better phone cameras.

I still welcome the questions – it’s part of what drives new stuff for the site…

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