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Waiting for the rain to stop – looking at the 17mm tilt/shift lens

Why use a tilt and shift lens

Rain continues to get in the way of trying out my new toy latest expensive addition to our lens range, so I’m sketching out some ideas for an article about tilt, in an attempt to clear up some of the many misconceptions about using it on DSLRs. At 17mm, it only takes a small tilt, to throw the focal plane quite a bit away from parallel to the sensor. I’ve tried some of the miniature world look photos before, and to my mind it’s a bit of a ‘done that, what now’ type of effect (much like my views about luminous trees and infra-red photography).

Update – I finished the article on using tilt

2016: With the new site, you can easily find all our related articles via the Tilt/Shift category in the drop down menu at the right, or at the top of the article.

Lens on 1Ds Mk3 for initial testing

Lens on 1Ds Mk3 for initial testing

I’ve noticed that there is a fairly brisk market in used tilt/shift lenses.  This quite likely comes from people buying one, and then never quite getting comfortable with what they do and why you might use them in different circumstances.

My own used lenses all came via MPB in the UK. For USA used, try – B&H | Adorama

2016: After several years use of use of the TS-E17mm and TS-E24mm I find that I use tilt in less than 1% of my shots. For my architectural work I use the 17mm more than the 24mm by about 4:1

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