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BenQ SW240 monitor hood SH240

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BenQ SH240 monitor shield

Reducing glare with a monitor hood

A while ago Keith reviewed the BenQ SW240 wide gamut monitor.

At that time we didn’t have the SH240 hood/light shield to show with the display. This short note shows the fitting of the hood, and why I like to use such items with monitors.

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Shielding your monitor

If like myself you do your photo editing in relatively low light surroundings, then you need to be careful about light reflecting off your screen. One of the reasons the lights are low, is that I set my monitor brightnesses low, particularly when working on images for prints.

A hood around your monitor not only prevents light getting onto your screen, it also makes the surround of the screen darker which raises contrast.

In the past I’ve made screens from matt black cardboard, but they were never particularly elegant or sturdy.

BenQ supply hoods with their higher end monitors, and the SH240 is an option for the SW240.


There are parts for a hood for either the portrait or landscape orientation included.


The parts simply click together. They don’t lock permanently in place, if you wanted to change the orientation or pack parts for travel.

Note how the inside surface has a black flock lining.


The plastic lugs on the hood simply drop into place around the edge off the display.


The two sides just fit in place, and you add the appropriate centre section.


The centre section has a small hatch where you can hang your monitor calibrator when you use it (see the SW240 review for much more about calibration).

Here’s the hood in portrait configuration. The centre is smaller for portrait mode, with extenders for the side panels.


I generally use my monitors, in landscape orientation though.

The monitor is being used here as an external screen attached to my MacBook Pro.


Here’s how I often use them together, when making printer profiles on-site, or explaining colour management.

Using a screen like this (with its ~A98 wide gamut) and a measuring device like the i1Pro spectrophotometer is a great way to explain profiling and calibration – with the advantage of having the relatively small gamut laptop screen there to show why you need a decent monitor for photo editing.


The i1iO robot arm never fails to impress, even if I more generally prefer the i1iSis for speed, and being able to read an entire A3+ (13″ x 19″) profiling target sheet in one go.

SH240 hood

Simple to fit and sturdy enough to accompany me on site visits.

See my SW240 review for more details about the monitor.

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