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Autopano Giga update to V3.5

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Autopano Giga software update to V3.5

New version of image stitching and panoramic image creation software

Updated panoramic stitching software

100 degree FOV stitched imageThis article is covers the new version of the software V3.5, which improves a number of aspects, such as its detection of matches in overlapping images.

I’ve written fairly detailed reviews of Autopano Giga elsewhere, if you’re new to the software: V2.6, V3.0

The major features of V3.5 are listed (at Kolor) as:

  • New detection and validation engine. Not only the control points detection engine has been improved but it has also been automated. It means you don’t have to care about the detection settings anymore and the result is better than before.
  • New optimizer engine. The engine now selects far more control points in overlapping zones than in version 3.0. It also handles much better, any parallax errors and gives pixel-accurate stitching in most cases – in particular with lines (roofs, electrical lines).
  • Papywizard/VRDrive2 new import engine. The optimizer includes a new algorithm which gives a better grid and avoids orphan pictures while trying to respect the XML values: creating gigapixel panoramas with robotized head is easier

I’ve never had many issues with detection accuracy, even with hand held source images, but after trying V3.5 on a few sets of source images I noticed that there were less small glitches in the results that needed ‘fixing’ in Photoshop afterwards.

For a really big panorama, made with APG – see this about making a 14 metre print.

The view of Bodium castle was created from 7 source images – each from a 17mm lens. It was hand held, and in the past a few parallax errors crept in around the water’s edge. I’ve not post processed this image – the lighting is that flat (click to open larger version).

Bodium castle - from 7 source images

Bodium castle – from 7 source images

The source images and full view can be seen here.

image match detection is improved

What were detection settings, are now set at automatic, by default.

new automatic settings

Also added is a new ‘Fisheye’ projection.

fisheye projection mode

The angle of view of the fisheye can be set – here at 180 degrees. You can see that my collection of shots did not fill a 180 degree FOV.

180 degree FOV stitched image

180 degree FOV

Reducing the FOV to 100 degrees shows a circular view.

100 degree FOV stitched image

I was wondering why you might need this projection? One use might be if you have software that makes use of fisheye images, then this is a way of creating extremely high resolution ones at much better quality that you’re ever likely to get from a single shot.

I’d note that it was the update to V3.5 that helped convince me to recently update my working Mac to OSX 10.9, since it no longer worked on my old 10.6 system.

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