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epson sp9600Error codes and service manual for the 7600 and 9600

Fixes and tips for the Epson 7600 and 9600

How to obtain the Epson 7600/9600 service manual. Includes head cleaning for 4000/7600/9600 when ordinary cleaning cycles don't work very well.

This page contains assorted tips and tricks relating to running an Epson 9600 or 7600 printer.

We'll add new stuff as we come across it...

Cleaning the ink caps on the 4000, 7600, 9600

This procedure is from They suggest tap water, but with the hard water we have here in Leicester, I much prefer to use distilled water.

See also our main inkjet cleaning page

As ever, try these tricks at your own risk

It is suggested to do this procedure every 3-6 months, or whenever you experience a decline in cleaning efficiency. If you have never done this procedure before, repeat it several times in succession to soften up the capping pad. Lines through nozzle checks, clogged nozzles and “missing” colours on your nozzle check can usually be solved with this procedure.

digital black and white logoKeith runs a LinkedIn group (~7900 members) for people interested in any aspects of modern Black and White photography: Digital Black and White

If you still experience trouble, try the following:

New cartridges not recognised on the 7600/9600

This tip was sent in after a 9600 user put a new cartridge in place and it just wasn't seen.

The problem is with the small connectors that make connection with the cartridge.

  • "One of the pins was missing from the sensor within the cartridge carrier.
  • A £2 part & £210 to fix...
  • This is a common problem with using third party cartridges since the small plastic moulding 'box' that contains the chip is too proud.
  • The engineer has advised me to trim with a sharp knife the front section of the chip 'box' down to the level of the chip itself, and this works.
  • 5 seconds to save £212, sounds like a plan to me."

Epson Printer Error Codes for EPSON 7600 & 9600 - Printer LCD Panel Messages

Code number Reason for Error What to do
0002 CR pass count reaches the limit

Perform Maintenance Mode 2

This is a CR Motor end-of-life error (not good)

Clear the CR motor Counter. Check the ink tubes for wear and listen to the CR motor. If it is not making any unusual noises as it travels left and right, then it's probably OK to go on - take this as a warning sign and keep an eye on things.

Perform Maintenance Mode 2 [CLEAR COUNTERS / CR MOTOR
0008 Real Time Clock (RTC) backup battery is dead Install a new battery and perform Maintenance Mode 2
0020 The number of shots (per nozzle) has reached a services limit - not fatal, but start paying more attention to print quality and nozzle checks. Perform Maintenance Mode 2
0040 Pump motor operation count has reached the service limit.

Potentially messy if this breaks - think about a service call...

Perform Maintenance Mode 2
0080 The Date is not specified Perform Maintenance Mode 2
0100 RTC backup battery faulty/low (Wait for a while) *2
If the same message appears again, replace the RTC backup battery and perform Maintenance Mode 2 [CLEAR COUNTERS / RTC].
0088 RTC backup battery is not installed Install the battery and perform Maintenance Mode 2
Service 00010005

- info we were sent (thanks)

"Had a paper jam, released it & printer asked to be turned off & back on again. I did this, and to my horror it came up 'service 00010005'.

Under further investigation, without disassembly, and it transpires that the sprung loaded cutting/locating device could not be activated as the 'cam' section above it that controls it had become twisted, thus allowing the cutting device to be removed. Simply make sure the cutting device is re-located correctly, and then turn the can activator section back over the top. This then allows the solenoid to activate the cam, thus moving the cutting device. All this can be done with the head in 'park' position with access through the front transparent flap. "


Apologies, but we've been forced to have the links to the manuals removed, after a 'request' from Epson's legal department.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to those of you wanting to keep your old printers from being consigned to the scrap yard...

  • Please do feel free to tell Epson if you feel that their behaviour sucks... ;-)

Service manual for 7600/9600 (PDF)

Service manual for 10600 (PDF)
Manuals, repair guides and parts. 4000, 76/9600, 78/9800, 79/9900

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