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12800 ISO - EOS 7DCanon 7D Noise and ISO

Full Stop or 1/3 stop settings...

Some time ago I tested the dark frame noise for all the ISO settings of the 1Ds3.

As a result I only use it at 'whole stop ISO settings'

I've got a 7D on loan from Canon and just repeated the test.

All our assorted Canon 7D information is collected together on its own page, and I've written several short 7D review articles about aspects of using the 7D.

ISO noise tests with the Canon 7D

A series of shots were taken with incremental ISO settings:

3200,4000,5000,6400,12800 (H)

The camera was set to manual, 1/2000 of a second and f22 in a dimly lit room

There was a lens cap on and the viewfinder was covered.

So, no light getting in. It's -just- noise I'm looking at.

ACR (5.5) Settings:

No ACR noise reduction, no sharpening, 4 stops exposure increase (to show up noise), black level at zero.

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Measuring Canon 7D sensor noise

As you can see, at 12800 ISO and 3 stops pushing of the speed (112k equiv), there is a lot of noise.

I've turned off any camera noise reduction too.

Those of a more exacting nature might want to repeat this with NR turned on...

I'll just show the histogram settings below for each ISO setting.

The EOS 7D results are nowhere as clear cut as they were with the 1Ds3.

However the camera is handling sensor noise, it seems to increase much more smoothly than with the 1Ds3

100 ISO 125 ISO - EOS 7D
160 ISO - EOS 7D 200 ISO - EOS 7D
250 ISO - EOS 7D 320 ISO - EOS 7D
400 ISO - EOS 7D 500 ISO - EOS 7D
640 ISO - EOS 7D 800 ISO - EOS 7D
1000 ISO - EOS 7D 1250 ISO - EOS 7D
1600 ISO - EOS 7D 2000 ISO - EOS 7D
2500 ISO - EOS 7D 3200 ISO - EOS 7D
4000 ISO - EOS 7D 5000 ISO - EOS 7D
6400 ISO - EOS 7D 12800 ISO - EOS 7D

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Not the obvious difference I saw with the other tests, so this camera I'll be inclined to leave on 1/3 stop increments.

If anyone does a really thorough version of this test... please do let me know?

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