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Apple to photographers – we don’t care

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Glossy screens suck…

We’ve used Macs for a long time here at Northlight and were pleased to hear Apple announce some upgrades to the MacBook line.

I’ve still got a G4 Powerbook I use for travelling and tethering to the 1Ds3 when need be on location. Perhaps time for an upgrade to the 15″ MacBook Pro?

Modern laptop makers seem to love bright glossy screens that are useless in bright light (unless you want to see who’s behind you)  Apple have an option for the 17″ MacBook Pro for an antiglare screen, but didn’t have anything for smaller models.

Now we get upgraded wider gamut displays (Yay!) but still only glossy (Boo!)

The reason I don’t want a 17″ MacBook Pro is the size, not the price.  Ask any photographer who’s tried to use a glossy screen for any serious work and you’ll hear what’s wrong… unfortunately, we’re not a market Apple seems to listen too, that is if we’re saying anything they’ve already made their minds up on…

Guess the G4PB will get a few more outings yet

Apple Powerbook - back when we reviewed the Spyder2 Pro

Apple Powerbook – back when we reviewed the Spyder2 Pro

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