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Apple offers Matte screens at last…

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A new MacBook Pro for me
– with a matte screen

Apple and the non-gloss display


At last [2009] Apple have decided to offer the anti-glare option on the 15″ Macbook pro.

Apple offers matte finish screen as option

Apple offers matte finish screen as option

The screen brightness of my old 15″ Powerbook might be dimming, but at least it couldn’t stand in as a shaving mirror when I’m travelling, like the glossy finish screen on the Macbook Pro.

Whilst I’d never want to do any serious image editing on a laptop (screen) the glossy ‘standard’ option has come in for a lot of stick from photographers. Look at a new big screen iMac and the bright shiny screen looks superb in any shop display, even if you can’t dim it enough for proper photo editing when you get it home.

For lots of applications it’s very good (and to be fair, it has its fans), but having compared a 17″ with the Matte screen option to the glossy, I actually put off replacing my old 15″ Powerbook for a while…

Update 2016: If you want a non glossy screen, you’re pretty much stuffed – Apple are in long term mirror/screen mode. This means I’m still using my 2009 MacBook Pro, and have an iPad that effectively has no system wide colour management (but see ColorTRUE a partial solution from X-Rite)

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