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Apple Lion 10.7 – not for the time being thanks

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Assorted incompatibility issues for Apple’s new OSX 10.7 Lion

apple mac os-x lionAs someone who does a lot of testing work, I suppose I ought to see what will work well with my Mac running OSX 10.7.

Unfortunately it breaks rather too many important things for me at the moment.

There is a very good (long) article all about it at Ars technica

Here’s a list of some update info that may be of help?

  • X-rite – quite a few older items won’t work
  • Datacolor – Latest Spyder3 and Spyder3print software works
  • Eizo – monitor software. Fixed later in the summer?
  • Nikon – they are looking into it
  • Adobe – lots of bits have foibles or just don’t work
  • Vuescan – my own choice in scanner s/w – works fine
  • BasICColor – most things work
  • Epson UK – printers/scanners
  • Epson US
  • ColorWiki – colour management related info

I have to remember that most of my ‘real work’ in the day to day running of Northlight relies on just a few packages. I’ve moved as far as 10.6, but any further breaks quite a lot of my day to day work (maintenance of this site for example).  It’s not the expense of moving to different solutions, but the weeks of learning different ways of doing things. Essentially  I’d need to re-write the entire Northlight Images site – I’ve not got that one pencilled in for 2011 :-)

Update: See much later Move to OSX 10.9

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