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Our review and advertising policy

Digital photography and imaging products

This site receives an average of 8-10k unique visits a day from visitors wanting detailed technical and creative articles and reviews about all aspects of photography. See Keith’s Photography blog for more…

We’re frequently asked to review and comment on new software and hardware in the fields of photography, digital imaging, colour management and printing.

We pride ourselves on our independence when giving advice and we do not sell hardware or software.

If you have a question about specific aspects of items reviewed, then please feel free to mail us. We really do welcome feedback and questions about our reviews.

One other thing – we never recommend ‘best products’  so no spurious awards or scores out of a hundred. [See our reasons why]

If you would like to discuss getting a product reviewed, please do ask.

We are happy to evaluate products under NDA if appropriate and are often involved in beta/field testing for different companies.

Northlight also has a public Privacy Policy.

Review policies

  • Where items for review are not supplied by the manufacturer, we will include a link to the supplier’s web site, as well as the manufacturer’s own site.
  • We will sometimes allow manufacturers advance sight of reviews, but -only- for the purpose of correcting any factual errors.
  • Where we have been involved in Beta or other pre-release testing, we will always try and point this out, unless prohibited by specific NDA terms.
  • Where we quote figures or text supplied by manufacturers, we will clearly identify the source.
  • Our reviews are somewhat longer than many articles that get called ‘reviews’ on other sites. We always try and write reviews that will also be helpful for people looking to use the product for real and learn more about the subject.
  • A review on this site means that we have actually used the product, and are prepared to answer peoples’ questions about it. It’s one of the reasons we mostly use our own photographs and screen grabs. As such, we only review full working copies of software, not demos.
  • Our only (slight) bias is that we don’t have a PC in the building. If you want us to look at some new software, it has to be for Apple Macs only -or- Macs and PCs … same goes for hardware.
  • Although there are similar products from different manufacturers here, we try not to make too many direct comparisons since we feel that comparative surveys -sometimes- tell more about the personal biases / preferences of the reviewer/publication than provide useful information for prospective purchasers. There are many sites and magazines providing comparison information – we take the approach that our readers are smart enough to evaluate the information presented and make their own decisions.
  • Our reviews may have affiliate marketing links to suppliers. This will always be clearly indicated. See also the note about advertising below.
  • One other thing – we like to promote colour management as ‘A Good Thing’- so if your software does not respect profiles and colour management settings it had better do something -really- useful.

Advertising on this site

The site has recently been significantly expanded and receives some 10k unique visitors each day mainly from the USA and the UK.

Advertising is a feature of the site – it will always be clearly delineated.

We have also decided -not- to accept advertising or direct trading relationships from manufacturers in any of the areas we cover in our reviews, since there is always the chance that our impartiality might be questioned.

We have Google AdSense adverts on the parts of the site not directly advertising our UK commercial photography service (which is our primary business).

We are part of the Google Affiliate Network. We also have Amazon and other affiliates links for products on our site.

The Google AdSense program effectively pays for the running of our site. The adverts are based on page content and are automatically supplied based on relevance to the particular page content.

At the moment we do not directly sell advertising space for the site, particularly since many of our visitors to the articles/reviews parts of the site tend to come both from the USA and the UK.

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Writing for this site?

We are happy to consider guest articles and reviews – if you are interested, please have a look at our article submission guidelines first.

We absolutely will not publish made for SEO or ‘sponsored’ posts. For the avoidance of doubt, if you are willing to pay for posting an article, we won’t accept it.

Please note that articles are only published here under the author’s real name, the author must be contactable, and any business or trade affiliations with any product or service mentioned must be clearly stated.