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The Journey

A landscape photographer's tour
Cape Disappointment

Keith's travels in the Pacific Northwest - September-October 2010

Cape Disappointment, near Long Beach, Washington

A very short drive down from Long Beach takes you to the mouth of the Columbia river.

This is Cape Disappointment - a State park

A rather pleasant day - the North Head lighthouse

North Head lighthouse - cape Disappointment

A closer view

the North Head lighthouse at cape Disappointment

I went inside to have a look - this is the actual working light - looking north

lamp in lighthouse - North Head, Cape Disappointment

the view south

south view of lamp - lighthouse

A detailed view shows the bulb - 12v and only 35W

bulb change unit - lighthouse lamp

If you look at either side of the bulb, you can see the auto replacement unit, which rotates a new bulb into place, when one blows.

Not a difficult place to access, but Karen decided to stay below :-)

stairs in North Head lighthouse - Cape Disappointment

The beach in the distance is Long Beach

looking north

Later, we returned to Long Beach for coffee

Note the size of this pickup next to the bus

pickup and bus in long beach

Now compare the pickup to the RV behind it.

The car rather too close to the back of the RV is being towed by it.

just what we need for UK country roads :-)

RV in long beach

Whilst I still rate Dodge pickups as the most awful looking vehicle in a rear view mirror, there appears to be a lot of these weird box like vehicles.

Quite dreadful from almost any angle.

long beach shops

Lots of things to do, although we're going to miss the cranberry festival...

missing dog

Time for coffee and pie at the deli I visited testerday

cherry pie

A few shots of where we're staying (Inn at discovery coast)

inn at discovery coast

Very nice views

inn at discovery coast

And the usual sunsets :-)

long beach sunset

almost gone

sunset 2

looking towards Cape Disappointment

dusk view

just a bit left

sunset 3

Tomorrow we head Northeast from here

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